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British American Tobacco Nigeria Salary
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Research shows that the British American Tobacco Nigeria is among one of the companies who pay the highest salary and allowances to their staffs and workers in Nigeria. The BAT Nigeria is currently operating in over 50 countries globally, with Nigeria being a part of that number.

Facts About British American Tobacco PLC

British American Tobacco PLC is a British owned multinational company with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.  Nigerian Tobacco Company was a cigarette manufacturing, distribution, and marketing company that was owned by the Nigerian government and British American Tobacco.

The company operated factories in Ibadan, Zaria, and Port Harcourt.  The company’s key products were Benson and Hedges, State Express, Three Rings, Gold Leaf, and Sweet menthol.

The firm was founded in 1951 as a partnership between British American Tobacco (BAT) and the Nigerian government to acquire the assets of British American Tobacco in Nigeria.

BAT had been trading in Nigeria since 1911 until the operations became the Nigerian Tobacco Company (NTC). In 1966, the firm employed 2,700 Nigerians and dominated the cigarette market with a market 90% share.

British American Tobacco Commitment to Nigerian Development

Under the terms of the MOU, British American Tobacco Nigeria made a commitment to work with the Nigerian government in the following areas:

– Regularising the tobacco sector
– Building potential for regional exports
– Significantly increasing both the quality and quantity of tobacco grown
– Establishing an independent foundation to address rural socio-economic development

On June 17th, 2003, British American tobacco Nigeria completed and commissioned its state-of-the-art factory in Ibadan. The factory is staffed by first-class Nigerian engineers and technicians, and research shows that products manufactured in the factory are of the highest international quality.

This resulted in the certification of the factory to NIS ISO 9001:2000 by the Standard organization of Nigeria on May 18th, 2005 with further recertification in February 2009.

British American Tobacco Nigeria Salary Structure 2020

The salary of an entry-level staff at British American Tobacco Nigeria, BATN is estimated to be ₦5.3 million per annum for British American Tobacco with allowances included.

Also, the British American Tobacco Nigeria salary for an executive assistant is ₦12.1 million per annum with allowances included.

British American Tobacco Nigeria is committed to delivering superior quality products and meeting the desires of consumers. “Our brands are amongst our most important assets.

This is why we take care to position them intelligently to adult consumers who have chosen to smoke. To meet this requirement we have a strong broad-based portfolio of international and local brands.”

With a marketing strategy built on understanding customers and delivering the most relevant brands to meet differing preferences, BAT Nigeria are well on their way to sustaining the lead in product innovation and quality initiatives in tobacco products, whilst retaining brand loyalty.

British American Tobacco Nigeria Employee Rewards and Benefits

As you would expect from a part of leading global business, we offer highly competitive rewards for success, invest heavily in training and development, and can offer truly international career opportunities.

We also want our employees to feel rewarded by the challenge of their roles, career opportunities, and positive team relationships.  Our practices in the area of benefits aim to support our goal of attracting and retaining the best people for the organization by reflecting our core values and prevailing market practice in our local operating environment.

We regularly compare ourselves to a select group of other businesses targeting the same pool of world-class talent.  We refer to this select group of businesses as our comparator companies.  This comparison enables us to maintain an attractively positioned salary and benefits package.


British American Tobacco Recruitment

As a well advanced and professional company, it is normal for people to be interested in the BAT recruitment process. For this reason, we have provided you with a link to access the BAT Recruitment platform. Click here


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