6 Genuine Characteristics of Contentment

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Characteristics of contentment encompass several attributes that define this state of well-being. gratitude stands out as a fundamental trait; content individuals are appreciative of what they have, focusing on their blessings rather than their wants.

characteristics of contentment

Contentment is a very underrated virtue yet very important. The difference between the guy who goes out to steal and the other who decided to work harder is contentment.

You hear people say “my condition pushed me to do what I did”, yet we have other people who experience stuffer situations and yet still didn’t take that option taken by the other.

Contentment is a very rare virtue and can be easily confused for being nonchalant and not serious but it is very far from that.

There are attributes of contentment, I mean genuine contentment.

Human wants are unlimited, so no amount of resources can buy you contentment. It is not a function of what you have achieved or haven’t achieved. Those who possess contentment as a virtue know they do.

This generation of so many young internet fraudsters has made me realize that we have always had so many thieves who have been waiting for a much easier way to steal.

They are not different from the arm robbers on the highway. The only difference is that the fraudsters are doing it more conveniently and more securely.

Because as a matter of fact, the fraudsters even steal more from people than what arm robbers might even succeed to take from its victim.

So, sometimes what we see in people might not be contentment, they might just be too ashamed to do the wrong thing.

But real contentment has certain attributes and taking the wrong and quicker route is not part of it, even if it seems easier and quicker.

In this article, 6 true Attributes of contentment would be unrivaled.

6 True Attributes Of Contentment


True contentment is usually known and easily identified by inner satisfaction. Inner satisfaction is a very important attribute of contentment.

It is a state where one draws complacence from what he/she already has and not what he has not.

This can only take place when one understands that success is not a destination. There is no place or point in life where one has attained the maximum success achievable, so satisfaction has to come from inside and not outside.

People do not have to see it in you, you just need to have it for yourself.

Inner satisfaction can help one not to go astray in the journey of life, as long as you have goals to achieve keep working towards your goals while allowing inner satisfaction to keep you on track.


Envy is a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another.

Envy is a characteristic that cannot be mentioned with contentment. Envy is a product of a life that lacks contentment.

You cannot be content and be envious of the possessions, wealth, and success of another man. You admire the success and achievements of people, they can inspire and motivate you to work hard.

But, if it does not inspire you to work hard then it’s envy. You don’t have to act on it before it becomes envy, as far as you feel envious then it’s bad.

Lack of envy is for sure a must-have attribute of contentment.

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Humility is more like an external character that people see in you. It is like a product of contentment.

People who easily lash out at their boss or employer to some extent lack humility and in the long run might lack contentment.

Contentment doesn’t mean you have to be a fool or be completely clueless about what you want to achieve in life. But it’s having your eyes on the goal no matter what the present is offering.

You stay calm and meek because true contentment has nothing to do with being boastful or arrogant but Tolerant and friendly.

4. Discipline

Discipline is another very important attribute of contentment. Just like the illustration I gave in the introduction about internet fraudsters and arm robbers.

A contented person is disciplined enough not to cut corners in order to achieve whatever he/she wishes to achieve.

They are well aware of all the good and bad routes to achieving some goals but are not willing to take the bad ones.

Discipline is for sure a  product of a contented life. All ways are not the way to a disciplined man, only the right and legal way is the way.

I do not speak of those that are waiting patiently for a safer way to do the wrong thing but those that are aware of the wrong way but have decided to only do the right thing.


A contented man abhors greed and corruption. He does not only hates it but also openly despises it.

Greed and corruption are a product of a life that lacks contentment. The greed we see in government and people occupying public offices are for sure a product of lack of contentment.

This has been a major issue in political leadership and would continue to be an issue until every politician becomes content with their salaries and does not have to long for what they can steal.

When there is contentment there would be no need to embezzle public funds.

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Lastly, indeed, a contented person does not have everything figured out, though a lot of persons may think they are.

Where to go may not be completely clear to them but they are sure and aware of where they cannot go.

Just like in mathematics, where even if you don’t know the answer but you know what the answer cannot be.

For instance, a young guy may not have discovered what career path he should take but he is very much aware that stealing or anything illegal is not part of it.

With contentment, there is the inner conviction that makes you know you are not on the wrong path in life even though you may not have completely figured everything out yet.


I so much believe personally that a lot of your people lack the attributes of contentment or rather lack contentment in their life. That is why the number of people waiting to steal is more than those that are already stealing.

Parents teach your children, teachers teach your pupils and students, pastors and other religious leaders teach your members to be content. The world would be a better and safer place for us.

We can all succeed, nobody has to be the victim.


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