Five Habits for a Joyful and Laughter-Filled Life

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Joyful and Laughter-Filled Life

Cultivating habits that promote a joyful and laughter-filled life is essential for overall well-being and contentment.

We all know habits are those things that have become part of us, be it good or bad and we even most times find ourselves doing them without thinking of them.

Well, just as you develop habits that can help you wake early, eat healthily, read frequently or even pray often. There are also habits that you can develop that can help you live a happy-free and laughful life.

Now I know you might probably be thinking now what those habits could be and if they would really work when you try them out, right?

Well, one thing I know is that if you really want to be happy, it is really a choice you alone have to make on your own and no matter what I write here, if you don’t first decide to be happy on your own, then nothing else will really help you, trust me.

You know what, I’ve come to think that living a happy and laughful life is not really as difficult as people portray it to be. We know this life we are in is full of external chaos and constant turmoil that if allowed, can leave you in a state of devastation for the rest of your life.

But in all this much mayhem going on around us, we shouldn’t in any way allow this to disrupt the peace and joy that exist within us.

I know it is not always easy, but surely it is really possible to live a life free from so much anxiety and worries, thinking like it is the end of the world. Dear, it’s not, just take a breather and you’ll see that there is really nothing to worry about.

You may not be where you wanna be right now, or you may not have all you want out of life yet, but that cannot really hinder you from having happy and enjoyable moments from life every now and then.

You don’t even need to search too far off, because all you’re searching for is already inside of you, all you’ve to do is reach out for it and unleash it.

I guess that’s why they will often say that true happiness lies within and not without. So, you see, you can really be as happy as you want to be as long as you’re not always looking for external factors to be the source of your happiness because if you do, you’re likely to always end up in depression and that will make you really miserable, trust me.

So, below I’ll be stating out 5 habits that you can develop to help you live a happy and laughful life. Don’t worry, these habits are not so demanding and tasking, just be sure of what you want first and you’ll see the beauty to them.


Mindful thinking involves you thinking in your thinking. Just as Joyce Meyer will always say, “Think about what you’re thinking about”. Do not for any reason always allow your mind to think itself out and then negative thoughts will start seeping in.

When you’re always conscious of what you’re thinking, you won’t just consciously start thinking about how sad and miserable your life could get. That is the beauty of mindful thinking, it reveals your own thinking to you.

Decide what you want to think about and don’t allow your mind to always think out something for you, because if it does, you’ll start getting things you didn’t ask for.

Since you can always decide what you think about, then you can always decide to think happy and positive thoughts. Even though things are not going the way you want, you’ll still be happy because you’re in control of your thoughts.

You can as well allow your mind to wander every once in a while, but just be conscious of it so that you can always bring it back to reality whenever it seems to be going too far. You try doing this every day as you live your life, it can really help.


Another thing you can do that can make you live a happy and laughful life is doing those things you truly love to do. I didn’t say those things people tell you to do because they are “appropriate” or “ideal”. I mean actually doing those things your heart beats for.

A lot of people are not doing what they love because they feel or think people will mock them. Now listen, the first mistake you’ll be making in your life is thinking of what people will say about whatever you intend to do.

In case you don’t know already, people will always find something to say in everything you do, no matter how good or bad it may seem.

You might feel like what you love doing is awkward and that nobody needs to know about it, yet. Well, that’s just fine. But don’t allow that to stop you from doing something that gives you a lot of happy and fun moments, don’t!

I really love writing, like I totally do. I felt really awkward when I discovered that all I wanted to do was to write, I thought of what people would say, especially my parents. But then I thought to myself, “It is my life and not theirs. As long as I am not living a wayward life, I still get to do what I love doing you know. No one can change that!


Eating healthy cannot only prevent you from developing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity etc. But it can also make you feel good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself, you tend to be happy.

Eating healthy have been known to be associated with the release of certain chemicals in our body. If you notice, you’ll see that those times you decide to eat a well-nourished meal, you felt fulfilled like you had a very good feeling about yourself, right?

Now, just imagine when you make it a habit. Just imagine how great your life would turn out to be. That is to say, when you have the right quantity and quality of food substances circulating in your body, you won’t really have unnecessary mood swings that tend to ruin your day for you most of the time.

I know you are probably not expecting me to say this.  But remember I said that these habits are not so demanding and tasking. They are what you can easily do, but you just have to keep on doing them until they become a habit to you.

So, don’t just eat healthy every once in a while. Make it deliberate and consistent practice. And you’ll see how well you’ll be living a happy and a life full of laughter and merriment every time of your life.


If you’re really serious about living happy—well of course you are—then you’ve got to try working out on most days of your life, if not every day. It is really a good way to go about living a happy and laughful life.

Working out doesn’t always mean hitting the gym every day of your life and having a series of intense sessions. A simple workout such as walking and jogging can do the trick. You don’t really need a gym to stay fit, per se.

You can always work out from the comfort of your home and your surroundings, just be sure to do those workouts you enjoy doing and not the one that makes you wanna resent working out in your life.

Now, I know you’re curious about knowing how all these exercises will affect your state of mind mood as well. Well, it does in a great amount. Research has shown that working out triggers the release of “the happy hormone”, which is also called “serotonin”—which is a chemical compound released by the brain.

Endorphin, which is also a hormone that contributes to the effect of serotonin, is also released alongside. So you see that even your body wants to be happy for it to have a hormone that functions in that aspect. So why won’t you be?


When you constantly connect and reach out to those you love, it will help you live happier than you’ve ever thought. It is really a good habit that you should try to develop if you want your life to be vibrant and joyous.

This is true because those you love occupy special places in your heart that makes you feel at ease and at peace whenever you reach out to them. This whole effect becomes more effective when the love is reciprocated in equal folds.

Such loved ones could be family, friends, close relations and even colleagues at your workplace. And in all, family ties tend to be the strongest and most bonded. Such love is always indescribable.

Don’t just isolate yourself from every other person. It is really not the best way to live. Yes, isolating yourself is important for your personal growth process. You need to be with yourself often in order to discover more of yourself.

However, this shouldn’t be the way you live your everyday life. I mean, you’re discovering yourself for the world to see, isn’t it? Well then, why not connect with people frequently and see the kind of glamour and splendour that will feel your life. It’s going to be an amazing experience, trust me.

Thanks for reading guys. Kindly leave your comments below and don’t forget to share.


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