6 Strategies for Recognizing Prideful Behaviors

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Prideful Behaviors

Recognizing prideful behaviors is a critical step towards personal growth and maintaining healthy relationships. Pride can manifest in various ways, often leading to conflict and hindered personal development.


As it is, you probably now know that no matter how good you may think you’re, there will still be some level or traces of pride in you. It only takes a whole of self-awareness for you to be able to detect such behaviours in you.

Pride can exist seemingly everywhere and everything. Even in the tiniest of things, you really cannot wash things off of pride, as long as humans are involved in it, pride will be involved in it too, whether you’re aware of it or not.

So, it is all left to you to be able to know and figure out what behaviours exactly portray pride and how to stop or rather reduce those behaviours for it not to get out of hand and then it’ll begin to get so wild and wide, and I guess you don’t want that or do you?

But then, you really can’t figure it out all by yourself now, can you? There could be some default behaviours that you have already and that you see as “normal”, but to others, it is obvious that you are proud. You really can’t know, except you ask one or two close friends who can give you sincere and honest answers. And not those who will try to paint the truth and make it seem as if they are okay with such behaviours, when for a fact they do detest the behaviour.

So, they feel telling you would somehow make you feel bad or not be friends with them again or whatever else their reasons are. But whatever it is, I believe that those who are truly your friends will be able to tell you even the bad things about you, with love though and not in a harsh way.

In essence, even if you can’t tell what kind of prideful behaviour you portray subconsciously, then your close friends should be able to do it for you. I mean, that’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

So, we’ll be looking at 6 ways that you can discern prideful behaviours either in yourself or in others. Trust me, if you’re honest with yourself, these ways can help you figure one or two of such behaviours. So here they are:

  1. Listening Problem

Now when you find yourself not always listening to others, but rather always looking out for feasible errors that you can point out either in their grammar or pronunciations, then you have a pride problem there. You can as we see this in others, and it might get you so agitated and irritated. I have a friend like that.

He is only good at listening to you because he wants to find errors in what you say or how you say it. I use to get annoyed over this, but then I just began to overlook it. This is a total turn off for me honestly.

  1. Correction-taking Problem

When you’ve got a correction-taking problem then, that is a sign of pride in you. I believe most of us living in this world has fallen victim to this kind of behaviour. There are times when we don’t want to listen to anyone or anything, we just want to do our thing and not take any damn corrections that will be given us.

Well, that’s not that bad if it happens once in a blue moon. But then, if you find yourself constantly rejecting and detesting corrections, you’ve got a pride problem there. You Ego feels “smaller” when it is corrected, so as such it doesn’t wanna take it in any way.

You can also see this in others too. They seem to always want to attack you whenever you render a harmless correction to them. This is a problem that you need to address immediately because if not, it will affect every other area of your life.

Just for this, people might wanna tell you things that will make your life a little better, but for the fact of getting rejected and reprimanded, they keep it to themselves and that means you won’t be getting it from them again except, maybe you adjust your ways and begin to make corrections.

  1. Boastful speaking Problem

Speaking boastfully is another way to discern prideful behaviour. The majority of us fall in this category. Speaking of yourself as you are pretty good. But doing anything below or about that is pride. That is to say, speaking so highly or “lowly” of yourself is a sign of pride in you.

Whenever you catch yourself speaking boastfully or about to speak boastfully, pause and say to yourself if it’s really necessary or if it will add anything to you. And if you’re honest it doesn’t. It might make you feel good about yourself for that moment, no doubt. But then, later on, you’ll feel terrible about yourself for doing such a thing.

You can easily spot this sort of behaviour in others because it’s easy to detect. You can even tell right from the moment the person begins to utter any word. It just shows in all of their countenances. A little piece of advice; always speak of yourself as you’re, not less or more, and if you’ve got a close friend that does the same thing too, bring it to his or her notice, do it subtly anyways, in order not to cause unnecessary trouble.

  1. Always Want to be the Talk of the Day

If you always want to be talked about or easily noticed by everyone else around you, then you’ve got pride issues. I mean, you’re not the only one on this planet, yet you want to be talked about and praised now and then. Some people enjoy this a lot. They love it when you talk about them positively and they never want you to stop.

Don’t get me wrong, every one of us wants to be talked about positively, it makes us feel good about ourselves. But then, some people feed on this. They want everybody to always notice their presence and they always want to be the subject matter in any discussion. Don’t have this kind of mindset because it’s not good for you, especially for your mental health.

Just imagine how horrible you would feel when a day comes and you’re not talked about or noticed by anyone. The kind of anguish that will surge out from within you will make you feel that you’re ruined and that nobody loves or cherish you. So, get rid of such behaviours.

  1. Show-off Problem

There are several things that we can always show off, some of which are, our knowledge, our possessions, our wealth, our educational qualifications, our families, our friends and the host of others. Doing this at a minimal level is great. But The problem arises when it has become so prominent and pronounced. Let’s take for example knowledge. Some people are quite smart and intelligent, and they will always want to find a way to let people know that they are that. That is a show-off.

I mean, you’re smart and that’s great. But does the world have to know about it? Do you have to show yourself every time to everyone anywhere you find yourself? Other people will always know more than you’ll always know, but for some reason, they are calm about it and living a lowly life. Another annoying thing is that some people might not even know enough, but still want to show off.

Do you have to intimidate others with how much you know? Whatever you know is for yourself, so don’t go bothering others with it. It’s not nice.

  1. Serving-others Problem

I guess this is one of the major ways of detecting pride. You just don’t wanna serve others, yet you want others to always be at your service. You somewhat feel that you don’t have to stoop so low to be a servant to others because of your influence or affluence. So you just decide that serving others is pathetic and that only lowlifes do such. It might not be you doing this, you might as well see this kind of behaviour in others.

They just hate it when they do things for other people. All the same, only pride will make one behave as such. I mean, what is there in serving that is not to like? Every great person you see in the world today are a great servant. You don’t believe me, then go and do research on your own and see what you get? People who are not willing to serve others will never make it to the top and that’s how it has always been. You cannot escape serving others regularly if you want to go further in life. Don’t allow pride to deprive you of something that you should have when you are humble. Just embrace humility and you’ll see yourself making waves in life.


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