8 Up-to-Date Methods to Generate Income Using WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has evolved beyond just a messaging app; it has become a platform for innovative ways to generate income using WhatsApp.

Hi guys. Welcome to the latest from making money online.

Generate Income Using WhatsApp

Today, we are going to be putting our focus on making money via WhatsApp platform.

Whatsapp happens to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. Though it’s not popular in Asia; nonetheless, it is well recognized.

The fact that it has so many users globally means it will definitely have so many monetary opportunities.

Whatsapp doesn’t pay directly like some other online platforms.

Nonetheless, the opportunity to make money online through WhatsApp is numerous and I’m going to expose you to but a few


Requirements to make money through WhatsApp

There are some basic requirements needed to begin the quest to make money through WhatsApp. These requirements make it easier and effective.

The list below contains the requirement. You are expected to have at least one.

Having all is the best idea though.

  1. Lots of contacts
  2. Belong to lots of groups
  3. A blog

8 latest ways to make money through WhatsApp.

1. Pay to click website

Ever heard of pay to click website?

These are websites that pay you for clicking on their ads and taking a survey.

However, most are scam i.e they end up not paying a dime.

I had to carry a lot of research to put on the genuine ones in this article.

Ysense is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world.

While ysense pays you to complete surveys, watch videos and complete their task; it also pays you commissions to refer your friends {which is where lots of WhatsApp contact come in}.

You’ll be given a referral link which can be shared on WhatsApp. The more people that register with your referral link, the higher you’ll earn.

As you refer friends, it’s also good you try and complete the surveys you are qualified for.

It takes dedication and commitment to earn money from platforms like this.

For redrawal of funds, I recommend you use skrill. The money made will be transferred to your skrill account.

It works just like PayPal and the money can be sent to banks anywhere in the world including Nigeria.

If you’re looking for how to make money from WhatsApp, sharing links from pay per click website is one of them. Give it a try.

It may not work for everyone especially those who are quick to give up or those not willing to put any effort.

2. Sharing short links

 This happens to be one of the easiest and popular ways of making money from WhatsApp.

Short links are shortened URL leading to a page.

They’re websites that shorten URL. Copy the correct URL, place it on the URL shortener and you are good to go.

Go ahead and paste this link on your WhatsApp status or send to friends that enjoy reading your articles.

Ads will always display before the page can be viewed. This is how your money is made.

Example of this site is Adfly

3. Affiliate marketing

This is the process of earning commissions based on sales made through your referral link.

You can decide to do affiliate marketing for an online fashion shop.

In order to succeed, it is paramount to join a fashion WhatsApp group.

You can go ahead to tell the group how you saw some clothes that you love and you are sure they’ll like it too. Then paste the link for them to check it out.

Remember, don’t spam the group with it or act rude.

Going about it the right way will make you some cool cash.

Examples of affiliate programs are Jumia affiliateAmazon affiliate etc.

4. Market your goods and services

It’s no news that buying and selling of goods online is now almost on par with buying offline.

Do you have goods to market/sell?

If yes, Whatsapp can give you such an opportunity for free.

Same rules apply to how you convince customers during affiliate marketing.

However; rather than sending links, you send them samples of the product in the form of pictures.

This can be done via WhatsApp personal messages, WhatsApp statuses or Whatsapp groups.

Similarly, you can market the services you offer by also showing pictures of you offering such services to other customers/clients and remarks of customers.

5. Market people goods and services

This is the most common way people make money these days on WhatsApp in Nigeria.

They normally call themselves WhatsApp TV.

All you need is to create awareness so you can increase your WhatsApp contact list. This gives you more viewers from your WhatsApp status.

You can decide to start collecting fees to advertise for people as it pleases you.

6. Upload files

This is not a very common way people adopt in making money from WhatsApp.

There are lots of sites where you can go and upload pics, videos, games etc. and get paid per download.

I know you’ll be curious about what WhatsApp got to do with this.

Not to keep you in suspense, all you need to do is copy the link to the page where people can download the file you uploaded and share it through WhatsApp.

For every download you get, you’ll be paid just because you shared on WhatsApp.

Examples of sites that offer these services are upload.orgfileice.net etc.

7. Referrals to download apps

The world is becoming a global market. Everybody now gives something no matter how little just to get what they want.

That being said, there are lots of apps on google play store that is willing to give as little as airtime if you refer friends to download their apps.

No matter how little the payment is, it’s better than burning your data online and earning nothing.

8. Drive traffic to your blog

Always saving the best for the last.

Do you have a blog?

If no, what exactly are you waiting for? Go get one now.

There are lots of advantages that come with it. That’s not a topic for today. However, be expecting it pretty soon.

For now, let’s focus on those that already own a blog.

Sharing your links on WhatsApp is one of the numerous ways you can drive traffic to your blog. However, organic traffic remains the best.

Nonetheless, you got nothing to lose as you might just be introducing new visitors to your blog.

Conclusion on how to make money from WhatsApp.

It’s high time you started making money from things that eat your money.

If you calculate how much you use for subscriptions, you’ll find out it’s not a crime to get a reward from spending such amount.

Knowledge they say is power. I’ll advise you key into one of all these numerous ways of making money from WhatsApp.

You won’t regret it. Do have a nice day.

Thanks for reading through. This is as much as we can take on the topic “how to make money through WhatsApp

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