Eight Simple Steps to Realize Your Life’s Dreams

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“Eight Simple Steps to Realize Your Life’s Dreams” offers a practical roadmap for turning your aspirations into reality.

Realize Your Life's Dreams

The ability to set goals and make plans to achieve your dreams is the master skill to success. All successful people are dreamers. They continually allow their minds to float freely when they think about what is possible for them.

It is not just enough to dream, it is also important to look at the path that should be taken to get to where they want to be in the future.

It is therefore important to always visualize your goals because whatever you see on the inside, you will eventually experience on the outside.

Visualize your dreams with as much clarity and vividness that you can. You can decide to have time dedicated to meditating on your dreams. It can keep you in check to stay in the plan.

A lot of people have goals and dreams but they ain’t clear enough. in this article, I will try and walk you through simple steps to get you always working towards your dreams and eventually achieve them.



Your ability to decide exactly what it is you want in each area of your life is one of the most important responsibilities of adult life. Especially when you have dreams to achieve.

It will be surprising to know that we have more people with goals than those without goals but thinks they have a goal just because they have the desire to be successful in the future.

A real goal is clear, specific, measurable, and time-bounded. A non-goal(a wish or a hope) is fuzzy and unclear.

People with clear, specific goals, who know exactly what they want, are very different from people who are going through life hoping for the best.

With clear goals, you can do almost anything but without goals, you can do nearly nothing.

People waste so much time on things that are of no value to them because they have no real idea of what they want.

Having dreams to achieve is like having a destination.


Another important step to achieve your dreams is making proper and efficient use of your time.

This is a product of how conscious you are about your dreams. If any activity helping you to achieve a goal you have set for yourself, it is a good use of time. If it doesn’t, it is a poor use of time.

If you desire greater results, deliberately make sure you are doing those things that contribute to you achieving your dreams. If you make this a habit, you will soon find yourself always acting on your goals and dreams.

Allow your goals to be clear enough so you can notice every wrong step you are taking that will waste your time.


When you ask people to tell you what their dreams they can say something different on different occasions because their goal is not clear enough. But the can be solved by writing them down on paper.

When you write your goals on paper it intensifies your belief and deepens your conviction that your goals are possible for you. It increases your sense of control and personal power.

Above all, it increases your resolve and determination to do whatever is necessary to achieve them.

You will be surprised by the speed at which you will use in achieving your goals.


The bigger the dream bigger the price to pay. The desire to achieve your dreams should make you willing and ready to pay the price for your dreams.

But first, you need to also write down a list of everything that you are going to have to do if you want to make your goal a reality.

The price could be waking up very early, improving on certain skills or knowledge, acquiring more skill. Sometimes the demands might be easy but sometimes it can be very difficult and demanding. It might require you to quit your current job, or even changing career.

You have to make sure you know the price to pay and be ready and willing to pay the price. Sometimes you might have to work for a long time without much money.

Your willingness to do whatever you need to do, pay whatever price is required, go whatever distance is necessary, and make whatever sacrifice is demanded is the measure of how badly you want your goal.

Many people sabotage their success by deciding that they want a particular goal, and although they are willing to pay a high price for it, they are not quite willing to pay the full price that the goal demands.

You have to be ready to pay the full price if you sincerely desire to achieve your dreams.


Since you have a goal already. You have to make a plan. Write down a plan on how you would achieve certain things.

The plan should start with a list of all the things that you have to put in place in other to achieve your goal. Also with the things you have to do.

Note that you do not have to be rigid with the list, you can always add to it as time goes on.

After having a detailed written plan, you have to organize them in terms of priority. Some things will have to come first before others.

A plan is like a race track with the goal being the finish line. When it is well organized it saves you so much time that you would spend experimenting.

A good plan increases your level of belief and intensifies your desire for the goal. You gradually become convinced that your goal is possible and achievable for you. You begin to see possibilities that you may not even have been aware of in the absence of a written plan.


This is a very important part, otherwise, every other thing will be time wastage. Take action of some kind in the direction of your goal.

Once you have set a goal, written it down, determined the price that you are going to have to pay, and made a plan, you must take some action immediately. Even if you only make one phone call or collect one piece of information, be sure to do something.

All you will be doing without any action is hoping. You cannot achieve your dreams by hoping. When you take action, you demonstrate to yourself, and to others for that matter, that you are serious about your goal.

Until you have taken a specific, irrevocable action of some kind, you have merely engaged in an enjoyable exercise, like daydreaming. You have put your key into the ignition but you haven’t turned it on.


You have to always make sure that you do something every day that is geared towards your set goals. This is a vital success principle that generates energy and enthusiasm.

For you to maintain your courage, confidence, and self-motivation, you must be doing something every single day that gives you a feeling of forwarding motion and progress.

You should always build yourself up to the point of being unstoppable. And this can only be done if you decide not to stop and to always do something every day.


Lastly, you have to resolve in advance that you not going to quit once you have started acting on your goals. No matter how many setbacks or obstacles you experience, make the decision that you will keep on picking yourself up and persisting until you eventually succeed.

Deciding not to quit in advance will give you a psychological edge. Even though you are faced with unfavourable circumstances you will be mentally prepared to plough through them rather than quitting.

Your willingness and ability to persist are what will eventually guarantee your success.


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