3 Strategies for Maintaining Peaceful Relationships with Others

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Maintaining Peaceful Relationships

Maintaining peaceful relationships with others is essential for a fulfilling and harmonious life. Three fundamental strategies for achieving this include effective communication, empathy, and conflict resolution skills.

You want peace, I want peace, and as a matter of fact, everyone wants peace. But most times we struggle to get this peace we’re craving for. We find it difficult to even be at peace with ourselves not to mention being at peace with others.

But then being at peace with others will utterly make you be at peace with yourself and vice versa. It may not be that simple as it seems, but it’s definitely possible.

Living peacefully with people around you will help you live a happier and healthy life. Because when there’s no conflict between you and the people around, you tend to think clearly and vividly. You don’t necessarily have to think of what next will go wrong because there’s serenity in the atmosphere.

But you see conflict among you and others causes emotional unrest and disturbances. Your heart will not be in its normal state because you’re under pressure and you’re agitated about what will happen next.

And you know living at peace with others is not what you can just do one day and chill. It’s a continuous deliberate move, you have to keep doing it and never relenting for once on it.

However, some people have made up their minds not to be at peace with others, especially those that have offended them and caused them pain. But they seem to not realize that by not deciding to make peace with them, they tend to inflict note pain on themselves, which is even worse than the pain that those people have caused on them.

Trust me, you can afford peace more than you think you can. And believe me when I say that anything that is the opposite of peace, is way more expensive than you can imagine. So why settle for so many expenses when you can actually “purchase” a cheaper one and still live fine.

And I know you would really want to know how you can live peacefully with others, even when they don’t want to. Don’t worry, in due time, I’ll be explaining 3ways in which you can live at peace with other people without causing any further harm.

Mind you, these ways are not all there is to live at peace with others. There are many other ways that you can employ in order to gain peace, but then if you practice these 3 ways effectively, it will help you gain the peaceful coexistence that you want.

So here they are:

  1. Learn to Show Love

You know, love is one thing that makes the world go round. As a matter of fact, it was love that brought us all to this planet today and it’s that same love that is keeping us. And still, love is the number one factor that can make us live at peace with each other and not rip each other apart or detest each other. So, learn to always show love to those around you if really you know that you don’t want to always be into some kind of conflict with people around you.

Now showing love can encompass a whole lot of things. And when you do most of those things, people will know, genuinely that you truly and really love them. So, I’ll talk about some ways that you can show love to those around you.

  • By being kind to them

Showing an act of kindness is a way to show that you love someone. You cannot say you love someone and be cruel to them. If that’s the case, then it really means that you don’t do as you say. Even the slightest act of kindness will make the person feel loved and all.

  • By rendering a helping hand to them

Every one of us needs help, even if we say we don’t. Deep within us, we really wish we could have someone help us even without us asking. By helping them in the little way you can, show that you really love them. When you’re willing to always help people, I don’t see the reason anyone would want to put up a fight with you. As a matter of fact, they will begin to see you as someone who loves and enjoy peace and would do anything just to be in that state.

  • By being generous

People love it when you show an act of generosity to them. Don’t be the stingy and tight-fisted type that doesn’t like to give out things. Learn to be a cheerful person and then people will always want to make peace with you because they know the benefit, they can derive from being your friend.

  • Be willing to serve.

When you’re willing to serve others, it means that you genuinely love them. And also, it takes humility to be able to serve others. A proud person cannot serve others. So just still be humble alongside so that you can do this successfully.

  1. Learn to mind your own business

This here actually should’ve been my number one point because it’s like the major determinant when it comes to living peacefully. Not minding your business can cause a lot of trouble for you and that causes you to always be involved in some kind of fight with anyone around you.

Minding your own business can also mean respecting people’s privacy. Don’t go meddling in other people’s affairs when you were not called to. Always learn to stay in your space because most people will not even take it likely with you if you try to do so. Don’t think you can dictate how others live. It’s their life and not yours, so why does everything they do bother you?

Care for people, but don’t be too invasive concerning their private matters. It doesn’t concern you. If, perhaps, they are doing something that that is not right, don’t put it in their face. Correct them with love and respect and then you might get a positive response from them.

At all times, “stay in your lane, there’s always less traffic there“, as they’ll often say. Don’t go prying on people’s affairs like it’s your job to do so. As a matter of fact, people tend to respect you more when you always mind your business. Now, this is not to say that even when someone is in some sort of trouble and they need your help you wouldn’t want to because you like to mind your own business, that’s not what I’m talking about!

When people come to you for help, be willing to help them. And sometimes they might be shy to ask for help. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand to them, except they refuse, then, of course, you can go back to minding your business.

Minding your business will even cause less trouble for you. You won’t have to be thinking too much of how much trouble you’ve caused because you haven’t caused anyone in the first place. I know meddling into people’s affairs can be tempting most times, but, just try as much as you can not. That is not to say you don’t care for or love them, but this is you setting boundaries and limitations for others not to lose respect for you.

  1. Learn to be Cooperative

Another important thing you can do to live peacefully with others is to be cooperative with people whenever they’ve agreed to be. Now, I know you don’t have to agree to all they have to say at all times but then don’t be the rebel amongst them. Don’t always deliberately oppose them, doing this will stir up conflict between you and them. Don’t always seclude yourself whenever they are doing a group thing. Learn to be part of them, if not all the time but most times.

Trust me, there is greater peace when there’s cooperation amongst you. The unity and harmony will be stronger and definite. There won’t be fighting and quarreling every now and then because you guys are cooperative. Cooperation is the key factor for peaceful coexistence.

If you don’t agree with a particular thing that is being said, then present your own opinion in a subtle way. Don’t make it seem as if you’re fighting with them or that what they’re saying is rubbish. Just say what you have to say as gently as possible so that they can see from your own perspective. But then, if they still disagree with it, just chill and go with theirs. Because, at that point in time, your peace is more important than your opinion. So always go for peace instead of being right.

What you’re saying may be right, and they may wrong. Still don’t fight them over it. If they don’t agree with you now, they would later, when they’ve realized that they were wrong all this while. And it’ll be only a matter of time before they come to the realization. So, instead of arguing unnecessarily with them, just chill and relax! What will be will be. Just be at peace with them because that is all that matters in all of this—nothing else!


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