7 Toxic Crushes You Should Steer Clear Of

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Toxic Crushes

By identifying and avoiding these toxic crushes, we can create space for healthier, more fulfilling connections in our lives.

7 Must-know Toxic Crushes That You Should Avoid

Toxic crushes are those persons you seem to have feelings for but for one reason or the other your feelings are not being reciprocated.

Some crushes are toxic because of the way we handle the whole situation while others are as a result of the other party. Whatever the case may be, you do not want to drown in feelings when your crush is a toxic one.

Do you get butterflies every time you see or even think about your crush and you can’t help hoping they like you back? And it is painful to know that due to the feelings you have for them, it’s usually easy to see everything they do in a positive light, you just can’t see anything wrong with what they do.

They make jest of you, you are happy with it, they collect your properties for no good reason, you lend them money and they don’t pay back and so on. Yet you keep acting like a Non-player character in a video game.

One very important point you should note is that not every person you crush on is someone you should consider getting into a relationship with.

So on that note, in this article, we have seven types of crushes that you should avoid especially in 2022.

7 Types of Toxic Crushes That You Should Avoid

1. The Ghoster

The truth is because you like them you feel like always talking to them, seeing them, playing with them, but at the end of the day, all you get in return is them ignoring you.

Either they try to avoid you in public or try to give excuses on why they can’t spend time with you or talk to you.

It’s true people can be really busy but when they totally ghost you, the reason isn’t that they are busy and you would be wasting your precious time chasing after them because you would be chasing after shadows.

Did you and your crush talk frequently once upon a time but now they’ve just disappeared. Does your crush leave you on reading or avoid you whenever you have a chance to see each other in person?

Sometimes they usually start to ghost you as soon as they realised that you have caught feelings or found out you had a crush on them. And instead of rejecting or reciprocating the feelings, they’ve decided to ghost you.

Although it is possible that it might be because they feel uncomfortable rejecting people or because they have a fear of commitment, whatever their reason, you deserve someone who will consider your feelings instead of taking the easy way out.

2. The Braggart

This is usually common among guys, they brag to their friends whenever they observe that a particular girl is crushing on them.

In my opinion, I think girls tend to behave more maturely than guys whenever the opposite sex is crushing on them.

I’m not really sure about this but I think guys barely really reciprocate the feelings that their crushes have towards them. The painful part is that they won’t reject you, and this is what usually results in the case whereby you discover that you are the only one in the relationship dating yourself(lol).

Before I divert from the topic, ladies have to be more careful to observe how their crush is reacting and handling their feelings for them.

And one important character to look at is bragging. Is your crush bragging to their friends that you have a crush on them?

If your crush is stringing you along with false hope it might be more for the benefit of their ego rather than their heart. Perhaps they found out about your crush indirectly and don’t see any harm in pretending they don’t know about your crush on them.

There is nobody that doesn’t like being liked. So, they keep you beside them even when they don’t reciprocate your feelings. They can’t let you go because you make them feel good about themselves.

So take note, it’s not about you. It’s about them. This isn’t very emotionally mature of them because it can lead to a lot of emotional anguish for you.

3. The Humiliator/annoyer

Why is that is the party that is crushing on the other that is always made fun of? And he/she isn’t just making fun of you but takes it too far and they might usually do it in front of the wrong people.

Ladies and gentlemen, take note whether you were the one that had a crush on them at first or not, you don’t in any way deserve to be humiliated by them.

Being attracted to someone isn’t a sin as a matter of fact being humiliated is bad.

So, does your crush take jokes a little too far? To the point where people become visibly upset? Do they refuse to apologize or acknowledge and change their behaviors this is another red flag that you should keep your eye out for?

If your crush humiliates other people to make themselves look better. They may have self-esteem or trust issues and you can become a target for these issues in a relationship with them.

It may not always be jokes when you try to approach your crush and his/her reactions are always insults and curse statements to your humiliation. African ladies, especially those in Nigeria are known for this.

4. The Bully

What else do you know about your crush apart from his/her beautiful face and attractive body? Is he/she a bully?

It is easy to find everything they do as attractive because you are blinded by feelings but you should not fail to forget that you might be at the receiving end tomorrow.

Is your crush rude to staff and strangers who belittles you or others and isn’t nice to your friend? While some people are attracted to the bad guy or girl archetype. crushing on someone who is mean or abusive to others will only cause you pain.

Even if your crush is nice to you. Their poor treatment of others is a major red flag because everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect and there is no guarantee that they won’t ever treat you in the same way they treat others.

He insults an old man for no good reason and because it sounds funny you are laughing not minding the fact that tomorrow the next old person he would insult might be your father.

It’s really painful to see couples in a relationship insulting each other’s parents at every slight argument, how did it get to that extent?

Pay attention to how your crush treats others as it’s a mirror image of how he would treat you someday.

5. The Cheat

A romantic relationship is the only kind of relationship that you do not have to allow all bygones to be bygones because they may not be gone.

There is an element of truth in the statement, “people don’t change, they only get better at hiding who they really are”

Does your crush have multiple people around them, or do your crush’s exes tell you your crush cheated on people before? If so, it might be a good idea to let the crash fizzle out.

A study published in the academic journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that a person who had cheated on a former partner sexually was three times more likely to cheat again in their next relationship than someone who has never cheated.

Repeated cheating is a sign of commitment issues that your crush needs to work through before they can commit to a successful relationship and you deserve someone who will respect you and remain faithful to your relationship terms.

It’s so funny how girls get so attracted to somebody that they know is a player but yet have decided to believe he would stop because of them. Although I believe in possibilities, when it comes to changing people, it’s too risky because it’s beyond your control.

Sometimes they even had to compete with other girls for them, but the truth is if he really likes you then there isn’t a competition there.

So don’t waste your time on toxic crushes that are cheating or have a history that has to do with cheating because prevention is still better than cure.

6. The Exploiter

This is the most toxic of all toxic crushes. It’s when the relationship or whatever it is becomes parasitic. Sometimes, you voluntarily make sacrifices for them but when the other party doesn’t acknowledge that fact then truth me you have been used “voluntarily”.(lol)

Are you a guy or a lady and your crush seems to ask for too much favor and maybe they don’t really ask but yet fail to acknowledge what you are doing or have done for them. Or maybe they feel entitled in a way then your crush is using you.

So when you crush on people that like to ask you or others for favors without giving anything in return? Especially when they suspect you like them, they may ask you for more favors because they know you’ll see it as an opportunity to get closer to them.

However, while they always make promises in return, they never seem to make good on them. If you catch yourself falling over and over for people who use you, that might be a good reason to take a break from the relationships. one might need therapy to help break free from these patterns.

7. The Antagonist

If you see signs that your crush is trying to control who you talk to and what you do, you should stop pursuing a relationship with them.

Does your crush often ask you to ditch the plans you’ve made with other people and try to turn you against your friends or family? If so, this is a huge red flag falling for an isolator could lead to a psychologically abusive relationship.

While it can be hard to get over your feelings for someone, it’s sometimes necessary when your crush doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, acts emotionally immature, or shows red flags that would make a relationship with them difficult or abusive. It’s better to move on.


Although crushing on someone can be fun. It shouldn’t be disruptive to your own physical or mental health. Have you noticed these signs in your crush or someone you know? Do you think these red flags can be easily visible to someone who has a crush? Let us know in the comments below. Also, remember to like and share this article with those who you think might benefit from it.


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