10 Clear Indications of Attraction from a Girl in a Relationship

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Attraction from a Girl

Detecting signs of attraction from a girl who is already in a relationship can be both intriguing and delicate. However, certain behaviors and cues may suggest that a girl with a boyfriend has developed an interest in you.

I can picture your faces even as I write this article. I mean the topic sounds definitely insane, but it’s not a wrong topic. Yes, we are examining signs to know if a girl who has a boyfriend likes you.

Truth be told, a lot of us are currently at the edges of our seats, curious to know how this topic eventually plays out because we are in a situation; either hoping that a relationship crashes or see if our girl is liking another guy.

Unfortunately for the latter, but fortunately for the former we examining some sure signs which read clearly that a girl who is currently in a relationship likes you.

It’s no doubt that object (i.e. persons) of love interest can most definitely shift with time for so many reasons. Some might say except if it’s true love (i.e if you find it).

Who said cause a girl or guy is in a relationship they can’t tend towards you? As a matter of fact, some persons are probably just managing their relationship or not happy in their relationship. In other words, they are at the edge of their relationships.

Need I say that this set of people are the easiest to pull out of their relationship if you play your cards right and most importantly if they happen to find the peace they lack in their relationship with you.

So yes, a girl who is in a relationship, may with time find herself liking another guy as she can’t control who she has feelings for. This happens every time. Thus, under this article, we shall examine the signs that further proves you have stolen her heart from her guy.


Let’s imagine you are just recently getting to know this girl, and after a while, you ask her if she has a boyfriend and she says no or goes like ‘not really‘ or ‘kinda‘ or ‘things are shaky between them and she might soon leave‘ and all of those kinds of not so direct answers.

Then know she probably sees you as someone she can probably want to have something to do with or have or has grown an interest in you.

Be it a boy or a girl, anyone who outrightly denies their relationship most likely doesn’t want the fact that they are in one to spoil their chances with the person.

If a girl isn’t all that interested in you or feels she stands to gain nothing from you, it’s quite easy for her to admit she is in one.

Infact most girls that aren’t in a relationship can easily lie they are in one to get a guy off their back. She Claiming single isn’t a concluding pointer to her liking you though. But then you could watch her attitude towards you as well.


For a case where you know, she has a boyfriend or she actually got truthful with you and told you but yet her actions often say otherwise, then it could be as a result of the fact that she likes you.

So if a girl with a boyfriend keeps acting in a certain way around you that makes her seem as though she is available to you, then it could be a good hint that you have already stolen her heart.


Some of the acts you should pay attention to include her touches. If you want to know if she’s into you despite having her boyfriend, pay very close attention to how she engages in physical touches around you.

Now, pay very good attention to this, because this sign is confusing. Just because she occasionally touches you physically doesn’t mean that she’s into you.

However, pay attention to the kind of touches she initiates. Does she tug on your arm in the celebrated arm in arm couple style?

Does she initiate full hugs (not side hugs, and she doesn’t rush it) and pecks?  Did she let her fingers linger on your body? If this is the case, then she’s into you.

You might want to disagree, but lest you forget that one of the five major languages of women is physical touch. A girl developing feelings for you irrespective of having a boyfriend may be communicating it to you through physical touch because that’s her primary love language.

A friend who had the experience confirmed how a girl who had a guy always pecked him when they were together. That’s how he knew she liked him.


A girl who likes a guy but is in another relationship may give this away in her body language. So focus. Watch her body signs.

It might be unconscious or conscious, whatever they are, it all points to one thing – she likes you. A girl who likes a guy always gets nervous or fidgets with her hair. She might even nibble her lips or tilt her chin while talking to this guy. Watch out for these body languages.


Watch those eyes. Never lose your guard. Always maintain eye contact because the sign is in the eyes.

Ordinarily, a girl who likes a guy, most times never make eye contact or meet the gaze of that guy. However, a girl that’s already with another guy and likes a guy will be more daring in her eye contact with this guy.

You will have situations where she makes eye contact with you, not backing down – acknowledging only your presence in the room. She might even subject you to long-smouldering looks.


Most times, a girl who is with a guy but likes another guy will bring up conversations that steer away from her boyfriends. I mean the conversations legit leave her boyfriend out of the picture. You would notice she just doesn’t like bringing him up.

If it’s your case, then she most definitely likes you. No cap. She might even go to the extent of making jokes like; “I wish I had met you before I started seeing Jacob…” Things like this, then she likes you.


Girls like funny guys, and like to match humour with guys they like. Watch how she reacts to your jokes.

If she always laughs at your jokes even when you know they are stupid and lame, then she likes you.

Also, if she’s having fun with you, and she is always teasing you, then she likes you.


You might notice that in as much as she claims to have a boyfriend, she loves spending time with you and always wants to talk with you.

If she goes all out to talk to you and spend time with you, then she just might like you. I mean she can’t have a boyfriend and want to spend time with another guy, except she likes that guy.


Pay close attention to how she acts around her boyfriend when you are around.

You might notice, she could get intentionally withdrawn in order not to spite you or give off the “I love my boyfriend very much and we are just perfect” feeling.

If you know what I mean. She would most likely not want to be seen holding hands or kissing or all lovey-dovey around him even if he tries. She could be a little withdrawn towards all that while you are around.


If she’s always in your dm, wanting to know a lot about your day and wanting to share every moment and memory of her days with you, then she likes you.

This is attributed to the fact that girls don’t just pester anyone with their daily activities except they have a special liking for such person.


Crosscheck all these signs with your situation, and find out if that girl with a boyfriend is into you. If she is, good luck on acting on it.

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