11 Conversations You Can’t Afford to Miss in Your Relationship

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Elevate your relationship with the indispensable guide, “11 Conversations You Can’t Afford to Miss.” Delve into key topics that foster understanding and strengthen bonds, laying the groundwork for a resilient and fulfilling connection.

Communication is to relationship as oxygen is to man. Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship.


And for your relationship to mature and thrive you need to learn to have some serious conversations.

If you’re in a relationship for the long-term, then you really should be talking with your partners about deep stuff.

Don’t assume anything. You can never know enough about them. I guess that’s the beauty of human relationships.

You see, the worst thing that can happen to your relationship is having beliefs based on assumptions. When you assume too much you lose the opportunity of knowing what truly is.

But then you ask, what sort of conversations should I be having?

Trust me…

There are bazillions of subjects you can discuss with your sweetheart that can get you two connected on a deeper level.

And guess what?

You don’t have to scrape your brain to get them—because I scraped mine for you (things I do for love!!!)

11 Conversations You Must Have with Your Sweetheart

1. Life Goals:

We all dream. We all have goals—long or short—to be somewhere, someone or do something. Now, do you know the life goals of your partner?

What fuels their drive? What keeps them up late at night? Ask these questions so you know what you’ve “gotten yourself into.”

See if it aligns with your own life goals. You two should know where you’re headed together.

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2. Family:

This topic can be a bit edgy. It can incite a whole lot of tension, but you still need to talk about it.

We all come from families that are filled with imperfect people—who don’t have their lives figured out and have their fair share of demons.

So you must talk about your family with your partner. Let them know what is accepted in the family and what is not.

Give them details of your family’s past—dissensions, disagreements, resentments, buried history, etc.

Ask about theirs also—what they value, their dislikes, and generally what they hold in high esteem.

Family is a very delicate subject and it can easily cause a lot of division between couples if not well addressed.

So table all the family talks. Have that uncomfortable conversation and let them know what they need to know.

3. Finance:

Research shows that after sex, finance is the second leading cause of disagreement amongst couples. So it’s important to talk about finance with your lover.

There should be clarity on how finances will be split, spent, and saved. Both of you should know when to hit pause on spending. And don’t reach over to savings when you exhaust your spending money.

As you know, if money is not well managed, you could easily lose it all. So you need to have that talk with your partner if you want to have less money arguments.

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4. Relationship Goals:

Different couples with their different preferences. I’m saying that to say; not every couple wants kids or date for marriage sake.

Whatever the case may be, you should know your stand, stick to it, and inform your partner about it.

Let your partner know if you want a long-term relationship that’ll end in marriage and if you want, the number of kids you wish to have.

You don’t have to wait till you have issues before you start talking about this. The earlier the better.

5. Personal Growth:

You should be able to freely discuss your growth journey with your partner without them being judgmental and vice versa.

Remember relationships get better when the individuals in them do. And it’s your personal growth that adds to the improvement and growth of the relationship.

So this subject should be of high priority. You should be actively involved in each other’s growth and encourage each other in dark times.

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6. Work and Career:

You can be a career person and your partner might not be. Work and career is another interesting topic that has no end thread.

Talk about past work experiences, present work tumult, and your ultimate plan to navigate your work in the future.

7. Sex:

This is the leading cause of disagreement in couples. Lack of clarity on sexuality will hurt your relationship both in the short and long term.

I know it can be very uncomfortable to talk about this subject, but it cannot be avoided—if you want the best out of your relationship.

Be free to speak up on what you want and how you want your partner to satisfy you sexually. This will bring more spice and flavor to your relationship.

8. Health and Wellness:

Mental and physical health is paramount for sustaining human well-being. This is another area where you can converse with your partner.

Routine for workout sessions, eating healthy and mindfulness meditation can be a great way to start. You both should discuss the benefits and your plans to infuse these habits into your daily lives.

9. Social life:

Your social lives may not necessarily blend, but you can always make a compromise for each other. That’s where the communication comes in. If you have proper conversations about your social lives and date night plans, there won’t be so much rife.

Talk about how you want your outing to be. What do you love about your favourite restaurant(s)? Why do you prefer burgers to pizza? Just chit-chat about this and enjoy the conversation.

10. Hobbies and Interests:

It’s another intriguing aspect to talk about. Discuss your hobbies and interests—what you love about them, how they make you feel, and how they’ve given you inner fulfilment. Also, say your long-term plans for those hobbies.

11. Travel plans:

I know you’ve got a place in mind to go someday for a sweet vacation. But do you know that of your partner? Ask them.

Talk about where you would love to go together for vacations and why you love those places. Then you can plan together and nurture it till it comes to reality.

Bottoms Line

Conversations are a great way to get intimate with your partner. You should be willing to have deep ones now and then for your relationship to grow stronger.

And always remember, you’re not interviewing them. Be kind and show genuine interest.

Ask open-ended questions — questions that don’t require a plain yes or no answer. You can use the above topics if you don’t know where to start.

Mind you, not every deep conversation is expected to be uncomfortable. You can enjoy serious conversations too.

Remember to always tweak things up a little as you learn more from each other.

I wish you more love and bloom in your relationship.


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