Two Proven Methods to Maintain a Peaceful Mindset

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Maintaining a peaceful mindset in today’s fast-paced and often stressful world is a worthy pursuit. Two surefire ways to achieve this include practicing mindfulness meditation and cultivating a positive mindset.

We all have brains, and in it lies our mind whose exact location has not yet been known, but scientists just believe that it’s somewhere in the brain. And you know, a whole lot of struggles, anxieties, tension, conflicts and chaos can happen to us which is always coming from our minds.

Sometimes, we find it hard to keep a straight and focused face because of the way our minds is. Most of the time, it does things on its own without us even being aware, this part of the mind is called the subconscious mind.

Other times, we are fully aware of what we’re doing and are in total control of this. This part is known as the conscious mind. Both parts work together harmoniously, to give us results.

Some results are good, while others are not so good. Some are bad, while a few are neutral. Sometimes, even in our consciousness, we tend to lose control of even our conscious minds and that is where chaos starts to seep in and get the best of us.

This tends to happen as often as possible. Funny enough, it’s not planned, it just happens and we just have to take it as it is.

But then, do we always have to live like this? Can’t our minds just for once, chill and just allow us to have a serene life that we wish for without necessarily coming to interrupt the whole process?

As humans, the one thing we want more than anything else in this world is peace. The aura that a peaceful atmosphere emit is just transcendent. There’s nothing compared to it there isn’t!

But our problem is, we tend to express this peace of mind once in a while and we never get to enjoy the full details of it. And deep down, we wish we could just keep such a state, forever, but then, we don’t know-how.

Things keep falling apart within and without us, and this makes us so disoriented and so much disorganized. And you know, a disorganized mind will always produce chaos and quagmire, there are no two ways above it.

We all strive to keep peace within us and no doubt we seem to be searching all over the place for it. However, the true peace that we crave is deep-seated within us, yet we fail to realize it.

Even those that know this truth, still find it hard to reach for the peace within, and that is because they’re doing so many things wrong.

Well, on the bright side, there is a way out (there’s always a way out). There are ways you can employ, to keep a peaceful mindset at all times. Chaos doesn’t have to always get a hold of you. You, in turn, can as well get a hold of it.

Here are 2 sure ways that can help you keep a peaceful and relaxed mindset at all times.

  1. Loving Yourself, Deeply

This may sound basic and simple, but then many people still tend to ignore it completely without them even knowing.

We can easily tell others that we love them, but how often do we tell ourselves, “I love you“? Most people don’t even do it but claim that they love themselves.

Now loving yourself so dearly and profoundly will create a lot of other virtue for you that you won’t even struggle to keep up with.

When you love yourself deeply, you won’t want to put yourself through unnecessary pain and agony that will make u seem miserable and done for.

The amount of peace you tend to derive from just loving yourself alone is well enough to live a happy and fulfilled life for the rest of your life. It’s just so purely inclined and divinely.

You probably don’t have a stable peaceful mindset because you don’t love yourself enough. Loving yourself is just the key to peaceful living.

When you genuinely love yourself, loving others won’t be a problem to you, and you wouldn’t want to take advantage of other people, even when you know their weak points.

Trust me, a lot of things gets boosted when you’re in love with yourself. Your self-esteem is elevated, you tend to be more confident and bold, you emit positivity around you like nothing’s wrong, even when all things seem to be falling apart in your life.

Somehow, you manage to keep that tranquillity within you intact despite all the external turmoils that are happening all around you.

Fall in love with you. Always do things that won’t hurt your feelings, just like you wouldn’t want to deliberately hurt the feelings of others.

Having abundant love for yourself will make you comfortable in your skin and that is what brings peace, being okay with the totality of your being. And this can help you keep your mind in a steady state of peace and tranquillity.

What people say about you wouldn’t matter to you, because know what you think of yourself, and that’s all that matters. You just allow them to say all the shitty things they want to say about you but never allow it to get into you because you’re not what they say you are.

I think there would be a lot more mentally stable people in the world today if there were more self-love and self-worth. Because, many people resent themselves, and would always want to be like someone else.

But, wanting to be like someone else won’t solve any of your problems. It will only make them worse. Because you would be at peace with yourself and you’ll always want to get away from yourself, which is going to create more chaos for your life.

Just try to always see yourself as worthy, worthy of all the good and better things that life has to offer. Trust me, you’ll be at peace with yourself like never before.

Loving yourself will always make you choose peace for yourself at all times, because you know that’s what you deserve, and nothing less of it.

  1. Avoiding Chaos, and Chaotic People as Well

Trust me, the best thing you can do for yourself to keep a peaceful mindset is to always avoid chaos and also avoid chaotic or toxic people at all times.

You know, it is not easy to avoid chaotic people, especially when they are your friends. It can get utterly difficult and drudgery.

But then, you should value your inner peace more than your friendship, any time, any day. Because there are people that would want to just deliberate cause trouble for you without even thinking of how it will affect you psychologically and mentally.

Chaos just doesn’t happen, people cause them. That’s why avoiding those people that tend to create chaos will also make you avoid the chaos itself.

Your number one priority should be keeping your inner peace stable and steady at all times. Don’t allow people of low minds to affect that peace because it will rip you apart if they do.

When you’re aware of uprising chaos and always avoiding it, you tend to grow your mindset into a state of constant peace.

Like I’ll always say, nothing is worth you sacrificing your peace for. Anything that wants to give you trouble should just be avoided so that you won’t start to lose your mind.

Many times, those toxic persons may not necessarily do something to you. Probably, they must have said something to you that ripped your heart apart. They might not even be aware that what they said broke your heart, but that’s your job. Yes, tell them what they said hurt you.

However, some people won’t admit that what they said was hurtful.

Just leave them, and don’t talk about it anymore. You can still stay friends with them, but, keep them at arm’s length.

Don’t allow your conversation to get to the point where they begin to say things that will pierce through your heart.

Always choose peace over chaos, because chaos will always lead to more chaos.

Also, avoid situations that you know are not good for your mind because when your mind is compromised, you can’t have the peace of mind that you so desire for yourself.

Say, for instance, staying too long in a place of long and banging music, gets me agitated. I would want to leave as soon as possible before I lose my peace.

So for me, such a situation is chaotic and I always try to avoid, or at least not stay too long in such a place.

Do figure out those situations that make you anxious or tense, then try to avoid them as much as you can, because doing so will help you keep your mind relaxed and peaceful at all times.


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