160 NUC UNACCREDITED Courses in Nigerian Universities | Non-accreditation

NUC UNACCREDITED Courses in Nigerian Universities
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As a JAMB UTME and University candidate, it is very important that when choosing a course to study in the university, you avoid courses that are non-accredited by the National Universities Commission. The NUC in its annual accreditation report released the List of Nigerian Universities with Unaccredited Courses.

The National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria is a government commission promoting quality higher education in Nigeria. It is located in the capital city of Abuja. The Commission was established in 1962 as an advisory agency in the Cabinet Office. In 1974, it became a statutory body in Nigeria under the Federal Ministry of Education.

Furthermore, there are about 160 Courses in both private and public universities and institutions that have not been approved and accredited by the NUC. The disadvantage of studying these courses is that your degree and certificate will not be recognised in Nigeria if these courses have not been approved by the National Universities Commission.

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According to the 2020 accreditation status, which was reported by the National Universities Commission (NUC), the unaccredited courses are domiciled in 37 of 174 universities in Nigeria. This is roughly about 22%. This data was obtained by our management.

List of Unaccredited Courses in Various Nigerian Universities

Below is a list of all NUC unaccredited courses in various Nigerian Universities:

More Non-accredited Courses

21. Imo state university
English & Literary Studies
Theater Arts
Medical Laboratory Science

22. Delta State University
Accounting and Finance
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Mechanical & Metallurgical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

23.Kogi State University
Medicine and Surgery

24.Niger Delta University
Adult Community Education
Economics Education
Geography Education
Marketing Education
Political Science Education
Religious Studies Education
Social Studies
Computer Science
Pure and Applied Chemistry

25.Anambra State University
Early Childhood Education
Human Kinetics

26.Ebonyi State University
Building/Woodwork Education
Applied Biology

Physics Education
Applied Microbiology
Applied Statistics
Industrial Mathematics

27.Nasarawa State University
English Language

28.Cross River University Of Technology
Wood Production Engineering

29. Kebbi State University Of Science and Technology
Information Technology

30.Babcock University

31.Benson Idahosa University
Business Education

32.Ajayi Crowther University
Actuarial Science and Insurance

33.Caritas University

34.Kwarafa University, Wukari
Public Administration
Computer Science
Mass Communication

35.Novena University

36.Joseph Ayo Babalola University
Quantity Surveying

37.Tansian University, Anambra

This is How Courses Get Accreditation

The body in charge of accreditation of courses in institutions is the Quality Assurance Department. The  Quality Assurance Department of the NUC says it must meet the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) that has been drawn up by the commission.

To get accredited, you need the following:

  • a course must have qualified faculty members
  • a good learning environment
  • adequate teaching materials – equipment, books, and journals

The NUC further disclosed that accreditation of courses is necessary to make sure that “employers and other members of the community that Nigerian graduates of all academic programmes have attained an acceptable level of competency in their areas of specialization.”

In some cases, a course can be given interim accreditation, which means they are due for reassessment after two years. Back to back interim accreditation automatically leads to non-accreditation of that course in the institution concerned.


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