Six Astonishing Benefits of Focusing on Your Own Affairs

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Focusing on Your Own Affairs

Understanding the importance of focusing on your own affairs is crucial for personal growth and a harmonious life.

“Mind your business” is a phrase that easily comes out from our mouth to other people, but how much do you listen to your own lecture.

It is easier said than done but yet minding your business is no doubt very important.

When we tell people to mind their business, it is actually a kind of reminder for them to stay in their lane. But this isn’t about other people but you reading this. Are you minding your business too?

Minding your business is not just a phrase that should be used when people are quarreling or arguing, it can have different meanings at every point in time.

It can mean taking full responsibility for your thoughts and actions and also allowing other people to take responsibility for theirs too. In other words, when it does not concern you, then the decision isn’t yours to make, you can only give an opinion.

You don’t have to act like you have to decide for another human being. We usually see this in people who get angry at people that refused to take their advice, as if the fellow has to always obey them.

Minding your business can also mean focusing on what you can control only and not what you cannot control. We may not always view it in this direction but it is true.

So many people are so busy that they want to control many things, like people, time, and even the world and its craziness. But the earlier you accept the fact that the only thing you have control over is yourself and sometimes we even fall short of that.

Minding your business is something you must learn but in this article, I would try to expose to you some of the importance of minding your business so you can learn and also be able to express it to people as well.

6 Importance of Minding Your Business

1. Emotional Relieve

Minding your business gives you a lot of emotional relief. This can be very easily underrated importance, but I’m glad people are gradually knowing the extent to which they can involve themselves in other people’s business.

The emotional stress you put yourself into when trying to involve in people’s business is usually because you don’t have enough control over the situation. Because it is obviously not your business.

When you start investing your time and resources in other people’s business, you might not get the right response from the person thereby causing or making the whole investment a waste.

2. Preserved Self-worth and Respect

When you mind your business all the time you always tend to attract more respect from people.

Research has shown that people tend to respect those that don’t have their time more. Even if they don’t want to respect you, but because you don’t have anything to do with them or rather haven’t crossed your line with them, they have no choice but to respect you. Except they deliberately want to look for your trouble.

I know of somebody who always likes yelling at younger people for not greeting him. While he was thinking he was trying to attract more respect to himself, or maybe trying to correct them, he lost the respect completely.

Respect is not what you ask from people, before people can respect you, you have to respect yourself as well by minding your business.

3. People would take you more seriously

When you mind you business, people would hunger for your opinion. They want to know your own point of view. And they would keep quiet and listen.

But when you easily intrude in matters or discussions that don’t concern you, even if you are making a valid point, there is a 90% chance that they wouldn’t want to listen.

Let people hunger for your opinion, because it is not always about the statement you are making but the manner and the personality it is coming from matters a lot.

If you want people to take you more seriously, then mind your business all the time.

Sometimes what actually attracts us to some quotes isn’t the quote itself but the personality behind the quote. I mean the respect you have for that person can influence how you accept the quote.

Mind your business, so people would hunger for your voice and opinion.

4. No Misplaced Priorities

You would hardly misplace priorities when you are focused on your own business.

We can be so burdened with other people’s business that we get lost in it, that would now lose touch of what we really want in life.

It’s like planning all you want to buy before going to the market and end up buying what your neighbour said they want. I know this might sound stupid but that is the same mistake a lot of us make in life.

We get busy trying to solve other people’s problems which is not bad in itself but not dealing with your own problem is worst because you won’t be happy with yourself.

And guess what you can ignore your problems for long, they would remain unsolved and even get worse.

5. Gain Self-confidence

Minding your business also helps you to gain and preserve your self-confidence because it helps you to stay reserved so people would not take advantage of you.

You become vulnerable when you involve yourself in other people’s business, people would want to talk back at you whenever they are trying to keep you in your place.

You see people who always get shut when they are about to speak in public may lack the self-confidence to contribute to discussion even when they think their opinion is very important to the discussion.

They tend to easily doubt themselves, their intelligence, and IQ and they may start to believe that they are always saying what cannot help.

6. Security 

This is a very obvious importance and everyone knows how critical this can be.

Minding your business can at the same time mean staying out of trouble. You can be inquisitive if you like but don’t be too curious to involve yourself in something that you would regret.

There are some discussions I wished I Never involved myself in. There are some people you should not accompany to someplace and don’t always force yourself to be a solution to people’s problems.

Render help when you can and sacrifice when you can but apply wisdom. Just be sure of what you are sacrificing at a given point in time. Because so many of us are putting so many things in the line that we didn’t plan to but you would always have to account for it when it backfires.


The only life you have control over is yours and sometimes we even suck at it. If you fail at controlling your life, why would you think you can control that of others.

Even parents that raised their children cannot boast of controlling their children, not to talk of you, trying to control somebody you just met a few years, days, or even minutes back.

“Mind your business, it’s not an insult, it’s an advice, it can also be a warning.”


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