List of Scholarships for Women and Girls in STEM, Business

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College can be expensive. That’s why scholarships for women are so valuable. First, they help lower the cost of going to school, which is worthwhile in itself. Second, they are only open to female students, making them potentially less competitive.

If you have a girl getting ready to head to college, here is the ultimate list of scholarships for women and girls.

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If your student isn’t sure what degree they will pursue or simply wants to apply for awards that don’t require a specific major, general scholarships for women are an excellent choice. The resources below aren’t restricted to specific fields, making them more flexible than some other options, like scholarships for women in STEM.

Here is a list of general scholarships for girls:


For students who have their eye on the worlds of business, finance, or accounting, the scholarships for girls below are ideal. They require specific majors or fields of study, limiting the amount of competition.

Here is a list of scholarships for women in business, accounting, or finance that your student should explore:


Higher education is getting harder and harder to attain but no woman should get distracted about it. That is why there are many opportunities for women to receive financial aid to continue their education.

provides scholarships for women over 25 who are enrolled in the US, Canada, or some universities in developing economies. The size of scholarship and deadlines vary depending on the country.

has seven different types of financial aid for female students, such as  American Fellowships, International Fellowships, and Selected Professions Fellowships. Scholarships are for US students only.

offers a number of scholarship options for female veterans and soldiers, whether former or current. The deadlines and size of the awards vary.

is given to the senior students in the US and Canadian universities. The admission lasts between September and November.


is a nonprofit organization that provides support for women from developing economies who pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The scholarships for women in science are granted based on their talent in the field along with their leadership skills. Overall, the amount of the scholarship can reach up to US$50,000 per year.

provides college scholarships for women in engineering and other technical related fields in the US. The main condition to apply is being enrolled in an undergraduate program in the related fields of study, approved by the foundation.

offers STEM scholarships for women. All the female students enrolled in any STEM program in the US or Canada can apply for the scholarship. Those who demonstrate high academic performance and leadership abilities may receive the US$10,000 award.

gives five scholarships per year in the amount of £15,000 to Ph.D. UK or Irish female students. The deadline varies.


offers scholarships for women in business on the BA and MA levels. Scholarship recipients have to be a Zonta club member. The international aid offers US$8,000 per recipient; regional level aid worth US$2,000. The deadline for applications varies.

provide financial aid to women over 21 years old enrolled in business programs in the community colleges. The scholarship of $1,500 is given under the condition to attend at least one Arizona BPW Foundation per year. The deadline is May 1.


It is important to point out that there are a few areas that can provide grants to female students. Beyond universities and schools, those areas can be federal and state governments, private organizations and foundations.

funded by the government gives financial aid to women in accordance with their individual needs and the cost of the tuition. The award can reach up to US$5,500 per individual. The grant is usually given only to the undergraduate female students.

is designed only for first and second-year BA students. Good results in math, science, social studies, and foreign languages are necessary for program participation. Only students from low-income families are eligible for the grant. First-year students may receive up to US$750; sophomore students can count on US$1,300 scholarship. Plus, this aid can be awarded to a student with the Pell Grant.

is given to college enrolled women who have lost a parent due to the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. Women have to be younger than 24 years old.

Soroptimist’s Live Your Dream Awards assist women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects. The award can be used to offset tuition costs, purchase books, get transportation, or find reliable childcare so a woman can worry less about paying her bills and focus more on reaching her dreams.

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