Top 10 High Demand Skills in Nigeria 2024

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In search of high demand skills, as getting a white collar job has become extremely difficult? A lot of young people are moving into skill acquisition. It leaves the question of which skills are high demand skills and promise to generate generous income?

High Demand Skills

High Demand Skills

You will have comprehensive detail on high demand skills that will bring a reliable income to your wallet and also improve society.

1. Graphic Design

This is one of the highly sought-after services both on and off the net. A good and creative graphic designer earns a very decent amount from his work, and they can pay you in dollars if you work on the Internet too.

Almost every organization, church, business, etc., now needs the service of a graphics designer, and this is a work you can learn in very little space of time and earn decent money from it, only if you place close attention on learning it.

2. Fashion Designing

Fashion Design is one of the best skills to learn. This handwork has been around for a long time and it is so amazing how people keep developing around it, with different people adding their own unique twist to the trade.

Fashion design happens to be very wide with diverse types of dive into, so it would be advisable to learn it step by step, to give the best knowledge of qualities people are looking for.

Some people make thousands of Naira monthly just by designing a style that appeals to their customer’s satisfaction.

3. Hair Dressing and Makeup

Hair Dressers and Makeup artists are now making a huge amount of money each day. Making it easier for women to be admired at all times, is the easiest way you can make your own money.

Also, whether you are a man or woman, all it takes is your passion. If you love it as a job all you have to do is learn for some months and have a company of yours in the usual expression is ‘near’ future.

4. Hair Barbing

This is an industry that really works out very well because 95% of people will cut their hair at least the end of every two weeks. Learning how to barb hair will only take a month if only you are diligent in your work.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the buzz currently. Every modern business and business person needs it.

You can learn to help businesses market their products and services on the Internet, using tools and strategies like social media, SEO, SEM, content marketing, etc. This niche is very large and the demand is quite high.

6. Photography

One of the easiest ways to make money is with the camera. People always need the services of a photographer to keep memories of special events.

They always want to package special events in their life in a photograph. Photography is not just taking pictures; it goes beyond taking people’s pictures. It is also an act of capturing some special moments; therefore it is expensive!

Many people see photography as an ordinary Job, but it’s surprising now that photography makes a lot of individuals multi-millionaires just for taking pictures. Learn Photography within a few months and be your boss.

7. Phone Repairs

A mobile phone is probably part of the most used thing in any part of the world. Every mobile phone will one day develop a problem, so for you to solve the problem you need a good phone repairer who can help you recover your phone back.

8. Cake Baking

We cannot do without food, that’s why anything food is indispensable. The important thing about starting this kind of business is building your customer base. You can do this through friends, social media, etc.

Also you can even set up an online store where people can come and order cakes and have them delivered to their doorsteps. It’s all about coming up with ideas that can boost your business.

9. House Painting

This is handwork that is always ready for sale because new houses are springing up daily, you won’t regret learning this and this can be one of the simplest things you can learn and get in a brief period of time.

10. Website Design

This one is my favorite because I am a web developer. The web is too large, so it is also a web design and the technologies behind it. But you don’t need to become a guru in web design before you make money from it.

You can pick some specific areas and master them instead of trying to be a jack of all trade master of none. Just start with HTML and CSS, move up to JavaScript and you can chart your dream career from there.

Finally it would be a great if you take a fast step in improving yourself skillfully or getting handwork. After going through the above list, I’m convinced that earning a living even before entering college becomes easy.



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