10 Nigerian Business blogs Every Business Should Know

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If you sell any goods or services, there are certain go to business blogs to advertise your product and services. This list offers 10 Nigeria based Business blogs, so good news for every Nigeria seller.

Business blogs

Business Blogs

With the internet, it is now easy for every business person and entrepreneur to have access to information and news that can change their business life.

Whether it is grabbing business ideas or learning about new developments and growth opportunities, you can find all of this information online.

Thankfully, there are business blogs in Nigeria that you can follow. And you will never miss out on opportunities, the latest ideas, trends, and money-making opportunities.

Business blogs are basically blogs that are targeted at business-minded people and entrepreneurs. Mostly a blog where you will find business ideas, business opportunities, ways to make money, business news, and analysis.

Top Business Blogs in Nigeria 2022

Below is the list of Top Business Blogs in Nigeria 2022;

1. VConnect Nigeria

VConnect helps you hire local professionals for all your service needs. From repairing your car to planning your wedding, the platform connects you with the best service businesses to get things done.

VConnect is committed to making a meaningful impact through continuous innovation to meet the dynamic needs of SMEs and empower users

This is made possible by creating a system that delivers better value through easily accessible information and connections with the right service businesses.

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2. Business List

Business List Nigeria integrates all the best services and businesses in Nigeria into an easy-to-use, searchable database with a user-friendly and stylish interface.

The platform helps you look into the Nigerian business world with confidence and style.

Listing your business on the Business List website will give you the online presence and visibility you need to attract more customers online.

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3. Connect Nigeria

ConnectNigeria.com makes it easy for you to find businesses and places. Whether it’s the nearest amala joint, a bank branch, a restaurant, or an embassy. You can find it on ConnectNigeria.com fast and easily.

Connect Nigeria.com’s mission is to organize Nigeria’s information, making it easy to find and easy to use.

If you want to get some free publicity for your new business, ConnectNigeria.com is the right place to be.

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4. DealDey Nigeria

DealDey is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

It supports local businesses and merchants who want to attract new customers and consumers who want to save money and take advantage of great services and activities in their own city.

The company philosophy is simple: To help great businesses be found by consumers who are looking for a great deal.

If you want to give your business the right online publicity in Nigeria, then get listed on DealDey.

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5. SME Arena

The SME Arena is one of the largest SME search engines in Nigeria that you can sell and buy anything at the marketplace, engage in the community, and enroll in the directory by signing up for free.

The now-defunct Etisalat Nigeria launched SME Arena on August 10th, 2016 in Lagos.

This e-commerce portal allows small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase their products and interact with customers and business partners.

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6. Finelib.com

Finelib.com was developed with the idea to develop Nigerian local content thereby leveraging information technology potential for higher productivity, good governance, and global competitiveness for Nigerian companies offering goods and services.

The website helps businesses who need customers to find them. Finelib.com works in all the areas local customers search which includes online, mobile and more.

The company’s primary goal is to develop and grow Nigeria’s local content on a wide variety of topics.

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7. NG Contacts

NG Contacts is a database with profiles and contact details of companies and businesses in Nigeria. It also has details of company executives in various companies and organizations.

NG Contacts is one of the trusted and leading sources of business information for company executives in Nigeria.

NG Contacts is used for research and marketing, to promote your products and services, and reach millions of customers in Nigeria and beyond.

It contains addresses of companies, phone numbers, emails, and much more.

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8. LGT Nigeria

Just in case you are wondering, LGT Nigeria stands for Let’s Go There Nigeria. The main goal of the company is to organize Nigeria’s Business Information;

Making it easily accessible and useful to the general population as well as providing a platform to help promote the Nigerian startup business and their products.

Business merchants can list their business information for free and catalog, manage and advertise their products.

Customers can also easily search for local business info, purchase products, request services, provide feedback and share their experiences.

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10. MakeMoney.ng

MakeMoney.ng is a leading personal finance and business blog in Nigeria.  As the name suggests, making money is focused on helping people become financially stable.

You can find in-depth articles on how to make money online and offline, business ideas, and loan and funding opportunities. And so much more.

So if you will love to make money online or offline, find business ideas, or see the best loan and grant options available to you, you should be following MakeMoney.ng.

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10. SMEtoolkit

SME toolkit.ng features articles that can help businesses and entrepreneurs in many ways. They have articles on how to grow businesses, legal issues relating to businesses, business planning, and more.

As the name ‘SME Tool Kit’ suggests, it is an assembly of articles and initiatives that is very useful for small businesses.

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