Is Her Flirting Genuine? Indications That She’s Merely Flirting

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Is Her Flirting Genuine

Is Her Flirting Genuine? Deciphering someone’s intentions when they flirt can be a puzzling endeavor. To determine whether a person’s flirting is genuine or not, it’s crucial to pay attention to certain signs.

Could she just be flirting with you? Let’s find out, shall we?

When a girl or even a guy flirts with the opposite gender, everyone’s mind tends towards the notion that the guy or girl really likes the opposite gender. This is not always the case, there exist times where flirting is flirting – I mean you that is celebrating that someone flirted with you, you might have just been ‘flirt zoned’.

Interestingly, the Merriam Webster dictionary has given a lot of definitions to the word “flirting”. Most catching in all the definitions offered is the one where flirting was defined as to show superficial or casual interest or liking. This is the perfect definition that captures the spirit of this article.

If you have been following my write-ups on the signs involving the heart, you will agree with me there exist times where the signs that a girl likes a guy are sure, however, they also exist signs where the signs are murky or just irate flirting vibes. Thus, we are going to examine these with the hope of finding out if she’s just flirting with you. What are the signs you need to look out for?



A girl that constantly engages you, a guy, in mesmerizing and prolonged eye contact on numerous occasions, is definitely just flirting with you.

A girl that is flirty in nature is daring in her eye contact. She never backs down. What’s audacious is the fact that these eye contacts are frequent and are accompanied by a killer smile or a smirk.

A girl that is flirty in nature is daring in her eye contact. She never backs down. And these looks are always damn sexy. In addition to this, she will always bat her eyelids at you and will give you the under eyelashes look.


Research has shown that fidgeting with buttons or twisting the edges of clothes amounts to flirting. What this means, a flirty girl always has something to do with her clothes (this is not meant literally, lol).

What this means is that a girl that is just flirting with you will always be playing with her clothes the moment she engages you in conversations. So, watch her hands when she’s talking with you.

If she’s playing with her clothes, then she`s being flirty. But be sure of the manner in which she does it, so you don’t think any girl who touches her clothes around you is trying to flirt with you because that would be quite absurd (lol).


A girl that’s being flirty with you will always joke and tease the life out of you, literally. This teasing will be sexual in nature. Thus, creating a tense sexual atmosphere.

Research shows that a girl that is flirting with you will always tease you. She will tease you about your sexuality and masculinity. What’s more, is that she makes you comfortable with these teases.

Also, she will always pay you compliments which to you are just very much awkward. Imagine her randomly complimenting your feet or your cheeks. Your feet and your cheeks? Awkward right. That’s a girl that’s just being flirty with you. She randomly throws compliments at you.


A girl that is just being flirty with you will always touch you randomly. This is intended to create a spark and a tense atmosphere. This is definitely a flirty sign.

These touches can come when you are talking or chatting or doing anything apart. These touches are not random, they are sexual touches couched to leave a lingering effect.

She most likely lingers her finger on your flesh, trickles her fingers on your lips, and places her palm on your laps – all these are flirty signs.


The whole of flirting is to create a daring and superficial effect. Thus, audacity is very high in girls that are flirty. If a girl is just flirting with you, she stares at you long and hard and makes sure you catch her staring at you, and when you do, she doesn’t avert her gaze.

Imagine being in class, and this girl who have been giving you the signs just stares at you like you are the centre of her focus.

You feel someone is staring at you, so you turn to meet her gaze, and she gives you a perfect mischievous grin, not even averting her gaze. If this is your story, then she’s just being flirty.


You will know if a girl is just flirting with you through her conversations with you both online and offline. The conversation will be free, loose and daring as well as stimulating.

She most likely will dare you a lot and would not be afraid to let you know that she thinks herself sexy and probably yourself as well. In addition, she most likely will be the first to reply to your post and even repost your post.

She is the type to walk into the room or class, walk close to you and whisper sweetly in your ears “looking like a snack today” then give off a daring smile.

If she is pretty naughty she could jokingly add “you making me hungry” and of course, the mischievous smile follows. This is something she can also do through chatting while you both are in the same room or environment.


A girl that is just flirting with you will always move her body to be close to you intentionally.  They may also lean to you to pick a book that they could just have asked you. Also, hugs are long and sensual. All these are just geared towards creating a spark.


These eight signs are a clear indicator that a girl is just flirting with you. Your response could go two ways; either you play along (and you may or may not end up falling for each other) or you could just drawback and protect your emotions.


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