How To Enjoy Free Data With 9Mobile

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With the increase in prices of data plans, looking for ways to get free data isn’t a bad idea. This article introduces you to ways you can enjoy free data with 9mobile.

Free Data

Data is a way of life for some of us. Without any active data subscription on our phone, we feel sick and the phone becomes useless. I make sure I don’t run out of data, but not everyone can afford to be buying data always. Particularly when you put the price of data into consideration.

9Mobile Free Data Plan

9mobile will be our focus in this article. We all know that 9mobile promises to bring innovative and convenient solutions to their customers. Well, to an extent they are keeping to their own end of the bargain.

Does 9mobile offer free data? The answer is yes. However, there may be some conditions the customers may need to meet, e.g. buying airtime or downloading an app.

So, to enjoy the data you will have to meet any condition attached to it. See a list given by 9mobile below:

9Mobile Free 15 MB

This is commonly known as EasyCliq free browsing. With this data, you get to browse the internet for free, but it’s limited to 15 MB. Well, it’s free, so it doesn’t matter how small.

To enjoy this 9mobile free data, you must be on the EasyCliq tariff plan. So, before we continue, check what tariff you are currently on if you don’t know it.

To do that, simply dial *244*3# from your 9mobile line. Your current tariff will be displayed for you to see. If you are currently on EasyCliq, you can skip the next paragraph.

The 9mobile 15MB has a validity period of 7 days. Not like you expect 15 MB to last that long, but that is the validity period. So, you get to use it over 7 days before it expires. To stop enjoying it, simply migrate to a different plan from EasyCliq.

200MB 9Mobile Free data

Okay, this is significantly much more than the previously discussed free data of 15 MB. Just like the previous free data, it also has conditions to be met before you can enjoy it.

To Enjoy the 200MB 9mobile free data, all you have to do is download the 9mobile mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Yes, that’s all you have to do to enjoy this free data. Okay, when I say download, I mean you have to download and install it.

After installing it, you are expected to register it using your mobile number. Once your registration is complete you will receive your free 200 MB.

9Mobile Free 4GB Data

This will appeal to many people because of the amount of data involved. Well, I don’t know if by the time you see this post if it will still be available. Unlike the other 9mobile free data discussed already, this one has no conditions attached to it.

Simply dial *8186*1# on your 9mobile sim card. If you get a response that says, “Your request is being processed…”, then you should expect 4GB of free 9mobile data.

However, if you get a response that says, “Sorry, the operation failed…”, keep trying or try from another 9mobile sim. like I said earlier it has no condition to be met, hence not everyone gets to enjoy itThis free 9mobile data is valid for 30 days. So, if you receive it, you have 30 days to use it up.

Who is Eligible for this Offer?

Everyone that has an active 9mobile sim is eligible for this great offer. So, you don’t have to migrate out of your current 9mobile tariff. Even more is that it has no validity period, so you can use it for as long as you can and it wouldn’t expire.

If you are a 9mobile customer and you’ve been craving free data bonuses, you can pick up your phone and make your choice.


Having Questions? Leave a comment and we will attend to it. Share this post to your friends on social media by using the share buttons below.
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