Top 10 Tech and Digital Skills to Acquire in Nigeria

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Tech and Digital Skills to Acquire

“Tech and Digital Skills to Acquire in Nigeria” encompass a diverse range of competencies crucial for success in the country’s evolving job market and technology-driven industries.

Tech and Digital Skills to Acquire in Nigeria: Our lives are now influenced by the digital world in almost every way, and this tendency is only growing. Over the past 10 years, technology has created jobs we never could have imagined. One of the areas now experiencing the fastest growth rates is technology. Almost every aspect of our lives is now dominated by the Internet. The importance of employees having digital skills in the present workforce is becoming increasingly clear to tech companies and all other businesses engaged in the digital economy.

Businesses are currently evolving toward an infrastructure that is increasingly connected and digital. This has led to the new gold rush of getting a tech job. Many aspiring professionals, both young and old, are investigating strategies to acquire their ideal tech position. More than ever, it is crucial that new hires possess soft as well as hard skills and cross-disciplinary knowledge.  Recruiters will be on the lookout for a larger skill set and deeper expertise in their new hiring, regardless of what position they are interviewing for.

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Below are a few of the best and most lucrative technology skills you can acquire right now to launch a lucrative career in Nigeria. These digital talents are in great demand and are what businesses and organizations in Nigeria and beyond are searching for. One benefit of having these skills is that you can find employment anywhere in the world. While in Nigeria, you can work electronically and receive payments in currencies from abroad.

Top 10 Best Digital/Tech Skills To Learn In Nigeria

1. Web Development: The building and upkeep of websites is an exciting field of web development. Web developers are essential in influencing the online world since they write complex code as well as creating aesthetically pleasing interfaces. The coding or programming required for website functionality is known as web development.

Web development includes the creation of simple text-based applications as well as sophisticated web-based, social network, and business applications. You can work as a full-stack developer, a frontend developer, or a backend developer. The demand for qualified web developers is growing rapidly in Nigeria as more companies and people enter the digital world.

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2. Blockchain Development: The majority of our work soon will be done on Web3 powered by blockchain. Thus, it’s important to develop skills that will be relevant for at least the next ten years. A blockchain developer is someone who creates, puts into practice, maintains, and improves blockchain-related applications, including well-known DAPPs, smart contracts, architecture, and protocols.

You must be skilled in some programming languages, including Python, Golang, Java, C++, and Javascript, to become a blockchain developer. For the advanced component, you will also need to understand Metamask, Web3.js, Ethereum, and Solidity.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The position of a website in the search engine result pages (SERPS) for each keyword is decided by a process known as search engine optimization. Many firms are realizing the benefits of digital marketing and are constantly looking for people with outstanding search engine optimization marketing skills to increase their company’s exposure and online presence.

To improve your SEO skills, keep up with the most recent changes and advances in the sector. Because Google changes its algorithm every year, what worked last year might not be relevant this year. As a result, you should monitor the pace to stay up to date.

4. Software Development: Software development is the process of creating, evaluating, and implementing all computer programs and software for client applications using the concepts and programming languages of computer science. Software development skills might be beneficial in your career as a computer programmer, database administrator, software developer, or web developer.

The original creations of software developers are computer programs. Among other occupations, they can pursue jobs as multimedia developers, cyber security analysts, developers of games, and mobile app developers.  Python and JavaScript developers are highly sought after in Nigeria.

5. Data Visualization: A trait that all mobile applications, websites, and digital services have in common is a user interface. Any designer with experience creating dynamic, effective user experiences will be sought after by the majority of IT businesses. Designers may use intricate data to produce visuals that help managers make crucial business decisions.

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The name of this skill is data visualization. Senior managers can use data visualization to draw significant conclusions from the data. Designers analyze and present data using tools like Tableau and Power BI. You will have an edge in the job market if you can present facts in a style that is engaging, vibrant, and visually appealing.

6. Data Analysis: The rise of data is altering businesses. Businesses of all sizes now expect their business decisions to be guided by data-driven knowledge. There is data in almost every business, and a lot of them are interested in figuring out how they can utilize it to grow.

It is simple to find work as an analyst in businesses, professions, science, health, etc. Data analysis is the process of using logical concepts to gather, clean up, analyze, and evaluate data. There are many different types of data analysis, including descriptive, diagnostic, and prescriptive analysis.

7. Virtual Assistance: It is virtual, as the name suggests. Effective work execution can be done remotely and from any location in the world. A virtual assistant aids in the completion of a job or task, similar to a secretary or receptionist. Calls, texts, appointment settings, and social media management are all methods of providing virtual assistance.

Likewise by using email accounts, booking travel, or keeping schedules. This skill is for you if you excel in a particular profession and can aid others virtually in that field. Opportunities for virtual assistant employment include business assistant, administrative assistant, project assistant, etc.

8. Cloud Computing: Since the pandemic, remote work and virtual learning have become more commonplace. Cloud computing is becoming one of the most in-demand skills. Nowadays, the majority of companies and businesses prefer to outsource the storage of their sensitive data to outside services.

Because so many businesses, big and small, depend on it for their operations, cloud computing is not merely a trend but also one of the most effective digital skills to learn. A person who can control, coordinate, and maintain the platform is therefore required.

9. Content Creation: This could be writing articles and videos, making visual designs, or programming websites. Skills in creating content are in high demand. Demand for content creation will increase as more companies go online.

In Nigeria, it is among the best skills to learn. Content production abilities are a smart choice for people who want to advance their careers. Students should develop this digital skill to increase their employability as well as their chances for freelancing and business ownership.

10. Video Editing: It is no secret that videos are getting more and more common. One of the Best Digital Skills to master is video editing, which entails modifying and editing video footage to produce a coherent narrative. Examples of this include cutting out unnecessary film and adding visual effects and transitions. In the coming years, people who can effectively communicate their ideas via edits will be in high demand. Mastering video editing is a terrific ability to keep ahead of the curve if you want to get specialized knowledge.


Some of the top tech in Nigeria to learn are those that are above. The advantage of mastering these ten digital skills is that they can enable you to create a side business that allows you to earn extra money even if you hold down a regular job. If you want to launch a company or become an entrepreneur, you’ll need to have some of these digital skills if you seek to bring in paying clients, make money, and expand your company.


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