8 Best Dancers in Nigeria

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In this spotlight on the “Best Dancers in Nigeria,” we embark on a captivating journey to celebrate the remarkable individuals and collectives who have mastered the language of movement, pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s artistic legacy.

Who are the Best Dancers in Nigeria?: Over the years, the Nigerian dance industry has prospered. overcoming the barriers and difficulties that society imposed on it. In Nigeria in the past, dance and dancers were not as valued and recognized, and some dancers even experienced name-calling as a result of their line of work. However, some people have laboriously labored to turn the tables and establish dancing into a legitimate profession through which incomes may be earned.

The majority of these dancers, particularly those from the US and UK, began their journeys abroad. Nevertheless, some people have made the decision to return home and help others in the nation who share their views. While some have completely stayed with the maker.

The top 10 Nigerian dancers both domestically and internationally are included in this article.It should be noted that it doesn’t matter where they are since they consistently have done the nation proud by setting a high standard, and we are undoubtedly proud of all of it.

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Best Dancers in Nigeria

Top 8 Best Dancers in Nigeria

1. Kaffy: Nigerian dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, and fitness coach Kaffy goes by the full name Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau. The Imagneto Dance Company was founded and is owned by her.Kaffy rose to fame after she beat the “Longest Dance Party” Guinness World Record during the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon in 2006. After that, she collaborated with a variety of musical icons, including D’Banj, Tiwa Savage, P Square, and Wizkid. She is also credited with being instrumental in launching some of the first reality dance programs in Nigeria, which helped bring dancing into the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, it is impossible to discuss the finest dancers in Nigeria without including Kaffy on the list of top performers. She is one of the major foundations of the Nigerian dance scene. She was either their mentor or their instructor for certain dancers that reached the list of the finest dancers in Nigeria.

For the position of Nigerian dancers in the country’s entertainment, Kaffy has battled and continues to struggle. She makes use of everything at her disposal—her voice, her ideas, her connections—to guarantee that dance in Nigeria continues to flourish. Her efforts throughout the years have been very successful, too.We are really proud of her and her Dance Company as they never cease creating talented and enthusiastic dancers. Kaffy is unquestionably a living dancing legend.

2. Delacyn: Dancer, choreographer, and creative director Delacyn is of Nigerian descent and goes by the full name Nneka Irobunda.

She has training in a variety of dance forms and a BA in psychology. Delacyn, meantime, finished her studies in the United States, where she currently resides.Delacyn has often expressed her passion for her father’s property, and she hasn’t wavered in her commitment to making us proud.

She is a top dancer in both Nigeria, where she lives, and the world. Her participation in several dance tours is another well-known trait.

In order to create amazing works, she also frequently collaborates with other Nigerian dancers. She is really flexible, and we adore her for it. Furthermore, she is perhaps one of Nigeria’s top dancers.

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3. Poco Lee: Every time Poco Lee dances, you might find yourself wondering how in the world he manages to time his leg movements to produce the most entertaining footwork dance imaginable. even is one even supposed to be dubbed the creator of legwork.

Lee is a well-known dancer in Nigeria. From performing on the streets, he developed into one of Nigeria’s most well-known dancers. He rose to fame after a video of him at an event executing the well-known contemporary dances Zanku and Legwork went viral. Dance pioneer Zlatan Ibile was drawn to the one-minute film when it went popular online and started showing up on celebrity profiles. He instantly linked up with him and solicited his assistance in the music video for the song Zanku.

4. Sayrachips: Sayrachips, whose real name is Sarah Olaniran, is a Nigerian dancer who currently resides in the US. Before leaving Nigeria, Kaffy taught her how to choreograph and become a fitness teacher. She enrolled in Columbia College’s 4-year Dance Degree Program in Chicago, America.

She then began to make waves with her talent and enthusiasm. She has made dancing her career and is presently touring the world to mentor and inspire new dancers. She has also visited Nigeria to greet her home supporters and experience the affection of that nation once more.

Along with travelling the globe with celebrities like Chris Brown, Tiwa Savage, Mr.Eazi, Wizkid, and others, also teaches dance.

5. Meka Oku: Meka Oku, sometimes referred to as the Afro’House King, is a dance instructor and choreographer of Nigerian descent. He claimed that seeing Michael Jackson, whom he referred to as his idol, gave him the idea to start dancing when he was a small child.

He then started to self-learn as a result. He is one of the top dancers in Nigeria right now, and he has choreographed for many celebrities over the years, including Psquare and Selebobo.

In New York City, he founded AfroHouse, where he teaches Afro-dance. Additionally, he provides online tutorials and events throughout the whole US.

6. Pinki Debbie: Dancer, choreographer, exhibitionist, and social media influencer Pinki Debbie is from Nigeria and goes by the full name Odumewu Sunmisola Debbie. She is currently one of Nigeria’s top dancers.

Pinkie Debbie rose to fame in 2017 by shattering the record for the “longest dance marathon by an individual” set by the Guinness Book of World Records. Since then, she has always astounded her followers with her inventiveness and substance. She established Pinkidebbie Choreography.

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7. Izzy Odigie: Izzy Odigie is a Nigerian Afrobeats choreographer who was born in New York. But she was raised in Nigeria’s Edo State. She then went back to the country to finish her schooling at St. John’s University in Queens, New York, where she was studying dance. She was one of the original members of the then-famous Trybe dancers before she departed Nigeria.

Izzy Odigie first gained attention in 2015 while dancing with Ugandan artist and music mogul Eddy Kenzo. Since then, she has collaborated with a number of celebrities, including Tiwa Savage, Mr. Eazi, Yemi Alade, and others. She was included on OkayAfrica’s “100 women list” for 2019. Additionally, she choreographed and acted in one episode of the Fox US drama Empire’s fifth season in 2020.

8. Akay Wills: Professional dancer, choreographer, and vocalist Akay Wills hails from Nigeria. She is one of the top dancers in Nigeria even though she is located in the United Kingdom.

Through her social media accounts and the number of supporters she has amassed over the years, she is claimed to have a global impact. She remains steadfast in her resolve to use the strength of Afro dance to connect with the world, though.


In conclusion, Nigeria has a large, diversified, and excellent dance community both domestically and internationally. As was previously said, these dancers have relentlessly labored to elevate dance in our world, and their efforts have not been in vain. However, we adore and value every Nigerian dancer in the globe, and we will always respect their art.

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