Exploring the Interplay Between Law and Political Science

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The interplay between law and political science forms a dynamic and intricate relationship that lies at the heart of governance, societal order, and the protection of individual rights.

The Interplay Between Law And Political Science: Law and Political science are relatively intertwined as they both form core aspects of each other Basically, Law sets up the Government and regulates their actions, while the Government which is an institution of Political science makes the Laws in a society. This therefore connotes that both Law and Political science are deeply rooted in each other due to this close relationship and more which exists between the both of them. This Article shall therefore examine in totality this close relationship which exists between Law and Politics.

Interplay Between Law And Political Science

What is Law?

Law is basically a body of rules, regulations, conventions, treaties and other legislations which are in force in a state. Formally, Law can be defined as a complex system of formal rules, principles, and processes regulated as necessary and enforced in an institutionalized manner based on the need to regulate social relations and actions of members of the society so as to attain certain social goals.

Law primarily operates to enforce Law and order in the State, amicably resolve and settle disputes in the state, protect the rights of the citizens in the state and to regulate the activities of the government of a state.

What is Political Science?

Political science is a Social Science which deals with the study and scientific analysis of the various systems of Government, Political actions, Government institutions, Political thoughts and Political Behaviour. Political Science primarily focuses on the theory and practices of Politics, the functionality of the Government at the Local, State, National and International levels. Political Science therefore studies the state, Institutions of the state and Politics at all levels.

Political Science functions to provide answers to questions about Politics through critical thinking, analysis, understanding and applying Political methodologies. Political Science equally equips one with the understanding of Political ideas, Policies, Political Behaviour, institutions and ideologies.
Ultimately, Political Science functions to explain human behaviour from the political point of view.

I trust you now understand the meaning of Political Science and the already examined meaning of Law? Let’s how consider the relationship which exists between Political Science and Law.

Relationship Between Political Science And Law

1. Both Law and Political science primarily deals with State and Man. This means that Political science studies Man as a Citizen, the Political activities exhibited by man in a State and it deals with the Institutions of the Government of a State. Law in the same vein seeks to regulate the State and to enforce peace and order in the state. It also sets policies of the state and regulates the lives and transactions of man in the state as it seeks to make man a Law binding citizen and to protect the rights of Man.

From the foregoing we can conclusively sat that both Law and Political science deals with Man, the State and the relation of man in the State.

2. Both Political science and Law serves as a means to the end of each other as Political science deals with the Various institutions of Government and the law making processes.

Alternatively, Political science seeks to use Political Institutions to make Laws in a State, while Law on the same hand enforces these Laws made and Law requires the Government agencies to achieve it’s end product if enforcing Law, maintaining Law and order in the society.

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3. The sources of Law are dependent on Political science. As we may know there are various sources of the Laws in a State. These sources includes: Legislation, Customs, Conventions, Treaties, Received Laws, and Case Laws. These sources of Law emnates from Political concepts which Political science deals with.

These Political concepts includes: Justice, Rights, Equality, Legitimacy, Liberty, Sovereignty. These Political concepts forms the basis of the Law in a society. So therefore the sources of Law are dependent on Political concepts, ideologies and ideals which are key components of Political science.

4. Both Political science and Law are never static, rather they’re dynamic. This means that Political science is not static and Law too is dynamic as it is ever changing depending on the Political philosophies in the State.

5. Both Law and Political science are deeply rooted in Philosophy. In these two areas various definitions, views and postulations in each are made by Philosophers. In law, the activities of Philosophers is largely termed Legal Jurisprudence, while in Political Science it is termed Political Philosophy.

6. Political science deals with the study of Government, institutions, the relationship between government and the formulation of Laws. Law on it’s part is also a part of Politics. So therefore both Law and Political science are closely related to each other as they both form core parts of each other.

7. Political science helps us to understand and Law on it’s part helps use to appreciate the functionality of Political Institutions and agencies and how both the Political Institutions in a State and Law works harmoniously to maximize the welfare of citizens of the state. Thus, we can say that Law and Political science shares a close relationship as they both work hand in glove to maximize the welfare of citizens.

8. Both the study of Political science and Law are closely interwoven as some aspects of Political Science are largely concerned with Law, Law making processes, the implementation of Law in a state. Similarly, some aspects of Law is studied in Political science. So therefore both the study of Political science and Law has the traces of each other.

9. Both Law and Political science functions improve Social relations, maximize Social welfare and maintain Law and order in the society. Political science for one deals with Political Institutions which makes Law and enforces these Laws in State and Law rightly establishes Political organizations and empowers Political Institutions to act rightly in it’s bid to maximize the welfare of citizens of a society.

10. The disciplines of both Law and Political science are closely related and they directly impact every aspect of our everyday life.

I trust this article was a great read and has done Justice in examining the relationship between Law and Political science. I believe you now totally the relationship between the two, if you are still confused on some above considered relationship between Law and Political science, you may feel free to ask your questions or share your opinions if you perfectly understand this Article and have got no question.


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