Embracing a Life Guided by Integrity

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Life Guided by Integrity

Living a life guided by integrity involves making ethical choices, being truthful and transparent, and aligning one’s actions with their values.

Integrity is the firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values, and unimpaired condition, the quality or state of being complete or undivided.

Incorruptibility and soundness are words you can use in place of the word Integrity.

Integrity is so essential if you desire to be in control of your life. And it is a very important quality for quality living.

It is the bedrock for other life values. If you live with integrity it means you will always act on your values. You will not compromise at any slightest temptation that confronts you.

Great men and women of this world are known for being people of integrity. Without integrity, you will be constantly changing, always dancing to the rhythm of your circumstances. Such a man will soon lose himself.

One of the problems in the world today is that we have people with situational values with no real values for themselves.

Situational values are when people change their idea of good and wrong depending on their situation and often the temptation of the moment.

The problem is that they still believe that they are people of character when they are just people of convenience.

Situational values are seen in people when they say they believe in something but end up doing the opposite.

They say they believe in telling the truth but they lie when it is convenient or they excuse lying.

Integrity is not integrity if all you do is always the opposite.

Some are confused by their emotions, they think when their intentions are sincere then their actions don’t matter.

It is what you do under pressure or under unfavourable conditions that bring out who you really are.

As a matter of fact, there’s nothing that will earn you the support of people faster than being known to be a person of good reputation and character.

So also your personality will be sabotaged if you are known to be somebody that cannot be trusted or relied on or simply someone without integrity.

Knowing the importance of living with integrity in our life is so important. But how can you live with integrity? In three simple steps, I will explain through the errors people usually make right from the beginning of trying to live with integrity.

This does not exhaust all that is needed to be said. But for the sake of simplicity and this article, I’ll focus on only these three.


Just as Every organization or profession has a code of ethics so also as individuals, we need to have life values.

Values are your standards of living, your principles, and your belief system.

What do you believe in?, What are your values? What do you stand for? And what do you not stand for?

All this has to be clearly defined in your heart.

The ability to deliberately and clearly define your values is the starting point for developing yourself to being a person of character.

You don’t have to write them on paper, and they don’t have to be so many.

For instance, I believe in legality, creativity, quality, and genuineness. This helps to guide my decisions and relationship with people, especially in business.

So clearly define your values. It is the foundation of living with integrity.


After clearly defining your values, the next thing you should do is organize them in the order of priority.

Some values are more important than others. The ranking of your values is so important in defining who you are. Both as an organization or as an individual.

Take this obvious example, two transport companies are trying to give the best to their passengers or customers. They both believe in safety, comfort, and arriving at locations on time.

But the order in which both transport companies rank their values will be seen by the customers. When one begins to drive so fast when he feels he is behind schedule, and thereby compromise the safety and comfort of the passengers.

While the other will never go beyond a certain speed limit because he believes in safety and comfort.

So, the order of your priority is so important in defining your reputation, integrity, and character.


Lastly, Act on your values. This is the part that people see. If you keep preaching good characters or keep saying what you believe in without acting on it. Then you are only deceiving yourself.

You have to make sure you are always acting on your belief system.

Also, every action you take is based on your dominant value at that time.

So many things will not be in the option to compromise when you always act on your values.

To so many persons stealing is a temptation to them. But if you are a person of integrity, that acts on values, stealing will not be part of the option for you to get what you want.


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