Top 10 Most Popular Dance Schools In The World

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There are many prestigious and popular dance schools in the world that have produced talented dancers and choreographers.

Popular Dance Schools in the World: Dance is a specialised subject of study that encompasses a great quantity of information in both theoretical and applied dance. In most situations, institutes will provide lessons in choreography and performance chances in their curricula. In a different circumstance, they could discover how to use dancers’ physiology to hone the art of dancing. This is due to the fact that opportunities aren’t just limited to acting; they can also include teaching and even counselling.

Since injuries are frequent in the dance industry and dancers almost always have to use their bodies in their chosen vocations, some schools include an injury prevention course in their curricula. It is an essential learning opportunity because it reduces the dancer’s risk of injury, which if not appropriately managed, might cost them their time or even their career. The world’s top dance schools take all these into comsideration and this makes them stand out. Some of these stellar dance schools will be discussed in this post!.

Popular Dance Schools In The World

Top 10 Most Popular Dance Schools in the World

1. The Juilliard School, United States: The dance division in this university provides 30 performances that can be enjoyed by the public yearly. They have a dance calendar for every performance opportunity in The Juilliard School, which allows students to pace themselves and schedule their performances ahead of time. Furthermore, there are also off-campus opportunities that are commonly utilized by the students to further gain knowledge and experience in the field of Dance.

Even though The Juilliard School’s dance programme only offers one major, the calibre of its instructors is impressive. The Juilliard School is one of the greatest dance schools in the world because it offers students both traditional fundamental instruction and cutting-edge contemporary instruction, allowing them to appreciate both the past and the present. They receive technical training over the course of the four years, as well as instruction in choreography skills that prepare them for professional work in the field.

2. Brenau University, United States: At Brenau University, one of the best dance universities in the world, there are concentrations in pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy, advanced dance, and dance pedagogy. The emphasis of the programme at this university is on concert dance genres, thus students will learn more about these. It employs many jazz approaches to give a foundational understanding of both modern dance and classical ballet.

Here, students will be able to learn using a cutting-edge curriculum that will enable them to gain adaptability and the capacity to meet the always changing needs of the future. In a global context, they also strive to provide equality or equal access. They do this in an effort to sway the viewpoints of their supporters.

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3. Skidmore College, United States: The two dance programmes available at Skidmore College—Performance/Choreography or Dance Research—make it one of the greatest dance schools in the world. Students who choose the first track will learn about choreography, dance production, and other topics as part of a more applied degree in dance. The other curriculum focuses on dance theory, including teaching dancers about kinesiology and anatomy.

Due to the dance department’s annual production of two significant concerts, the students at this university are skilled performers. It includes works by departmental faculty members as well as specially commissioned artworks by prominent industry guests. With the help of the yearly performance(s), this provides its students with several chances to develop experience by putting what they have learnt into practise.

4. Edith Cowan University, Australia: They emphasise modern dance in their dance curriculum and use performances, in-class exercises, and intensive training to teach students the essential abilities. They will include creativity in the curriculum in addition to developing pupils’ athletic prowess. The institution also views dance as an artistic medium and even as a means of providing educational understanding.

A 5-star rating for its undergraduate teaching quality, which has been consistently given to the university for fifteen years, demonstrates their top ranking in the nation. Edith Cowan University is one of the best universities for dance in the world and has consistently ranked as the highest public school for undergraduates in Australia.

5. Falmouth University, United Kingdom: Falmouth University is another top-ranked institution for dance in the world. As a collaborative university, it offers students the option to collaborate with peers who have diverse interests, offering them a fresh perspective on dance and its various forms. The university permits collaboration with professionals in the same field, such as Company Chameleon, Ballet Lorent, and Siobhan Davies, in addition to students.

Students at this university are free to develop their expertise in choreography and cutting-edge performance. The students will be able to bridge the relationship between practise and theory, which is an essential component of a dancer’s principles, thanks to the curriculum, which thrives on teamwork.

6. Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Australia: Expected post-graduate careers at this university allow students to pursue their interests in dance and performance in greater depth. Professional work as a studio dance teacher or choreographer can be attained through their advanced coursework and broad curriculum, particularly in the genre and choreography of the student’s choice.

The Academy of Music and Performing Arts is renowned for its outstanding dance curriculum, which focuses on teaching students dance technique and composition while also emphasising the practise of dance. Additionally, they have the time to take Dance History and Appreciation, which takes a more theoretical than applied approach to the topic.

7. Bird College, United Kingdom: The Bachelor’s programme at Bird College offers both dance and musical theatre. As they go through the university’s curriculum, students may anticipate receiving in-depth training in performing arts like acting, dancing, and even singing thanks to the combination of the two topics.

Additionally, it gives students the chance to perform in front of businesses in the industry where the majority of their alumni found jobs. A large percentage of students expressed satisfaction with both the course material and the professors who guided their learning. This demonstrates how well the university meets the requirements and wants of its students, providing them with the information they need to pursue professions in dance in the future.

8. Paris Opera Ballet School – France: The Paris Opera Ballet School in the French capital consistently ranks at the top of rankings of the best dance schools in the world, despite not having historically been a children’s school.

The school was initially established by King Louis XIV in 1713, but it wasn’t until a few years later that children were first admitted. The institution has a long history of excellence, dating back three centuries.

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9. University of North Carolina School of Arts – Winston-Salem: The University of North Carolina School of Arts offers a larger selection of dance courses because not everyone wants to pursue ballet as their chosen dance vocation.

The university has a history of producing dancers of the greatest calibre, including Susan Jaffe, the current Dean of Dance, in addition to offering courses in ballet and modern dance.

10. The Royal Ballet School – London – England: Among the top three dancing academies in the world is The Royal Ballet School. Ballet dancer Dame Ninette de Valois founded the organisation, which was first known as the Academy of Choreographic Art.

Later, Lilian Baylis joined her as a business partner, purchased the Sadlers Wells Theatre, and the school adopted the name Vic-Wells Ballet Company. It eventually settled in at the Royal Opera House, where it adopted its present name in 1946.


To sum up, these prestigious dance studios around the world provide aspiring dancers with a remarkable chance to improve their craft and follow their passion. These institutions have established their greatness and continue to influence dance’s future thanks to their top-tier professors, wide range of dance forms, and inspirational environment. Enrol right away to fulfil all of your dancing aspirations! I sincerely hope that this post on the top dance schools in the world proved useful.

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