Philanthropic Foundations in Nigeria: Top 10

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Philanthropic foundations in Nigeria provides better life opportunities for its beneficiaries in different ways. There are various Philanthropic Foundations in Nigeria, this article goes ahead to show us the top 10 in Nigeria.

Philanthropic Foundations

List of Philanthropic Foundations in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and receives a considerable amount of aid due to the significant inequality of wealth.

Charities and non-profit organizations play an integral role in supporting underserved members of society in any country

Below is the list of charity foundations in Nigeria;

1. Solar Sister Charity Foundation

Solar Sister is a network of African women, and the organization works on supporting women in Nigeria, not only in Nigeria but in other countries like Uganda, and Tanzania.

With the help of this organization, women can start their own personal businesses. They believe that every woman should have access to affordable clean power no matter where they live.

The organization believes that women are a key part of the solution to clean energy challenges which is the main reason they invest in women’s enterprises in off-grid communities.

They center on local women in the growing clean energy sector, which is essential to eradicate poverty and also achieve sustainable solutions to climate change and a host of developmental issues.

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Their mission is to provide women with economic opportunities training technology and also support to distribution of clean energy to underserved communities in Nigeria. Their vision is to envision a bright world powered by women entrepreneurs.

So far they have reached over 1.4 million women across Africa with solar energy and clean cookstoves and also kick-started over 3,409 clean energy entrepreneurs. Today this network consists of over 2,200 entrepreneurs.

2. World Wide Fistula Fund

This charity foundation works as an organization that deals with childbirth.

The organization provides surgery, also supports medical and community training programs, and also provides the ability to give birth in health centers.

The organization for mothers injured in childbirth was founded in 1995 and the organization was renamed in 2003 as the worldwide fistula find (WFF).

WFF organization heals women as they work to identify wins who need fistula treatment and transports them to surgery, which is always performed by expert fistula surgeons.

The organization also offers recovery and ongoing support to women, including safe places to heal.

However, they are given comprehensive post-operative care, meal group counseling, and also individual counseling.

3. Aid for Africa Charity Foundation

This foundation is one of the most popular foundations. It deals mostly with poor people, especially children.

They offer programs that expand education, prove health, and also create a business, and above all protect the lives of poor people.

Their grass-roots programs include health care, education, wildlife conversation, small business creation agriculture, and so on.

4. Panthera Charity Foundation

The work of this organization is to ensure a good future for wild days; they protect wild cats like leopards, lions in AFRICA, and cheetahs.

5. Medical Bridges

The organization was founded in 1997 during a medical mission trip when Dr. Patricia Brock became aware of the overwhelming need for medical supplies in developing countries.

This organization has worked in over 81 countries including South African countries like Nigeria. The foundation provides medical care, equipment, and also services.

This organization closes the healthcare gap by connecting those who hope. They also provide medical and surgical appliances and equipment and deliver them to healthcare providers.

Their mission is to bridge the healthcare gap by procuring good medical, dental, and surgical supplies and also equipment for redistribution to qualified organizations and medical missions in the developing world.

6. Fistula Charity Foundation

This is another foundation that helps women with obstetric fistula. The foundation strives to help women live healthy life and also productive ones.

They provide obstetric fistula treatment worldwide; they do this by channeling funds toward fistula surgeon training.

Thus the foundation has been recognized by several organizations for its transparency, earning a top rating from Charity Watch.

7. Books for Africa

This organization is the biggest shipper of books to AFRICA in the world. They supply African countries with books and also educational materials.

The organization was founded in 1988. Since then, it has shipped more than 27 million textbooks to African libraries.

The organization remains the largest shipper of donated library books and textbooks to the African continent.

8. African Studies Association

This is an association of scholars and professionals in the United States with an interest in Africa. This organization aims at cultivating knowledge about AFRICA with the help of publications in AFRICA institutes of higher education.

It is said to be the world’s premier source of knowledge about Africa. It was founded in 1957 as a non-profit educational program.

This organization is devoted to enhancing the exchange of information about Africa. Their mission is to encourage the production of historical and contemporary knowledge about Africa.

Their mission is to be achieved by;

• Facilitating interdisciplinary exchange with the country’s scholars and institutions

‣ publishing high-quality research on the countries-related issues

• Addressing the challenges faced by universities, engaging in teaching research and outreach related to the country.

‣ Promoting a better understanding of the country through academia learned societies and other interested communities

9. Action Africa Charity Foundation

This organization helps children to live more productive and healthy life. It also supports children with education, safety, and early preparation against pandemics.

It also helps families also to start up their own businesses and has always been in place since 2000s.

However, their aim is to facilitate community development and provide educational opportunities through a very creative platform.

They provide students with opportunities to thrive inside and outside their classrooms. Those organizations also offer a variety of workshops for both kids and adults in the village.

They are there to weaken their potential and also pursue their biggest dreams.

10. Tamar Rescue Foundation

This organization is a non-governmental organization and also a non-profit organization.

Also, this organization fights against sexual abuse with the help of lectures, talks, and also seminars in secondary school universities and other higher institutions.

So far we have been able to list the best ten philanthropic organizations in Nigeria. You can contact them if there is such a need.


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