5 Major Disadvantages of Excessive Use of Your Smart Phone

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Our smart phone has evidently become an important part of our everyday lives, but here are a lot of disadvantages posed by the excessive use of your smart phones.

Excessive use of your smart phones has shown to be more dangerous, and this article will be focused on the 5 major disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Excessive Use of Your Smart Phone

5 Major Disadvantages of Excessive Use Your Smart Phone

We spend an unreasonable amount of time in front of our smart phones for unreasonable reasons, and when we are at it, little do we realize how much it harms us physically, psychologically, and socially.

Here is a compilation of 5 major disadvantages of excessive use of your smart phone. Look and ponder.

1. Time Wasting

Time is the most valuable everyone can afford, but what we do with it determines a lot. Now, people actually sit in front of their smart phone all day long just to play Candy Crush Saga, Zynger poker, and other meaningless games.

And not just games, but there are many unproductive activities that one can spend their day doing over the smart phone, like chatting, online gaming, or just random net surfing.

Though using the smart phone as a means of entertainment is a good idea but staying glued over it for hours is not a good one at all as it simply leads to wastage of time which could have been put to use for some other productive work

2. Physically Inactive

We don’t work anymore because we allow computers to do everything, from operating a washing to playing music. Currently, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, people no longer move an inch anymore, not even to cover a window blind.

Simple outdoor activities like walking in a park or playing sports have been replaced by excessive gaming sessions with your smart phones and hours of internet browsing, which is creating a generation that is extremely tech-savvy but physically inactive.

3. Tendency to Skip Meals

While working on a computer, we often forget to eat and end up skipping meals. Our mind loses the track of time and consciousness to do other important activities like eating.

And this is obviously unhealthy as our body needs food on time to get energy and to keep functioning properly.

4. Insomnia

Giving up sleep to stay excessively hooked to your smart phone and the internet has become a norm for a large number of youngsters these days.

Not just the smart phone distracts them from taking a good night’s sleep but it also disturbs their normal sleeping pattern causing adverse effects on their health.

A recent study suggested that working on the computer for at least 5 hours a day can cause insomnia.

5. Inability to Socialize

Finally, staying glued to a smart phone can make you forget you’re human and that you cannot exist alone. The need to socialize gradually dies down with the more time you spend on your smart phone.

Some people prefer chatting online to meeting face to face because they begin to develop anxiety when meeting with people.

The development of Artificial Intelligence has made socializing more difficult. Now people can just walk into a store and buy robots they can talk to and laugh with when bored.


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