5 Methods for Migrating Contacts from Android to iPhone

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Contacts from Android to iPhone

Transferring your contacts from an Android to iPhone can be a seamless process if you know the right methods.

How To Transfer Your Contacts From Android To Iphone: In recent years, there has been a momentous shift in the adoption of iOS (iPhones, iPods, and earlier iPads). Although Android devices are still the most popular mobile platform, iPhones are now slowly catching up.

For those particularly interested in transitioning from Android device to iPhone, you should be aware that both platforms differ. In light of this, data transfer from one platform to the other may be difficult. When it comes to contacts, which are essential elements in one’s phone, this could be rather inconvenient. On that note, this article examines the methods one can use to easily move contacts from an Android device to an iPhone.

Ways To Transfer Your Phone Contacts From An Android Phone To Iphone

1. Method 1: Transfer contacts from Android during iPhone setup with “Move to iOS”: Utilizing Apple’s own app “Move to iOS” should be the initial move when making the switch to an iPhone. The biggest limitation of this free app is that it can only be used when setting up a brand-new iPhone. This app is ideal for moving your Android content to a new iPhone. If you’ve already finished configuring your new iPhone, you’ll need to utilize one of the other strategies described in this article. Move to iOS may transfer your messages, camera images, videos, browser bookmarks, email accounts, and calendars in addition to your contacts.

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a. Open Play Store on your Android device, then install the “Move to iOS” software

b. Agree to terms and conditions. Grant access and give permission.

c. A “find your code” screen will appear.

d. Grab your new iPhone, switch it on, and start the setup process.

e. Tap on “move data from Android” during the setup process.

f. A six-digit or ten-digit code will appear on the screen. Take note of the security code

g. Enter this code in Android phone.

h. A “transfer data” screen will ask the user to select the data they would like to transfer.

I. Tap on contacts, and the transfer is done.

2. Method 2: Get your Android contacts by linking your Google account to your iPhone: Contacts can be moved from an Android device to an iPhone most easily using a Google account. Utilizing your Google account, you can sync and cloud-store your contacts. By doing this, you can retrieve your contacts from any computer or mobile device once you have access to your Google account.
First, the contacts need to be synced with a Google account. However, if they are not synced, navigate to settings > tap on Accounts > tap on Google > tap on Sync. If you get the option to sync certain content, ensure that “Sync Contacts” is enabled.

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Now that the Google contacts are synced, it’s time to switch to iPhone.

Go to settings > Scroll down and tap “Passwords & Accounts> Tap on “Add account” > enter the same Google account > make sure that contact toggle is on > Android contacts are now transferred. Your contacts will start to appear in the iPhone’s Contacts app once the account has been set up.

Note: Due to variations in Android versions and manufacturer customizations on Android devices, these guidelines may vary significantly.

3. Method 3: Import contacts to iPhone using your SIM card: Importing contacts using a SIM card is the most traditional and straightforward way to move contacts from an Android device to an iPhone. Provided that the iPhone can accept the SIM card, you can import contacts from an Android device. Thus, before adopting this approach, ensure you ascertain what kind of SIM card your iPhone accepts.

Below are the instructions to import your contacts from your SIM to your iPhone if your SIM will fit in your phone. Note that these instructions may differ based on the brand of your phone.


A. If your contacts are not already stored in your SIM, first you have to export them from your Android device. To do this, On the Android phone, navigate to the contacts app > tap on the gear icon or three dots > Tap Import > select your SIM card.

B. It’s time to remove the sim from the Android device and insert it into the iPhone. Navigate to settings > tap on contacts > Select import sim contacts.

C. Select where you want to import your contacts on your iPhone if prompted.

D. Await the import of your SIM contacts into your iPhone.

4. Method 4: Manually export/import contacts as a vCard file: Another easy method to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is by moving your contacts manually using a vCard file. In this way, you get to export contacts from any Android smartphone and import them to your iPhone. You can accomplish this by carrying out the following actions:

A. On the Android phone, navigate to contacts.

B. Select three dots or gear icons and select the import/export option.

C. Tap on export to .vcf file and select Internal Storage as the destination

D. The vcf file of the contacts is now created in the phone storage.

E. Send this file to the iPhone either through the mail, or upload on the cloud or via Bluetooth.

F. Now, grab your iPhone and access the file. At this point, your iPhone will prompt you to “Add all contacts” from the file, but if it asks which app you would like to open in, then choose contacts.

5. Method 5: Utilizing Contact Transfer software: Between your Android, iPhone, and Windows devices, this practical utility makes contact transfers simple. No cloud storage is necessary when using the Windows software Contact Transfer to move contacts from your Android to your iPhone. Using the app, you can also manage contacts on your smartphone from your PC.


A. Install Contact Transfer program on your Windows computer after downloading it.

B. Installing the free Contact Transfer Android software onto your smartphone from the Google Play Store is also required to connect your Android device to your PC.

C. Choose iPhone as your Destination device and Android as your Source device in Contact Transfer on the PC. Hit the Next button.

D. Connect your gadgets

E. Android: Tap “Scan Contact Transfer QR Code” after launching the Contact Transfer app on your Android device. Then, using the camera on your device, scan the QR code displayed in Contact Transfer on your computer.

F. iPhone: Connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cord

G. The contacts you want to transfer should be chosen, or use the “All” option to pick every contact on your list.

H. Tap “Transfer”

Conclusion: How to move contacts from an Android device to an iPhone is one main issue facing most iPhone users. Nevertheless, all of the essential techniques for moving contacts from an Android device to an iPhone have been covered in this article. The Android user won’t find the changeover annoying because it is rather seamless.


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