10 Strong Tips to Improve Your Spoken English Fluently

How to Improve your spoken english
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To pass international exams like GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, e.t.c and also local examinations like WAEC, JAMB, NECO, you need to have an edge in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English. You also need to improve your spoken English, so that you can do fantastically well in interviews, Oral exams and even speaking with people around.

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The 10 Longest Words in English Language and their Meaning

How you can Improve your Spoken English Fast

  1. Make it your duty to learn the meaning and usage of every new word you come across. Install a good dictionary on your phone to Check words and meanings. You can use Google if Dictionary isn’t sufficient for you.
  2. Read more books. The more books you read, the more English words and sentences you are exposed to. Novels, Newspapers, etc. Just read!
  3. Get English textbooks for brighter grammar.
  4. Take note of how people pronounce common words. You can also learn the pronunciation of words using Technology like Google search, Google Translate, Google assistant or any English too known to you.
  5. Watch movies with great command of Spoken English. Watch more foreign movies with subtitles. They usually have a good application of English
  6. Play songs that can positively influence and improve your spoken English.
  7. Keep company with people who do speak good English. Try as much as possible to avoid vernacular because it ruins your spoken English in the long run.
  8. Not just learning, try using every new word and line you learn. Don’t be concerned about your friends. They may laugh at you today, but they will laugh with your tomorrow when you grow.
  9. Comment on blogs and Education forums. Make sure your comments are above 50 words. Watch the replies from others, this will boost your confidence.
  10. If you don’t have someone to constantly speak English with, you can take a book and begin to write accurate English sentences. You can as well record yourself as you speak, listen to your recordings and monitor your progress.

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Having Questions? Leave a comment and we will attend to it. Share this post to your friends on social media by using the share buttons below.
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