How to Read Much Longer in Night Class

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In the tertiary institution, the truth is that there is usually no time to read in the day time. You have lectures, you have projects and a whole chunk of things to do. So you are just left with the late night hours to read. So for this reason, you need to apply the Night Class system.

But going to night class is one thing and staying up to read is an entirely thing. Human beings are designed to accept the fact that the night time is for sleep. This is why there are a lot of people who sleep off in night class.

There are people who go to night class and sleep off after 30 minutes to of reading. Shout hallelujah if you’re one of them. What you need is to discover how to read much longer in night class.

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1.    Take Nap Time Seriously

Only vampires can dodge sleep all through the day and still be active at night. I know you are not a vampire hahaha. So, you must take out time to sleep during the day as part of preparation for night class. Preferably 2 hours. Relax your brain for the tax ahead.

2.     Be Determined to Read

Determination takes you to your destination. If you are determined that you have come to read and not sleep, it will go a long way to help you. Set a target and align your mind and body towards fulfilling that target.

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3.     Engage in Active Study Methods

Ginger yourself! Don’t bore yourself to death. Make your reading session be an active one by jotting down points, asking yourself questions and answering them, practicing past questions and being fully engaged in the studying process.

4.     Maintain a Good Posture

Avoid positions that invite sleep. Your posture affects your mindset. You can’t rest your head on a table in night class to read; 15 minutes tops you will be in dream land. So maintain a good posture so that you can read and concentrate fully

5.     Look Forward to Break Time!

Reading in a particular position for a very long time can be very tiring. Do well to take few minutes break after some hours of reading. Take a break and chat with a friend, listen to some music or eat something. This pattern drives away sleep from the body and makes you fully alert again. Practice 2 hours reading and 30 minutes break pattern.

6.     Give Yourself a Treat

Personally, I can’t read on a empty stomach. Can you? You can’t drive a car without fuel. So to your best interest, get some snacks or eat some food so at to give your brain and body some energy to do more study. Don’t rely on caffeine or drugs to keep you awake. Eat some good food.


7.     Read in Suitable Environment

Reading with dull light gives your brain the impression that you are trying to turn off those lights and sleep. I remember once when I went to night class and I slept all through because the classroom had bad bulbs and my lamp was so low. I couldn’t last an hour reading. Your reading environment matters. When you use bright light, it gives the brain the impression that it isn’t time for bed yet.

In conclusion, I hope you learnt something from this topic on how to stay up longer in night class. Please Drop your comments below and check out other articles below


Having Questions? Leave a comment and we will attend to it. Share this post to your friends on social media by using the share buttons below.
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