How to Move from A Bad Relationship

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Most times, moving from a bad relationship can be difficult, especially when you really love the person involved. But sometimes, even when you really love someone, you have to leave that bad relationship.

Bad Relationship

When to Stop Loving and Move on

Sometimes when in a relationship with someone, be it a close friendship or a romantic one, even when we see it is not working, we try to still fight for t. But, they are some visible signs that cannot be overlooked. If you experience any of these things, then it’s high time you move on.

Both Physically and Emotionally, You Don’t Feel Secure

Abuse should never be condoned, no matter where it is coming from. It’s important to let this individual go if there is an abuse of any kind occurring in the relationship, including verbal, emotional, and/or physical abuse.

It might occasionally be difficult to spot abuse, or you might not think things are “that terrible.”. It’s time to break up with your lover if you don’t feel comfortable with them physically or emotionally.” Be it verbal abuse or going physical.

You Always Find an Excuse for them

It’s easy to have rose-colored glasses and this might result in continually condoning unacceptable behavior. Sometimes,  individuals say things like, “He’s not a full-blown narcissist,”. “Does he really need to be a full-blown narcissist before you’re going to walk away? Because if you’re waiting for that, then you’re walking towards full ruin.”

Even when you see things are not going smoothly and your friends warn you about it, you always have an excuse. If this is occurring and preventing you from having an unbiased view, then this is what this is, which is dangerous for an individual.

You Dislike Who You are When Around them

Consider whether you are truly being yourself around this individual or whether you simply like who you are. It is a red flag that this individual isn’t right for you if you trade in your usual behavior for fake behavior to keep the peace.

They Sap Your Strength

It’s a good idea to consider how they make you feel in addition to how you act and behave around them. Leeds adds that you should quit the relationship if you have any general discomfort or feel exhausted after spending time with them, instead of being strengthened.

How to Stop Loving and Move on from a Bad Relationship

If necessary, Sob

You have the right to cry and express hurt. You shouldn’t throw off a failed relationship too hastily. Because crying is your body’s natural stress release mechanism, it instantly relieves both your mind and body.

If you don’t express your emotions, it will be more difficult for you to move on. In order to prevent your emotions from building up inside and multiplying, it’s critical to acknowledge them and work through them. Permitting yourself to contemplate and mourn the loss of what may have been.

When going through this process, make an effort to recognize your triggers and deal with them. Although, while you might not immediately experience joy, you’ll probably feel more at ease, less apprehensive, and prepared to move forward despite your difficulties. Hold onto this emotion and give yourself permission to cry when you need to.

Forgive Yourself First

 It can be challenging to forgive, particularly if the other person was at fault for the breakup in the first place. There may, of course, also be instances when you feel regrettable for not being able to stop bad things from happening. In that circumstance, you must first forgive yourself and acknowledge that you had no control over the situation.

It is useful to remember that we are all acting according to what we feel is correct at any given time in order to forgive ourselves for any part we may have played in the breakup or for whatever we may have done that eventually drove our partner away.

Whatever you did (or didn’t do) at the time seemed to be the wisest move. You probably wouldn’t have done what you were doing if you had realized it would hurt you or your partner.

Even if you were aware of the harm you were doing at the time, you probably had no idea how deeply you would later regret it. Keep in mind the lessons you took from your deeds, but let go of everything else.

Recognize the Reality of the Situation

Optimism is a positive quality. In fact, it is generally regarded as a sign of personal strength to be able to maintain optimism in the face of adversity or hardship. But when it comes to troubled relationships, it’s more beneficial to focus on the present situation than the idealized version of the future.

Your loved one might not share the same sentiments. Or perhaps, even if you fight constantly the rest of the day, you have intense affection during private moments.

You’ve made progress toward your own development. Even while it’s a big step, simply admitting that your relationship isn’t going anywhere definitely won’t make your feelings go away immediately.

Put Other Relationships First

When someone is hurt by one relationship, they frequently “forget” about other significant connections in their lives. As you attempt to heal, your friends and family can assist you. They might even be able to offer some advice or wisdom based on their own experiences.

If you’re attempting to recover from the aftereffects of a toxic relationship, loved ones can also offer support and direction. Simply be mindful of how your encounters make you feel. It could be a good idea to limit your time with someone if you feel like they are criticizing you or your decisions or are making you feel bad in other ways.

Accept the Value of the Love in Your Life

Some relationships could itch at your heart forever. Some relationships weave through the inner workings of who we become, especially those that were crucial to our development at life-changing moments.

You might feel as though you’re also letting go of everything it was when you let go of significant love. But, you don’t have to feel this way, never regret the good things you felt and had when it was still genuine. This would help you heal faster.

Denying your emotions or their significance can slow you down. By respecting your experience and letting those intense feelings recede into the background, you can begin to find peace and begin to move ahead. The significance of your love in the past will also help you realize how it no longer serves your best interests.

Do Things Gradually, One Step at a Time

Keep in mind that there is no pressing need, and you should give yourself the space to grieve. The entire process cannot be hurried. Expecting to recover from a broken heart overnight is unrealistic. As long as everything is done correctly, it doesn’t matter how long the procedure takes.

Take Time to Relax

When you’re deeply in love, you might make subtle (or not so subtle) adjustments to your appearance or demeanor to fit their ideal mate. Think about the aspects of yourself that you may have suppressed, altered, or denied.

Perhaps you dressed fancier than you would have liked, began participating in a sport you had no interest in, or gave up your favorite pastime. Or perhaps you stopped asking for what you wanted and stopped expressing your emotions properly.

Do you feel at ease with such modifications? It may be possible to lessen your love for someone who didn’t actually love you for you by considering the aspects of yourself that you could have easily lost in the relationship.

Talk to Someone

In every situation, talking to someone in your healing process is one of the most therapeutic steps that has worked overtime. There’s always this heavy burden taken off your chest. Find someone you trust or believe in and just pour out your heart, they might equally see things from a different point of view.

Consider the Future

You can be constrained by your love for an ex or a person who doesn’t reciprocate it. If you continue to focus on a person with whom you cannot have a relationship, it is likely that you will struggle to find satisfaction in other people.

Casual dating might make you understand there are many amazing people out there, even if you don’t feel ready for something serious. Once you decide to take dating more seriously, it may be difficult to locate the proper partner.

It usually requires some time. It can be more tempting to think about the person you already love when you are having dating difficulties. But even if it’s challenging at first, resolve to focus on the future rather than your past.

You could still need some time to get over your lingering attachment if no one feels quite right. While undertaking this task, it’s okay to enjoy casual relationships. But handle these circumstances honorably: Be frank and honest about what you need and what you can offer right now.


Our relationships are a huge part of our lives and our wellbeing and letting go of a significant one can be heartbreaking, to say the least, someone who was once dear to us. But when we’re caught up in emotions and things that don’t serve us, we’re only limiting ourselves—and letting go is simply the best course of action, in other not to get more hurt while trying so much.

Humans are unique beings with complex emotions. No matter how much you want to stop loving someone, it’s hard to simply flip a switch on your feelings. You may always carry those feelings with you in some form.

Love doesn’t always go away just because we want it to. It is a process that must be followed. Don’t hate on yourself too much if the feeling doesn’t go away immediately.



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