Women’s Love Language: Keeping Her After Winning

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Women's Love Language

As time goes on, it becomes crucial to understand and cater to Women’s Love Language, ensuring that the love and emotional connection you’ve established continue to thrive.

Hey guys, today we would be looking at the various love languages that are peculiar to women or better still, what I also like to term ‘the ways you can keep her even after you’ve won her‘. This is a very important topic and something every guy who really wants to make his relationship work and make his woman happy should know.

Often times we could be loving someone else in our own love language and not theirs and we would not realize it. This makes us keep complaining of how we are doing the most and still the relationship isn’t working. That’s simply because you are loving them how you know how or feel you know how they actually want to be loved.

Men have their own love languages just like women do as well. But the focus today would be that of women because as you know:

When you have a happy wife, you automatically have a happy home  -DollyMchottney

So get to know the love language of your woman. Even though I would be talking about the general love language of women but still, we all vary and every relationship is different. So could every woman’s need from the relationship.

That is why it is very important to know the love language peculiar to your woman. Know what she likes, know what she wants, know what she craves, needs and adores because  like the popular saying goes:

One man’s meat is another man’s 


One girl could like a public display of affection while another might not. So, if you can identify and fluently speak your woman’s love language then trust me you have eliminated 90% of the problems in your relationship and would have peace of mind except you are married to an abnormal person or a witch -LOL

Many men would say ‘women are just complicated, and they don’t know what they want‘. Actually, women are not that complicated. This is what they want:

This book will expose you to all the love languages of women. I highly recommend it: The 5 love languages – the secret to love that last


  1. Words of Affirmation

As we all know men are moved by what they see while women are moved by what they hear. Tell her you love her and subsequently keep reminding her of how much you care and love her if you have to.

They say actions speak louder than words -Very True! But guy, truth be told even when you show women through your actions and you aren’t affirming it verbally, it would still leave them wondering, unsure and insecure. So while showing her through actions, still say it and remind her because she will still want to hear it.

You could even tell her ‘I love you‘ when she least expects it the most, go close to her and whisper it in her ear. Could even be moments when she is ranting and whining. It would put a smile on her face.

Learn to compliment her as well and appreciate her effort. Women like to be praised. When she does something good tell her well-done, tell her she is awesome, and you are proud of her. Never stop flirting with her using words even when you have won her heart already. Always endeavor to spice up your relationship by Calling her sweet names like ‘my baby, my darling’ etc.

  1. Quality Time

Spending quality time with her is also very important. This could be in person or through the phone like chatting, calls etc. And this doesn’t mean only having her time when you aren’t busy but even when you are busy. Putting effort into creating a little time no matter how little even in between your tight schedules would mean a lot to her.

Having uninterrupted conversations with her where you pay attention and respond accordingly. You could also find time to create special moments like a getaway, a date, Netflix and chill etc. You know just having some alone time.

  1. Receiving Gifts

There is obviously no woman that doesn’t like receiving gifts or do you know any? (if you do please let us know by telling us using the comment section below- LOL)

Women like receiving gifts a lot. Even when they have their own money and can buy that thing. But No! They want you to buy it. They like being spoiled and pampered especially by the man after their heart.

When a woman truly loves you, oftentimes is not always about the gift but the thoughtfulness behind the gift. Buying her a gift during a Special occasion is lovely but doing it without any occasion is a really sweet and lovely gesture.

Still, not forgetting special occasions is very important. Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine etc.

If you are one who isn’t good with dates better learn to remember hers. Even if you forget the day you were born you better not forget hers- LOL

Even if she tells you she is not crazy about special occasions, better don’t listen and play your own part if you can. Do something Special if you can. Get her something if you can.

Even if she says she is not a big fan of special occasions (in which case she is probably just bluffing…. buy her a car first and let us see if she is a fan or not- LOL). So it would still mean a whole lot to her trust me.

  1. Acts of Service

Acts of service is simply loving with action. It might not necessarily involve gifts per say. It is simply doing something for them.

Letting them know you are and would always be there as a support system to help them lighten the load when need be.

It could be as little as making breakfast or dinner or going out of your way to help and assist with chores. And could be as much as supporting her dreams like investing in her etc.

Women appreciate this little and big acts a lot. And she would obviously return the favours when need be, except she is not a good person.

  1. Physical touch

This is where most guys often don’t have much issue because they themselves like touching. It’s only this one some guys know how to do – LOL

Anyways, women love physical touch from the one they love as much as guys do too. Never ever abuse her physically.

Mind you, this physical touch doesn’t involve sex alone but other romantic gestures like hugs, kisses, cuddling etc.

Give her a hug from behind, give her a surprise peck on the cheek, forehead, hand, neck, or lips, playfully grab her ass if she is the naughty type and into it. Just be spontaneous, spicy and romantic.


Every single one of these love languages is very important if indeed you want a long-lasting relationship because they all compliment each other.

If you use words of affirmation by telling her you love her all the time but you don’t act it. Then you are obviously bluffing. She won’t take you seriously at all.

If you use words, buy her gifts but you don’t spend quality time with her and you are always forming busy and never having her time. She would also still feel neglected.

If you spend too much quality time and always touching and wanting to do but never affirm, act it, or buy her gifts or even remove 1o dollars from your wallet to help when she needs help, She would even get tired of you and feel you are probably not serious and just want her for her body.

You could be affirming and acting but hardly ever want to touch her. She could feel she is probably not attractive enough and doesn’t move you or better still she could feel insecure and start thinking maybe you getting it somewhere else.

So, you see how important each and everyone is?

3 or 4 out of 5 could probably still work but there is nothing like having 5 out of 5. Now you know this; if you really love her make these efforts to keep her and eliminate a lot of problems from your relationship.


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