The Top Nine Approaches to Embracing a Simple Lifestyle

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Embracing a simple lifestyle involves a range of approaches for those seeking a more minimalistic and balanced way of living.

Embracing a Simple Lifestyle

The World has become so sophisticated, with a lot of Luxuries that are supposed to make life easier. These Luxuries have now become a distraction and a kind of complication, therefore making life really complex.

A lot of people dream of living simple but only a few are actually living the simple life that they admire. Living simple has now become something that must be deliberate and needs determination to be able to achieve.

One thing to note is that everyone has their own idea of what a simplified life is to them. To some, living simple can be just to have a little house far from the city, while some persons we never agree to that.

Simple living is about doing with less. It is to not complicate things for yourself by putting yourself in a position you know you are not, all because of peer pressure and insecurity.

It will be surprising to know that the categories of persons that desire a simple life more are females, but at the same time, they are the ones that are the victims of complicated living. I know you might have a contrary opinion on this, but we will love to hear your take on the issue (on the comment section).

After a series of study, thinking and meditation, I came up with ways in which one can live a simple life. That is, what you have to do.


The 9 best approach to simple living


I really needed to be careful about this subject getting rid of artificials. Look around you, what is not artificial? To be clear, what I mean by getting rid of artificials is to not make artificial stuff define who you are.

For example, a lot of ladies place a lot of emphasis on make-up and luxuries with little or no time on personal development and character building. A lot of people focus more on what makes them beautiful and sexy yet have nothing to offer to their friends, family and society.

We are in a generation where people spend a lot of money on a birthday celebration even when they are jobless and broke.

Of course, having luxuries is very nice and is part of the ways of living a simple life. But having fun that costs you a lot is not necessary. If you spend a lot on fun making and less on personal development, then the fun would not last for long because you will soon not be able to afford it.


Life has no rules. The world is not trying to follow your rules or principle no matter who and where u got it from.

Because of the load of tips given by different people about life which has caused a kind of a fright as if that is the only way to get the best result in life.

Come to think of it, where have these rules led us to? Some complicated life that we don’t even know how we got there.

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There are multiple roads to success and failure and anyone can take a turn at any time. Our lives are unique because of our experiences. So, for certain, everyone has their own approach to get their desired result.

We actually seem to forget that luck still exists in the world so we have to be careful about how fast we bring up a principle out of a situation. And success now convinces people to think they know everything. They think they have the key to success already, so holding onto that principle as if it must apply to everyone thereby complicating issues for others.

A lot of things has actually influenced the thoughts we live by. People celebrate quotes and inspiration from celebrated businessmen/women and that quote will be ignored if it came from somebody from a lower class.

You are free to think independently and there is no need to be too rigid because of a principle that once worked for you or for somebody else.

We all need to realise that we are making this up as we go along in life. So it is very possible that we will be wrong sometimes and that is ok. There’s always more than one way.

Too much principle can cause you to be too rigid and rigidity complicates life even when you desire a simple life.


Because of the emphasis place on big and fancy stuff, it tends to take a big deal of our work time to achieve or acquire. It now looks as if joy or happiness can only be found if we achieve those big things.

It is what it is because we pay little or no attention to those little things. Simple living starts from letting the little things in the world to thrill you.

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But we have desired a lot of big things too much that we now base our satisfaction on them without giving attention to little things.

If you so much desire to watch a football directly in the stadium, that’s a good dream but that should not distract you from seeing the pleasure of going to a viewing centre to watch with your friends.

You need to find pleasure in little things that you can access if you desire a simple life. It can keep you from being miserable when you have not achieved your dream yet.


You might be tempted by the view of things you see around you especially in social media. Everything looks perfect. Perfect bodies, perfect family, perfect wardrobes, perfect jobs and so on.

And you can be misled to think that we have to be perfect at all times in the world. Nobody knows what is going on behind the scene. So, you shouldn’t be misled.

Perfectionism is a great obstacle to simple living. It is bad and shouldn’t be welcome. It steals your joy when you are supposed to be happy. It can also drive your friends away from you.


Resting is not a form of laziness. You need to first accept that fact.

Some people get angry that they fell asleep. Like were you planning to kill yourself?

Taking time to rest is a necessity both physically and psychologically. If you don’t deliberately take a break your body will create a break for itself which might be contrary to you want.

You are not working just because you want to be busy but because you desire to put things under your control.

A lot of persons are so proud of being busy when they can actually rest at some point. Some do this to make people see them as very busy.

Also, you can always ask for help whenever you feel tired.

If you desire a simple life, then set your priorities right and take time to rest.


Goals are like a destination. And when you have a destination you think of the right and most effective path to that destination.

But can you imagine a man in the road without a destination in his mind? He can be easily distracted. Because he does not even know where he is going.

So it is with a man without goals. You can arrive anywhere and think you are there.

Setting goals is the most important thing anyone who desires to achieve anything in life must do.

If you desire a simple life you want to make sure you are living your life by living according to your goals. Because in life, you are either part of somebody else’s plan, or you are part of your plan.

People are angry at their life and they don’t even have goals for their life.

So know your goals and allow them to shape your decisions.


Being selfless is a good character. Showing charity to people is very nice and important but how often do we treat ourselves with that same level of kindness and care.

The best thing you can do for your mind and body is to care for it.

You should not be so busy and forget to care for yourself. We are so proud to make statements like “I don’t have time for things like that”. We put the needs of others above ours that which in turn create stress and therefore preventing us from being the best version of ourselves.

Adding self-care to our daily routine reduces stress so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself despite your kindness to people.

Eat healthily, read a book, go out to watch movies and so on. Just do anything that is not serious. You do not need to be very rich to take care of yourself.


Over-reacting is when the intensity of your behaviour doesn’t match with the situation at hand. This character is usually exhibited by a perfectionist.

Over-reaction is not only when you lash out in anger. Sometimes these responses can be internal. That is, they remain inside of us without people aware of it.

Over-reaction can make you yell at a loved one that doesn’t deserve it. People can run away from you for over-reacting.

you need to know that you are not perfect so is everyone around you.

Sometimes we lash at people or situation that is not the real cause of our anger. You might think you are justified but nobody sees your heart or know what is going wrong within you. So they may not like it.

If you do not want to be tag as the crazy one, then stop over-reacting to everything.


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