Effective Strategies for Language Stimulation & Development

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Language stimulation is not only done in a classroom but can be done anywhere, as long as the focus is on learning; This must have value, provided that the interpretation of the context and its understanding generate action in the child. So we will loke at some of the most Effective Support Strategies for Language Stimulation and Development

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Effective strategies in Language Stimulation

Learning mode in the car or public transport.

In the moment of going in the car to wherever you are going, especially when the traffic collapses, it is an opportunity to work on certain basic aspects of language stimulation.

Effective Support Strategies for Language Stimulation
Any place or time is opportune, this is a suggestion, while waiting for the time in the heaviest traffic, so the children do not despair and learn while they wait.

It is a perfect time to stimulate language and engage in conversation with children, it is a model of help that favors:

  • Vocabulary.
  • Structuring.
  • Words with verbs and adverbs.

The simulation game is about “I am watching.”

It is about making the game as fun and dynamic as possible, and language is encouraged, for example, parents tell children:

  • I see a red car.

When the child feels ready, he will find his own motivation, so he can start by pointing out what he visualizes, if he has not yet pronounced words.

The child is encouraged, reinforcing his signaling and what he sees is pronounced. Little by little, the word game will gain popularity and its learning and pronunciation will be reinforced.

Parents in this way work with children to expand language; That is, the child’s emission is taken, but more information is added to reinforce what the child has wanted to say. In this way the child realizes the example model and tries to repeat it.

Note: If the child, for example, already speaks words and can say:

  • I see a car, the parents try to expand their language and add: “I see a green car and it is very big”. It can be anything else, as long as something is added to the child’s suggested emission.

It is important for the child to understand and learn that there is always a subject, verb and a direct object, since this learning is based on models. This is the correct way.

We must add awareness to the child, so that he learns the prayers in the most typical way.

We must go one step further, not be afraid, go to what is not safe, because learning to lose is also winning, the learning process is based on failure and success.
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Stimulating language in children is a task that requires time to achieve the goals; It is not just about carrying out the activities in a single day and letting them pass, it is necessary to be consistent to overcome all the vicissitudes that are imposed on us along the way.

Educators and parents have a duty to do their best as individuals and as examples that when they persevere, they can change lives.

Children with speech difficulties are the most affected, an example of which is observed in:

  • His way of behaving.
  • Frustration.
  • Being very withdrawn.
  • Children do not feel safe to do things.
  • They do not feel with good self-esteem.
  • Children as well as adults are capable of having these mixed feelings, therefore, from the process of growth and development of their abilities, we must provide the best tools that favor their growth.

Language stimulation activity

Important factors that intervene within the processes applied in language strategies, derive some of importance such as:

  • The repetition of things.
  • The experience gained.
  • Functionality to do and say, the emergence of acquired experience.
  • Good articulation.

The idea of ​​the activity is to complement the described skills that are acquired in practice, that is, to make them a reality.

They can use for the activity any toy that contains several identical figures and that are of different colors; In this case a basket with colored eggs.

Effective Strategies for Language stimulation
The idea is to increase functional words, that is, for children to repeat what the adult says when showing the object in function.


  • The egg fell out.
  • Wow, the egg is big and green.
  • Oh, the eggs spin.

Intersection words should be used and attached to that a verb, which can be used frequently in several words and in this way the child can integrate it.

It is positive to make movements while speaking using the verbs, as this will give more meaning.

So then it works for the activity:

  • The repetition, which is constant.
  • The same vocabulary is used over and over, but the color object changes.

Effective Strategies for Language stimulation
Children in this way will be able to tell what are the words that will change and the colors in the same broadcast. The idea is to make a communicative interaction that involves movements and speech.

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