Overcoming Ignorant Thought Patterns

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Overcoming Ignorant Thought Patterns

Overcoming ignorant thought patterns is a journey towards personal growth and a more enlightened perspective. It involves recognizing and challenging the biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions that can cloud our judgment and hinder our ability to understand the world and its complexities.

We all have that one person who acts like they know it all, when for a fact they don’t know shit. These kinds of people are so ignorant that they even fail to realize how ignorant they’ve become. To them, they feel they are so smart and so knowledgeable and that nobody else can know what they know, except, of course, when they choose to tell it.

If you ask me, this kind of attitude disgust and repels me away from such persons. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have them friends, well of course I do. I even have them as members of my family, but the way and manner I relate with such people are quite different from the way I relate with other kinds of people.

Say, for instance, I don’t necessarily talk them out of the wrong notion they’ve already registered in their minds. What I do is to make subtle suggestions so that they won’t feel as if their “intelligence” has been trampled on or something.

Even I myself, at some point in my life, long before now, I use to think ignorantly. However, I got to realize how ignorant I was, so I had to humble myself in order not to really miss out on what I really don’t know, that I should have known if I was not acting and behaving smart and clever, which was not entirely true.

If you’ve ever met or spoken with people who act ignorantly, then you would really know that they are really easily identifiable. They don’t know, yet they act like they know it all.

Sometimes, I begin to wonder how the hell they do such a thing. They seem to have so much pride and ego in what they don’t even know such folly!

All the same, you might even be one of such persons and still not know because you’re not conscious of it. But not to worry, this article will reveal to you how people of ignorance really think and you’ll then see if you’re one of such persons.

Like I said earlier, I use to think the same way too, until recently that I became self-conscious and aware of what I was really doing. So, no hard feeling. Every one of us acts and think ignorantly at some point in our lives, no doubt.

However, there are really some certain people who this “act” and “thinking” has become a profound part of them that the ignorance in them is so pronounced and vivid and that they tend to “display” a part of this ignorance everywhere they find themselves.

So below we’re going to be looking at 5ways that ignorant people think/act and the possible ways to get rid of such behaviours if it’s in you.


Ignorant people always have this notion and it is this; they think they know it all. You can imagine a person thinking that he’s all-knowing. Such a person can never learn. If they truly know that knowledge is inexhaustible, then they would have known that what they know is nothing compared to what they’ve not known.

And you really have to see the way and manner in which they speak. They often speak with so much boldness and audacity, and this will make seem as if they know what they are talking about. In the real sense, they know nothing about what they speak of.

You know, getting rid of this kind of behaviour is not so difficult. All you really need is humility and shifting your ways of thinking from an I-know-it-all mindset to an I-don’t-really-know-it-all mindset. I mean, a lot of persons have missed out on classical opportunities by this single act of thinking.

Just know that no matter the amount of knowledge you’ve accumulated over time, you still don’t know it all. So, wherever you find yourself, always be willing to learn, especially from those people you least expected yourself to learn from.

In case you don’t know, everyone knows something you don’t, so bring yourself down so you can learn from anyone.


Ignorant people really do think that they don’t necessarily need anybody in order to get anything done in life. And you know one thing about life, you really cannot get so far in it all by yourself. You need the contributed effort of other people in order to get to where you want to be in life.

So, to think that you can do something or everything all by yourself is actually a delusion that you need to correct in your mind.

I don’t really know where this set of people get the idea from that they need no one. I mean, come to think of it, who doesn’t need someone?

To say the truth, we all need each other and one another. “No man is an Island”, as they would often say. So don’t think you can have things figured out all by yourself. You need someone else who knows what he/she is doing to put you through. So stop thinking you alone can run the world.


Because they feel like they know it all, they begin to feel like they are on top of the world and think so highly of themselves. They tend to see themselves as superior to others and that is really not a wise thing to do because, in the actual sense, nobody is superior or inferior to anybody, we’re all equal.

We might not all be the same, for we all have our various differences and discrepancies, still, we all are equal. So thinking that you’re better than someone because of something you have that they don’t is uncalled for.

Such attitude will only make you miserable in the end, because if you come to think of it, what you think that others don’t have will surely come to them sooner or later and how will that make you feel then? Miserable right? Oh, yes right!

Honestly, I don’t really see what ignorant people think they have that is making them so pompous. I mean, to say the truth, they are only really pompous about their ignorance and that is profound foolishness on their part as a human.

So don’t get your mind twisted, you’re really not better off than anyone here, no matter your possessions. Surely one day, they will all pass away.


You dare not argue with an ignorant person, even if you’re right and they are wrong, the reverse will always be the case because they will never admit that they are wrong.

In their mind, they cannot be wrong and this mindset will always make them argue blindly and foolishly because often a time, their stand might be utterly wrong. But they wouldn’t want others to see them as though. They feel that nothing should ever go wrong in whatever they do or so and that’s why they often remain stagnant in life.

Now get this into your head; you cannot always be right, it’s not even humanly possible, no matter your level of knowledge. We are all humans and as humans, we’re bound to make series of mistakes and blunders from time to time, and by making mistakes we learn.

So thinking that you’ll always be right in all you say or do is a big deception on yourself. You can have misunderstandings about something you’re not so sure of, and that’s not so bad after all.

Admit that you don’t understand it and that your stand might be wrong. Don’t go about making everyone feel like you’re a total asshole (find a substitute for this!) by always acting “all right” in their midst.


I don’t really know what they gain from it, but those ignorant people enjoy talking others down and they also feel it’s okay to do such a thing.

The thing is, they are not enlightened enough, because if they were, they wouldn’t just speak to reduce other people and make them feel like they are not important or so.

Ignorance is a disease”; I couldn’t agree more with this phrase because really it is. It is a “disease” of the mind, a knowledge deficit disease that can make its victim act foolishly and unconcerned about what they do to others.

No one is allowed to talk anyone down, not for any reason. You may appear more knowledgeable than another person, but that doesn’t give you the right to speak shitty things about him/her because you have no monopoly over knowledge or even the one you claim to have.

Sooner or later, they may get to know what you know, so don’t ever be the one that will deliberately talk down others. Instead, be an encouragement to them so that they can learn too.


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