13 Smart Strategies to Evoke Missing You in Your Ex-Boyfriend

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Smart Strategies to Evoke

Exploring the post-breakup landscape, you’ll find an array of smart strategies to evoke that sense of missing you in your ex-boyfriend.

A lot of us can relate to this topic: boys and girls. Most probably hoping and wishing that we can get back with our ex or show them what they are missing by not being with us. This is due to the hurt and pains of breakups. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, breakups are hurtful.

However, there exist different degrees of hurt. While others might want to kill themselves due to it, some just wish and miss, and seem to never fill the void that their partner has created over the years of being together. It’s probably worse in female folks, considering the fact that they commit more emotionally to relationships than guys. Thus, we see a lot of girls living fantasies of getting back with their ex.

So, imagine if I told you that there are very sure tips to make that Ex-boyfriend of yours miss you? Yes, I see you are eager. As we examine them, we will see they are pretty much easy if followed step by step.

Let’s dive in!


  1. Don’t Initiate Contact

Most often than not, girls have the tendencies to keep calling their ex after a break up with the idea of patching things immediately. Trying to beg her way back or use friends. Some even go to the extent of family members.

I had a story of a girl who pleaded with her ex’s mother to please plead with him. The woman told her son to play along till she was done with her exams. Wow, right?

If you want to make your ex miss you, you have to come to terms with the fact that you and that guy are done. Also, most probably, you are not getting back unless you follow these tips.

So, block all thoughts of picking up your phone to call or text him or even go to him in class to talk to him. Bone him straight up.

  1. Miss their Calls and don’t text or call them back

Most girls quickly pick their ex’s calls at the first ring with all excitement. Hell no. If you want him to miss you, don’t even try this. Then do extra by missing his calls on purpose. And don’t even call back if you didn’t miss the calls on purpose.

As for texts and WhatsApp messages, leave them hanging. You picking up his calls or returning his messages show that you are most probably by the side of your phone, waiting for his call or message. And this will fuel his ego. I know it’s hard, but discipline yourself to do this. And soon, he will be the one stealing looks at you in class or any event.

  1. Take Time To Pull Yourself Together

You just broke up with someone you treasured, that you loved. Its not easy; its painful.

So, take time out to pull yourself together, if not you would be messed up mentally; stealing looks at your ex here and there.

Tracking his movement, and a host of other negative energy. Pull yourself together, and clean your tears, and make him miss you.

  1. Do Not Stalk Your Ex

Do Not Stalk Your Ex!!! Don’t Stalk Your Ex!!! Never You Stalk Your Ex!!!!  I feel like I should sing this into your ears. You can’t make him miss you, if you stalk him.

You stalking him will only make you miss him more and more. Steel yourself. Don’t track him; you are not some creepy girl that is broken without him (even though you are, act otherwise).

  1. Don’t be sad on social media

We all have heard about the saying that people live different lifestyle on social media than they do in real life. Be that person, just to pepper your ex.

Believe it or not, your ex is watching your social media space, and to make him miss you, feed his eyes with a happy and bubbling version of yourself. Let your posts show that you don’t miss him, and that you don’t need him.

  1. Make New Friends and Bond With Old

Friends always have ways of taking your mind off bothering situations. If you don’t have such friends, make such friends cause right now you definitely need your mind to be off your ex.

  1. Date Again

This probably is the best way of peppering your ex. Date again. Even if its for a brief while, and you obviously not enjoying the relationship. Jason Derulo in his song ‘savage love‘ tells about his girlfriend that is using him to get at her ex.

This is one way of making your Ex-boyfriend miss you because he definitely has not healed and he doesn’t expect you move on so quickly. You could even flirt with his friends before him. I can see your mischievous smile.

  1. Get A New Hobby

Get a new hobby, that your ex doesn’t know about you. That way you will show him there is more to you than he knows. You should document the moments you engage in this hobby often, and share it to the world. The effect it will have on your ex cannot be over emphasized.

  1. Initiate Contact After A Long While

After a month or so of not talking to your ex, initiate a conversation. Most preferable via text or WhatsApp message. The message should be cool and smooth, so as not to create an awkward atmosphere.

You could probably say something like: “Hey, I heard Ronaldo is back in Man United, and it made me think about how much you wished he would be back.

Drop this and go. Don’t over press it. You will see his immediate response. It wouldn’t only end at this discussion, but he would want to know more about how you have been.

  1. Bring Fun Memories Of The Old Days

Immediately after you initiate contact after a while, bring back those fun memories you guys shared when you were together as topic of discussion. Don’t just dwell on them, say them in passing.

For instance, if a situation looks similar to one of the memories, say it. To make him miss you more, state the memories he treasured the most when you were dating.

  1. How Were You When He Started Falling For You, Act Like That

Be the girl he fell for. Do the things that made him like you in the first place, this will be bring back fond memories and cause him to miss you, trust me.

  1. Exchange Pictures

Always insist you exchange pictures, and send him the best of your pictures. Legit spam him with sexy looking photos. This works like for real.

  1. Show Your Concern on Special Occasion

Show you care in special occasions i. e. when you know he needs it. You could wish him happy birthday, and send him something you know he would like. You could visit him with food when he’s sick. Don’t stay long. Just check up on him, and drop the food.


It is important to know that these tips work hand in hand. You cannot choose to do one and leave the other if you want to make your ex miss you. So, start now, and let that boy miss you.


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