Unique Ways on How to Pass A Difficult Course or Subject

How to pass a difficult course or subject
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As a student at any level of education, there are some courses that might prove to be a thorn in the flesh to you. I mean they prove to be extremely difficult and impossible to pass. I want to show you some unique ways on how to pass a difficult course or subject.

I know how frustrating a difficult course or subject can be. Especially for those in the higher institutions of learning. I once had a very stubborn course in my 2nd year at the university. This course was the definition of wahala. But with these unique ways on how to pass difficult courses or subjects, I was able to defeat the course and come out with a B grade.

If you are still in your secondary level of education, I also have some useful tips on how to finally defeat mathematics which is the major challenge of most students in secondary school.

Here is also how you can Overcome Exam Fear.

So back to the matter,


I will quickly give you 6 points that have worked so well for me and I know will work well for you. Follow closely.


Firstly, winning starts from the mind. One of the reasons why you haven’t still been able to conquer that course is because you have the wrong mindset. If you keep looking at these courses or subjects as impossible to pass, you will end up being stuck forever. Change your mindset and tell yourself, “yes, I can beat this course”.


You have tried this method of learning and it didn’t work. It is time to try a different method. They say only a fool tries a failed method twice and expects a different result. Change your tactics and try something new.

If you just used to read and read your notes, why not go further and get other materials relating to the course or subject? Jot down key points while reading. Change your approach and watch things change for you.


Alaye double your hustle. If you used to put in 50% before, make it 100% now. You must make effort to pass that subject or course. Don’t depend on just class or lectures to give you the knowledge you need. Go for more. Go through other study materials, pick up things from other areas.



Why you are still stuck with these courses or subjects is because you do not know how to study smartly. Studying hard is god but studying smart is better. You need to know the tricks on how to study smart because that might just be all you need to outsmart that difficult course. I advise you strongly to read on Techniques on How to Study Smartly as a student.


No matter how difficult a course or subject might be, there are those ones right there who see it as simple as A, B, C in college classes. Meet those gurus and make them your friends. They might just be all you need to get going. Adopt their pattern of learning and study with them.

Furthermore,  don’t dwell with people who cannot help you out in the course because a blind man can never lead a blind man.


Also, be active in class. Join in class discussions during that course or subject. Ask questions and contribute, because this will help you remember so much. You can remember when you are corrected and when you get answers to questions you ask. This will come in handy in your exams and test.


In conclusion, no course is greater than your mental capacity. You fail only when you accept defeat. If you didn’t pass any course or subject, try again but try differently. Apply these 6 unique ways on how to pass difficult courses or subjects, and watch yourself smash that difficult course or subject. Don’t give up.

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Having Questions? Leave a comment and we will attend to it. Share this post to your friends on social media by using the share buttons below.
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