The Significance of Constructive Discourse in Friendships

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Constructive Discourse in Friendships

It’s essential to remember that constructive discourse in friendships need not be destructive; it can be a means of expressing concerns, sharing differing viewpoints, and ultimately strengthening the friendship.

I usually thought that time spent in arguments were a complete waste of time, especially when the arguments did not end with both parties agreeing with each other. Trust me, the Importance of arguments in friendship cannot be over-emphasize.

Because now I have come to realize that Arguments are not a complete waste of time. A Lot of things take place during arguments that are so important in a friendship.

Arguments are usually caused when both parties do not have the same view concerning a certain matter. It is very normal.
No two humans can completely possess the same view concerning everything.

Not that arguing is good but we need to accept the fact that disagreement is inevitable.

The Importance of Arguments in friendship will be unravelled to you. Then you will know that Arguments are more important than you think.

But first, you need to understand that the importance of Argument in friendship would not be appreciated if both parties don’t deal with it with maturity and sincerity.

5 ways arguments can better friendship


During Arguments, the sincere truth and opinion of people concerning certain issues are revealed. Anybody can say anything when they are talking normally, but when you hear argue, they make statements from their heart. And those words shouldn’t be neglected.

You can also observe the passion people have towards certain issues when they argue for or against anything.

There is this sincerity that is exposed during arguments that can benefit relationships. You can even know if somebody really cares about you when they argue with you, depending on the subject of the argument.


When any party in a relationship always feels oppressed or not participating in a relationship, and yet can’t even express themselves during an argument, then you will start to notice certain attitudes from them.

They will act out their frustrations in the form of being rude, and arrogant all of a sudden.

If people can’t voice their concerns, it will leak out in different forms. The solution is to be able to talk it out, and that can be done during simple arguments.


I have been in an argument with a friend, and as a way to drive his point, he used a story that took place in his past when he was younger. And that is a story he would not ordinarily tell me. But it came out during the argument.

Your friends are not people that will sit you down formally to tell you about him/herself. Of course, they are friends, not your parents.

But during an argument, you can learn about each other’s past.


Another very good thing about arguments is that both parties learn to grow from it.

Arguments in a relationship are not about having a winner or a loser, but about stating what you like.

When both parties learn more of each other’s opinions during arguments they tend to create a stronger bond of understanding within themselves.


When one party in a relationship feels oppressed the relationship will not work. Arguments prevent the oppression of a party in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship and you can’t raise an argument about certain things you do not like then you start to feel like you are in a cage.

But in a relationship where both parties sometimes argue then you can be sure that oppression is very far away.

In conclusion, the idea is not to continue arguing but to learn from it. Because disagreement is normal in any form of relationship.


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