The Next Titan Nigeria TV Show Audition Registration 2023/2024

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The Next Titan TV Show 2023 is here. Trust me, you don’t want to be sleeping on a bicycle during the Next Titan TV Show registration and audition processes. I have a lot installed to help you prepare for the Next Titan Show Audition, how to get selected, and be the next titan in Nigeria. One of these is the Next Titan Audition Registration Questions and the Right Answers to them.

The Next Titan Nigerua TV Show Audition Registration 2023/2024

Are you a game-changing Entrepreneur?

Do you have what it takes to be on THE NEXT TITAN NIGERIA Season 10, The Game -Changer?

It does not matter what your business idea is all about or its focus, but if you are a game-changer, then the Season 9 is for you; loaded with an attractive Grand Prize

About the Next Titan Reality TV Show

The TV Reality Show which is in its 10th season gives an opportunity to young talented Nigerians who have great and innovative business ideas to compete against one another in real-life entrepreneurial challenges in a bid to ultimately win Twenty Million Naira to start their new business or to support their existing business.

Each week the budding entrepreneurs will be divided into two teams to tackle a business task- led by their supervisors. After completing each task, both teams return to the weekly boardroom to discuss their experiences and give their report before the board of judges, and in the boardroom, a team will be declared a winner or a loser.

The winners will be rewarded with a treat while the losing team will nominate some of their colleagues for eviction, and this process with argument that follows will enable the board of judges to evict at least one of the candidates from the competition. And the eviction process can be twisted in some other boardrooms.

The eventual winner of The Next Titan Season 10 will walk off with the Grand Prize for the support of his/her business idea.

The Next Titan TV reality show is the only entrepreneurial Reality TV show In Nigeria where ambitious young entrepreneurs convene.

Usually, about 16 entrepreneurs with unmatched and Unbeatable business ideas come to meet in Lagos.

Therefore, every week, the participants or contestants as the case may be work in teams with two persons in each team.

Then, under the guidance of a project manager which is usually gotten by balloting, the contestants compete in business-driven tasks around the city of Lagos.

Likewise, irrespective of teamwork, each contestant is expected to showcase his/her creativity on their personal business ideas while in the academy.

However, the 16 finalists will live together for 70 days (10 weeks) and battle one another over 10 tough business tasks.

The contestants are expected to use their business ideas and creativity along with their business sense to break through challenges presented to them.

It is no plaything as they are subjected to long hours of thinking as well as a time deadline which is usually under the watchful eyes of their supervisors and judges.

Gradually, the 16 finalists will be eliminated until just one winner remains.

Therefore, if you have innovative business ideas, you have an opportunity to contest in The Next Titan reality TV show


The Next Titan Nigeria Audition and Registration Process

STEP 1 – Auditions

1st stage:  Contestants are required to follow us on Instagram @thenext_titan then fill out Registration Form on the website stating their business ideas, with upload of their full picture.
2nd stage:     Successful contestants from the first stage will be invited for Auditions depending on the choice of location selected by the contestants.

STEP 2 – BootCamp

Top 50 Contestants from Auditions will participate in the Top 50 Bootcamp at a beautiful resort in Lagos, Nigeria.

STEP 3 –  Top 16/18 Finalists

Top 16 or Top 18 from the Bootcamp will make it to the Titan House. They will live together for 10 weeks, battle one another over 10 tough business tasks, gradually eliminated until the final four that will make it to the finale.

STEP 4 – Grand Finale

The Winner walks off with the Grand Prize of N20,000,000 while 3 runners up win N2,500,000, N1,500,000, and N1,000,000 respectively.


Eligibility for The Next Titan TV Reality Show Registration

The following are the criteria and requirements you must meet to be able to apply for the Next Titan TV reality show

The applicant must;

  • be at least 22 years of age and of course not more than 35 years of age
  • be a bonafide Nigerian Citizen
  • also be willing to move to reside in the Next Titan Academy 2018 in any location chosen by the producers for the duration of at least 10 weeks/e[episodes of the reality show.
  • be physically and mentally healthy
  • participation in the Next Titan reality TV show is opened to all Nigerian citizens irrespective of Gender, tribe, Race, Ethnicity or Religion
  • participation is also available to all Nigerians in diaspora.


The Next Titan Reality TV show prizes and rewards

Usually, the next Titan TV Reality show is to help sponsor the business of the winner.

Therefore, the winner goes home with a whopping price of N5,000,000 for the support of his/her business.

Likewise, of course, the winner also gets a brand new Ford SUV cost at 11 Million Naira.

The Next Titan TV Show Audition Registration Judges

The judges of the show are top Nigerian business leaders who will take advantage of their positions as judges to mentor the contestants and millions of viewers. The mentorship aspect of the show will also entails the visiting of other young successful entrepreneurs to the house of the contestants on weekly basis.

Past winners of the Next Titan TV reality show.

So far so good, there have been only 8 seasons of the Next Titan Reality TV Show.

Below are the past winners of the competition;

  • Adausu Taiwo – Season 8 Winner
  • Joshua Idiong – Season 7 Winner
  • Amifeoluwa Yakubu – Season 6 Winner
  • Ogechukwu Obah – Season 5 Winner
  • Kennedy Iyeh – Season 4 Winner
  • Marvis Marshal-Idio – Season 3 Winner
  • Davies Okeowo – Season 2 Winner
  • Iroghama Ogbeifun – Season 1 Winner

Having seen the prize/rewards as well as the past winners of the competition, its now time to see how to register for the season 10 of the Next Titan Reality TV show.

How To Register For The Next Titan Reality TV Show.

Registration has been made very simply.

To register for the season 10 of the Next Titan Reality TV show, simply click here.

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