How to Ignite Your Husband’s Desire for You – 5 Essential Tips

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Ignite Your Husband's Desire for You

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively ignite your husband’s desire for you and keep the spark alive in your relationship.

We all love to to be adored, pampered and given the attention we deserve by our better half. However, women tend to value these things the most.

Every woman wants to get pampered and it is something they dream about even from a very young age. Most times, they only get their wish at the beginning of their various romantic relationship.

Sustaining it, usually get hard to come by for some women. Hence they start questioning the faithfulness in a relationship by the male gender.

We all can relate to this and if you happen to be a victim of this especially when you are already married, I am here to put a smile on your face.

Get rid of the ideology that you have no role to play for a man to crave you and your attention (we both know you don’t believe it).

During your youthful age, you always feel/want to dress well and look good with confidence because you believe that majority of guys are move by sight (which is true).

What makes you think that as a married man, your husband will suddenly become blind? Or does marriage alter the gender characteristics of the male gender? I suppose not.

This is just to let you know that as a wife the ball still remains in your court if you want that cravings you desire from your man.

If you succeed to make your man crave you, trust me, no force in this world can destroy your relationship or steal your man.

For those wondering what it means for your husband to crave you. Craving someone means to have a deep desire for someone or something.

I can see you blushing as you picture your husband having a deep desire for you.

Anyways, without much ado, let’s see the role you have to play as a wife to command this craving from your man.

  1. Stay confident

I understand that so many things can happen and go down in a marriage that pulls your confidence and make you start questioning yourself.

Things like gaining weight, losing weight, having children, not as tight as you use to be, growing your hair, cutting your hair, infidelity etc. The list goes on and on.

This can play a big role in shaking the confidence level of a woman.

However, when you show up confidence that you understand your worth as a wife, you understand what you bring to the table, he will crave you and find that really sexy.

So, make sure you show up confident in every area of your marriage.

  1. Flatter your husband

Learn to flatter your husband by stroking his ego every now and then. They love it when you stroke their ego. Also, they love it when you tell them you find them sexy.

When you stroke his ego, you build him up; and you tell him you find him sexy, he will crave you like no man’s business.

  1. Demand what you need, want and desire

Make it clear to your husband everything that you feel and desire. It makes things happen faster than when you expect him to understand your silence.

Ask him, Tell him that you need him sexually, mentally and physically. This will make him crave you like nobody’s business.

Also, so many women don’t take charge in the bedroom; they don’t take charge when they physically need to be touched, hugged and caressed.

Flip the switch in 2021 by taking charge, asking what you need, want and desire physically, mentally and sexually.

  1. Set healthy boundaries for yourself and your marriage

Most women tend to set healthy boundaries, which is cool. However, they never really hold on to them.

Having healthy boundaries in your marriage can take you a long way. It doesn’t only create respect, it creates love, it creates intimacy and all of those things.

So, make sure you set healthy boundaries for yourself and for your marriage.

  1. Don’t stop being that girl he fell in love with

So many women have lost themselves in their marriage, in their careers, in their children, in their parents, and all other activities they have put in their plate. This doesn’t help the situation of things if you need your husband to crave you.

Go back to being the girl he fell in love with. Though this may turn out to be a very difficult task, it is actually worth it. This will make him crave you like nobody’s business.

This can be done by going back sitting down and thinking about how you got to where you are now and how you can get back to being that girl that he fell in love with.

Yes, you have these other responsibilities. Yes, you have a lot on your table. However, do well to make your husband see you like the girl he fell in love with and he will crave you for this.

These are the 5 major ways to make your husband crave you and love you like you will want him to. However, there are other romantic things you can also do to make him love you more. This includes:

  • Call him cute and romantic names often
  • Keep him guessing
  • Touch him unexpectedly
  • Compliment him every now and then
  • Take him down memory lane
  • Smell good at all times
  • Show off in sexy clothes
  • Surprise him
  • Seduce him etc.

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