Nine Key Principles for Leading a Fulfilling Life

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Leading a Fulfilling Life

“Within ‘Nine Key Principles for Leading a Fulfilling Life,’ essential guidelines are presented for individuals seeking a more satisfying and purpose-driven existence.

What does Living a great life really entails? Everybody has their own perspective on what they call a great life. But the conception of greatness for everybody has some things in common. Everybody wants to be happy; everybody wants their business to flourish, we all want to have a good relationship with each other.

We use different approaches to achieve similar things in life. Also, to be clear, some people also emphasize some approaches. But whatever the format we choose to achieve a great life. Happiness is what everyone wants.

For the sake of this article, I will be using the word great in place of happiness and vice versa.

Now, what are these essential guides to living a great life?


If you look externally, you will not only find good reasons to be good, but you will also find reasons to not be good as well.

My little advice to people who desire to be good is to allow their goods to be based on internal motivation.

If you want to be good to people only because of the behavior of people towards you. Then you will never find any good reason to be happy. You want to be kind to people not because they are kind to you but because you are a kind person.

If you adopt this approach, then you would not be heartbroken when people around you start to behave funny towards you. Hence u still have your heart intact, hence your happiness is secured.


Integrity is the bedrock for other virtues. You cannot stay honest, generous, courageous without integrity.

Integrity is what keeps you with your life values. Compromise is difficult where there is integrity.

It does not make you a rigid and inflexible person. But when it comes to compromising your values then integrity can be rigid.

A man without integrity will soon stop knowing himself. He can get lost in life. Because he has no standing ground.

If you desire greatness in life, integrity is what keeps you on track.


Living a great life starts with self-honesty. A lot of people have blinded their eyes to the current state of the world. While still living on hope. When they are supposed to deal with it and then move on.

Honesty starts with being true to yourself. Never delude yourself to believe impossible things.

Things work for those who work it out.

Sometimes the issue is just to acknowledge the fact that you don’t know enough. And when you accept that fact then you will strive to go learn more.

When you are true to yourself you will know what you don’t possess presently and then you can then know what to possess later.


As I grew up to understand things in life I began to realize that it is difficult to promise somebody the outcome from any task.
Because we do not have everything under our control.

But there is something you can always promise, which is your best. Always do your best.

Doing your best always brings inner satisfaction. Even if you can’t get it outside.

Whatever you find yourself doing. Put your best.
It is the effort you put into a task that determines its results. So allow your result to reflect your passion and zeal.

Men will appreciate it. Whether now or later.


Whatever your dreams may be. Let the peace of mind be the ultimate goal.

Having peace of mind as your ultimate goal together with integrity helps you to pattern all your goals to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Whatever puts your peace in line does not worth it. Especially long term peace.


Face the truth about people, the world, and yourself. Some people are not nice to you. You are not under any obligation to make them nice.

Accept people the way they are. You can’t help people against their will.

And again, Money is very important in this present world, face the truth.

Humans are intelligent beings because we can study our environment more than any animal can.

Know the truth, face it, and deal with it. If you desire a great life.


Another very important guide to living a great life is self or personal development. Always keep upgrading your knowledge and skill.

The world is always changing, if u don’t grow with it you will be left behind.

Have fun learning something new. Think of better and efficient ways to do what you already know how to know.


It is very important for you to add value to yourself. So also it is adding value to other people’s lives. There is an inner joy that comes from helping people.

Adding value is not throwing money in the air for people to catch but giving meaning and reason to live to people around you.

It can be in cash or kind.


Courage is a very important virtue to possess if you don’t want to keep changing because of circumstances or unfavourable conditions.

No big dream comes without the risk of losing something important.

Back your decisions and dreams with courage and you will live a great and enviable life.


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