Jamb Chemistry Repeated Questions | Jamb Chemistry Past Questions and Answers

Jamb repeated questions and answers
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Jamb Chemistry Past Questions and Answers (1-10)

1. How many moles of oxygen would contain 1.204×1024 molecules?

NB: Avogadro’s constant (NA) =6.02×1023

Ans: 2

2. The spreading of the scent of a flower in a garden is an example of ________.

Ans: Diffusion

3. A compound with molecular formula CH2O2 is

Ans: Carboxylic acid

4. The quantity of electricity required to discharge 1 mole of univalent ion is

Ans: 96500

5. The oxidation number of sulphur is +4 in

Ans: H2SO3

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6. Consider the following half-cell reactions.
Al(s) → Al3+(aq) + 3e
Cu2+(aq) + 2e → Cu(s)

The overall equation for the reaction is

Ans: 2Al(s) + 3Cu2+(aq) → 3Cu(s) + 2Al23+(aq)

7. Ripening of fruits is hastened by using

Ans: Ethene

8. The shape of a molecule of water is _______

Ans: Non-linear

9.Which of the following pairs of elements forms amphoteric oxides?

Ans: Si and Pb

10. The gas given off when ethanol reacts with sodium is

Ans: Hydrogen


Jamb Repeated Chemistry Past Questions and Answers (11-20)

11. An element used in the production of matches is

Ans: Sulphur

12.Which of these alloys contains copper?

Ans: Bronze

13.  If the molecular mass of tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid is 98, calculate its vapour density.

Ans: 49

14. The situation obtained when a perfect gas expands into a vacuum is

Ans:  ΔH is zero and T Δ S is positive

15. The knowledge of half-life can be used to

Ans:  Split an element

16. The hydrogen ion concentration of a sample of orange juice is 2.0 X 1011 mol/dm-3. What is its pOH? [log102 = 0.3010]

Ans: 10.70

17. The presence of ammonia gas in a desiccator can exclusively be removed by

Ans: concentrated tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid

18. The refreshing and characteristic taste of soda water and other soft drinks is as a result of the presence of

Ans: Carbon(iv)oxide

19. Which of the following is used to power steam engines?

Ans: Coal

20. The periodic classification is an arrangement of the elements

Ans: Atomic Number

Jamb Chemistry Key Points to Blast!

1.Cathode ray tube was the forerunner of today’s television tube

2. Each Hydrogen spectrum produces six series and each series produces lines while each line has a specific wavelength.

3. The most used chemical in industries is H2SO4.

4. Nigerian crude oil is called light because it has a low density due to its composition of low molecular weight hydrocarbons.

5. Water molecules can be liquids especially when they are bonded to transition metals

6. Aromatic compounds are those with one or more benzene rings

7. Hydration of ions in solution is associated with liberation of heat

8. Sieving is a technique used to separate mixtures containing solid particles of different sizes

9. N2O is the first Anaesthetic man ever used

10. The Law of Definite Proportion is the same as the law of Constant Composition.

11. The gasification of coke is used for the manufacture of  Producer Gas

12. The solubility curve shows the variation of solute concentration with Volume

13.  In the preparation of carbon monoxide by heating ethanoic acid with concentrated sulphuric acid, the conc. sulphuric acid acts as Dehydrating Agent

14. Catalytic hydrogenation of oils result in the production of margarine. 

15. There are basically two types of radioactivity:  natural and artificial radioactivity


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