13 Reasons She Doesn’t Initiate Texts with You First

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Initiate Texts with You First

Understanding why someone doesn’t initiate texts with you first can shed light on various aspects of the relationship.

It is normal to easily feel abandoned and frustrated because she never texts you first. Although most times they respond when you text them first.

The truth is you have every right to feel that way, to be honest, And it is normal to wonder whether it’s just a game or this person is probably just uninterested in stringing you along.

Do you want to know if she likes you or if she is just trying to be polite? In this article, I will try to answer all these questions. I came up with 12 reasons why she never texts you first and yet responds whenever you text.

13 Reasons Why She Never Texts You First

1. You Are Not The Only Player In The Game

There is a high possibility that she has a lot of attention coming in from so many other men. And so sometimes it can be really hard for her to keep track and catch up with everybody.

And indeed, there might be so many unread messages on her phone simply because she can’t seem to keep up with all the attention she constantly gets from guys.

2. She is Doubting Her Feelings.

There is a possibility that you haven’t won her heart just yet. And so texting you would take extra effort that she may not want to put in at all or might feel lazy to do.

But, if you find yourself in such a situation. Make sure you quickly try to define what it is that both of you have. So you can always be on the same page.

3. Terrible Past Relationship.

Now don’t forget that she may have had a terrible past relationship with guys. And so she may be taking her time to mull over how she’s feeling and whether the feelings are real and has the possibility of yielding results that will benefit her.

4. She is Not Into Texting.

It is also possible that she just doesn’t like to text but yet may still like you. There are people like that. Some may even be the other way around, that is they prefer text messages as opposed to phone calls.

And sometimes the people in your life may not understand. but if you understand what she prefers the better for both of you. And the relationship can be a little smoother.

Sometimes, phone calls come with this sense of urgency like you absolutely must talk at that moment. Whereas with a WhatsApp message or an iMessage you can take your time to get back to it whenever you are ready to respond.

It’s all about trying to understand her if she doesn’t like SMS and she’d rather prefer a phone call. Maybe you should ask her what she would rather prefer and that will solve half of your problems.

5. She May Have Other Priorities.

Maybe she has other priorities going on with her at the time. And not every woman likes to share what she may be going through at any point in time. it could have something to do with her job, her family, her friends, etc.

And so you know she may be going through quite a bit and other things may be taking her attention and may need her urgent attention. So, texting you at the moment may not be number one on her list and you must understand that if you’re going to have her attention, perhaps in the future, so you do not want to be too quick to judge her. Because she simply may have other priorities going for her that are taking her attention at the moment.

6. She Might Be The Busy Type

She may be too busy to think of texting you first and I don’t know the kind of woman that’s in your life but I think you need to pay attention to her schedules.

Now if she’s really busy, she may be a goal-getter. Goal getters are always occupied with work and trying to catch up with deadlines. She may not always have the time to send you a quick message and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t care. It could mean that she just needs to get stuff out of the way so she can finally or eventually have time for you, and the truth is there are genuine people like that.

However, at this point, take note that you may have to be able to discern to find out what it is. Is it a matter of her just being busy with work?

Just try to ascertain whether her busyness is genuine so that you don’t waste time with her. If for instance, you find out that she’s just stringing you along and she’s uninterested in any kind of relationship with you.

7. She Is Playing Inaccessible

Now, some women do not want to be too accessible to the men in their lives because it makes them feel cheap. It’s like whenever you say jump, she says how high and when do you want me back?

A lot of women just do not want to be at your every beck and call and so they deliberately make themselves inaccessible. And so, sometimes in some weird way, you probably end up craving their presence, their attention, and their time.

So never fail to figure out the kind of woman that you’re actually with to see if you know she’s one of those people who are just playing inaccessible or there’s something else taking her time.

8. She Has Accepted The Norm

It can also be that she doesn’t text you first because she knows that you always will. So if from the beginning of your friendship and or relationship, you’ve always been the one to text, then naturally she’s falling into this psycho where she expects you to text first.

And she knows that if she doesn’t, you definitely will and she will hear from you.

What I would recommend is to not text her for a period and see if she texts you back. If she texts you back, then it may be that she is interested in continuing the relationship or friendship and if she doesn’t, then that is a clear indication and maybe an opportunity for you to move on onto someone else who may be genuinely interested

9. She May Be Afraid To Commit

Of course, there are some women like that, believe it or not, not every woman is looking for a man or wants a relationship. There are some women out there who just couldn’t care less. And yet again, there’s also a whole category of women who are just afraid to commit because of what they’ve been through in the past.

They’ve had some nasty experiences with the opposite sex and an alarm bell is always triggered whenever someone draws closer to try to get her attention or her love.

10. She May Be Bad At Texting

Another reason maybe she may not be good at texting is because her writing or English sucks. She may not be good at writing English, and so she wouldn’t want to make mistakes when she sends you a text message. And so she would rather just wait it out and see if you would, you know, or ask her how she’s doing.

And if you do, she’s probably answering with simple responses that are safe and she wouldn’t want to expose herself.

however, in person. She can be talkative, engaging, and so on. However, she seems distant via text. That could be a hidden reason why.

11. She Might Be Playing Casual

Maybe she just wants to play casual and you know playing casual is slightly different from being inaccessible because when you’re inaccessible, you’re just inaccessible. You do not want this person to have access to you as at when they want.

Whereas, playing it casually is more like “I don’t want anything more than what it currently is. And so I will just continue to respond to you to be polite. But if I don’t hear from you again, I really couldn’t care less”.

If you figure out that this is the kind of woman you fall in or your friend or someone you like falls in, then you may not want to continue this relationship at all because it’ll turn out to be a waste of your time.

You’re looking to make her your girlfriend and inadvertently perhaps your wife in the future. And she just wants to keep it casual because she’s not that into you. When you find that out, walk away.

12. She May Not Like You

This may be what you want to hear, but it’s a bitter truth that you should be willing to accept. You can’t force somebody else to love you, it is not in your power to do so.

You can make your intention known and if you get the reply you want good but if you don’t then you move on.

13. She May Be Introverted

You know introverted people find it difficult to open up to others. So that might be a good reason why.  introverted people would rather stick to themselves, and mind their own business and they’re happy with their own company.

So, it doesn’t naturally come to them to be the one to reach out first. If you find out that your partner has this innate personality, you might want to win them over by letting them know that they can trust you, and then they’ll begin to open up and give you the kind of love and attention that you need in return.


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