Why Lightning Arresters Are Essential Alongside House Earthing

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Lightning arresters are essential to the safety measures of homes, especially in regions prone to thunderstorms and lightning.

Lightning Arresters Are Essential

Hi guys. Today on electrical tutorials, we’ll be taking a look at the need to install thunder arrestor even after effectively earthed your house.

Earlier we talked about how you can effectively earth your house and how you can successfully install a lightning arrester in your home. Still, people don’t see the need to do both in their homes.

While some were like only thunder arrestor is needed in a home, others argued that only earthing is necessary. If both were not as important as you think, it wouldn’t have been in use at all. They play different roles in a home and this is what we’ll be looking at.

Reasons for earthing a house | Lightning Arresters Are Essential

The main reason why we earth our homes is to prevent electric shocks from equipment at home. So, all metallic parts of electrical equipment need to be earthed properly else someone can get electrocuted in the house. Now, someone will ask, how exactly does it keep us from being electrocuted?

When you earth your equipment, it means they are now at the same voltage with the ground. And we all know that conventional, ground has zero volts and very low resistance to current. In cases of leakage current, the current will rather take the route to the ground than flow through a person who touches the equipment.

Looking at it in another way, the equipment is grounded, and we humans are grounded too because we have direct contact with the earth. We all know current to flow through same voltage right? So, that’s it.

Basically, this is the major reason for earthing a house, Now let’s see the reason for installing a thunder arrestor.

Reasons for installing a thunder arrestor/lighting arrestor

As the name implies “lightning arrester” It is aimed at protecting equipment below it from getting affected by lightning strikes. Lightening is known to have a very high voltage and can damage equipment even without power supply. So what exactly does the thunder arrestor do?

Just like earthing a home, it gives the current generated from the lightning strike a pathway to ground. With these, the lightning doesn’t get to have an effect on the equipment in the house. We can say all your electrical equipment including you are safe from the adverse effect of lightning strikes.

Haven said all these why must one install thunder arrestor even after completely earthed the house.

Reasons why should install a thunder arrestor in your home even after earthing it

As clearly stated above, both serve a different purpose and at that, they cannot be substituted. While earthing in a house primary purpose is to protect people from being electrocuted, a thunder arrestor places the role of protecting your devices from getting damaged due to lightning strikes.

Now, you can see that they are both needed in a house. Do well to do the needful. Do have a nice day.


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