Top 10 Must-Read Books for Women: Essential Literary Choices

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Must-Read Books for Women

Exploring the world of literature can be a transformative journey, and there are countless Must-Read Books for Women across various walks of life.

Must-Read Books for Women: Books are known to contain words or picture representations and sometimes unique inscriptions that are of great value. Valuable information are often passed through various channels. Books are one of the very well known means of disseminating information. Books do not only convey information, the are group storage means. Storing and preserving information can be very efficient when books are used.

One might want ask, what really is a book? A book is known as a printed piece or series or even a collection of documents that could be in copies or even series of pages. A book contains written characters or pictorial representations which are usually in pages well organized and bound by a cover to hold them together. Books, for a very long time, have proven to be a good source of information and a great medium of storing or preserving them. A book can be in printed pages or chapters. It could be handwritten and be in form of a scroll or parchment rolls and so on.

There are not definite form or book format as they could be made in different formats. Some very good examples includes printed newspapers, files, gazette, calendars, magazine, journals, novel, textbooks, scrolls, tablets, notebooks, workbooks, index and so many others. The foremost books were not printed. They were mostly handwritten inscribed on tablet stones, parchment papers and others. There has been a significant development in the production of books as a result of it evolution.

Now books are mostly printed in permanent inks and on very durable papers. Storing of information in books or through books has shown to be one of the best because it has shown, to a great extent, to be a very durable form and very easy to make reference reference to them. When books are produced and kept, it helps to reduce the seemingly human imperfection and the ineptitudes of the human mind. Prior to the production and use of books as means of conveying and storing information, the human brain was made to retain so much and recount information indiscriminately.

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This act seem to be a great challenge to the ascertainment of how accurate and authentic these information are. There were no viable means of record keeping and it led to lost of series of different important information. With the advent of books, it became easier to document and store important information for future references. Having to remember everything and keep account of how they happened became a thing of the past as one could easily record and store them in books. So, there is no that books are very important. Some very significant value of books can be buttressed in the fact that they serve as great help in articulating thoughts, histories and historical events, and then storing them for the future or a very long time.

This helps also, to preserve history and historical events, invaluable moments, diaries, Chronicles of events and sequence, people’s autobiographies as well as biographies and so on. Apart from books made of paper or stone tablets, civilization and technology has equally introduced Audio books. This type of book can be relatively cheap but of great value. Books are made up of words pictures and characters as earlier mentioned but, these characters value more that just mere words or letters of ink.

Some books are so important that they could save lives, protect lives and properties, cause chaos or settles serious conflicts. Some books are gender based. This means that they address issues pertaining to a particular gender. It could be on issues of right, health or general knowledge. In this part of the article, we will take a look at some of the books that has great value and would be of great value to women. That is, the kind of books that would not only interest women but would broaden their horizon, increase the level of their knowledge and enlighten them.

Top 10 Best Books Every Woman Should Read

1. BAD FEMINIST: Bad Feminist is a collection of essays written by Professor Roxane Gay in 2014. The essayist is also a cultural critic and novelist. Bad Feminist centers on being a feminist. It equally portrays the feminist ideology in the face of contrasting principles by the propagators of feminism.

In otherwords, more like loving and doing things that could counted as in direct contrast with feminist ideology. Bad Feminist is a nonfiction written in English and one of the best books for every woman.

2. BOSSYPANTS: With about 277 pages,  Bossypants is an autobiography and a comedy. With it publication in 2011, the book written by the American comedian Tina Fey was recorded to top The New York Times Best Seller list for about five weeks. Published by the Little, Brown and Company, it remains one of the best books every woman should read.

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3. AMERICANAH: The 2013 novel by the Nigerian author and award winning Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah had won her the 2013 U.S. National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. It is one of her best literary works and centers on the story of a young Nigerian woman who had been in love with a young man before they left the shores of the country to further their education.

It further recounts their success stories and how they returned to their home country and tried to reignite their long felt affection. The book was published by Alfred A. Knopfand is certainly one of the books every woman should read.

4. YES PLEASE: The book has 329 pages. Written by an American tv writer and actress Amy Poehler, Yes Please was released in 2014 after it was announced in 2013.

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Published by Dey Street, the book is one that incites humour and teaches a lot of life lessons. It is one of the best books out there that every woman should read.

5. BELOVED: With 324 pages, Beloved is a 1987 novel written by the American writer Toni Morrison and centered on the American Civil War. It is the story with some elements of mysticism. It exposes the life of a family that was once in servitude.

They had a home in Cincinnati but was consistently haunted by a spirit. Inspired by a true life story of a once enslaved Margaret Garner from Kentucky, the book is one of the best books for every woman because, it shows and portrays the strength and love, dexterity and perseverance of a woman.

6. EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU: Everything I Never Told You is one of the books that made the best seller list on Amazon in 2014. Written by Celeste Ng, the 2014 debut novel is about a bereaved mixed-race Chinese-American family that had found the drowned corpse of their middle daughter Lydia in a nearby lake.

The novel is one of mystery and thriller. It is a psychological fiction that every woman should endeavor to read.

7. JANE EYRE: The autobiography by the renowned English writer Charlotte Brontë is a novel that  published under her pen name “Currer Bell“. It was published in 1847, precisely on the 19th of October, by Smith, Elder & Co. of London.

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The novel is one that traces the growth and development of the main character, accessing ements like psychological, and social religious development with elements of love in it. It is a good book that every woman should read.

8. WILD: Wild has about 336 pages. The book is a renowned memoir by the American writer who is also an author, and a podcaster, Cheryl Strayed. Making the first selection for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0. it was a narrative chronicle of her 1,100 mike hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

It happened in 1995 and was more of a journey to self-discovery. It is one of the best books every woman should read.

9. BOY, SNOW, BIRD: The British author Helen Oyeyemi had written the book, Boy, Snow, Bird which is a recount of fairy tale; Snow White.

Written in 2014, the novel is the author’s gift. With 304 pages, it was listed one of the best books on New York Times in 2014. It is one of the best books every woman should read.

10. BAD BEHAVIOR: The book is a 224 pages novel published by Penguin Books, Limited, in 2019. Written by the American Author, Mary Gaitskill. She is a profound essayist and writer whose stories and essays have appeared in The New Yorker, and some others.

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It is among the top ten best books that every woman should read.

Conclusively, these are not just interesting books or works of fiction but very insightful books that would transform a woman’s perceptions about some very controversial modern-day topics.


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