GLO Night Plans and Weekend Data Plans

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Are you a GLO subscriber and are looking for cheap data plans? Then the GLO night plans and weekend data plans is your go to data plan.

Do you also stay up late into the night and surf the net? you should consider subscribing for GLO night plans.

GLO Night Plans

Glo’s night browsing bundle is unbeatable compared to other data plans. Interestingly, the bundle provides exceptional data deals exclusively for its subscribers.

Do you have concerns about speed? Well, you will have to explore the GLO night browsing subscription package to find out.

The speed is quicker than Usain Bolt’s race, particularly at night when the network is less congested.

In addition, you should examine the plans as they can save your regular data consumption. Also, when you aim to download massive files like movies with super megabytes per second you should consider a night plan.

Below are details on how to subscribe to GLO night plans. Take your time and learn the step-by-step process.

Glo Midnight Plans and Subscription Codes

Glo users that want to subscribe to the Glo midnight plans have four current plans to choose from.

These bundles are available at various prices and data volumes but can only be used between 12 am to 5 am. Hence, choose the most suitable one for you.

The Glo Night-Only Plan

This plan is accessible from 12 am to 5 am and lasts only for one night. Regardless of whether you exhaust the data or not, you will have to subscribe again the next day to enjoy the Glo midnight bundle.

In addition it costs N25 for 250mb and N50 for 500 MB. To subscribe, dial *777#.

1 GB Night-Only Plan

This Glo plan is available from 12 am to 5 am but comes with a larger data volume. The plan is more convenient because it lasts for five days, so you do not have to be in a rush.

To subscribe, send 60 to 127 or dial *127*60#.

The Glo TGIF Weekend Plans

The Glo TGIF weekend plans are ₦500 only. Also, this weekend plan can last throughout the weekend. So if you are an office worker, getting a 3 GB plan for only ₦500 would be a pronounced way of spending your weekend. To subscribe, send 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#.

1.25GB Glo Night and Weekend Plan

Glo has made it better for users by introducing a 1.25GB night and weekend plan. This comes at an affordable rate to every customer. Glo subscribers can use the Glo night plan only on Sundays between midnight to 11:59 am the same Sunday.

Also, the 1.25GB Glo night plan costs N200 only.

In addition, to subscribe 1.25GB Glo Night and weekend plan, here are the steps to subscribe

1. Dial *777#

2. Reply to the prompt with 1 – data

3. Select 1 again – Buy data

4. Select 1 or 2 – Autorenewal or one-off

5. Select 7 – weekend plans

6. Select 4 – 1.25GB Glo night plan

How to Check GLO Night Plan Balance

Globacom has provided a straightforward way of checking your data balance for any of its plans. You can check your midnight data balance in three ways:

There is an easy way of checking your Glo data balance on your phone. To do this, dial *127*0# or Send INFO to 127.

Also, you can use the process below to check your Glo data balance:

1. Dial *777#,

2. Select 3G or 4G data plans

3. Then select 4 – Manage Data and

4. Finally select 4 – Check the Balance

Any of the above-stated processes will help you in checking your Glo data balance on your phone for free.

GLO Night and Weekend Data Subscriptions

Glo Nigeria offers one of the most outstanding internet plans for night browsing. They provide a 24-hour night plan, and weekend and 5-night data plans.

Glo 3GB for #500

Glo Nigeria gives one of the very best internet plans to their customers for night browsing. This type of Glo night plan gives:

1. 24-hour night plan

2. weekend and

3. 5-night data plans.

In addition, the validity duration for this Glo night plan is 7 only days.

Also, you can use it anytime on the weekend (12:00 AM on Saturday – 11:59 PM on Sunday), but it only works from 12 AM – 5 AM on weekdays (Monday – Friday).

In addition, it is a weekend and night plan with seven days of validity. In exchange for your 500 nairas, it offers you 3GB of data volume.

If you want to buy this Glo night plan, use your phone to text “61 to 127”. Also, you can dial *127*61#

In addition, you can also follow the process below:

1. Dial *777#

2. Reply to the prompt with 1 – data

3. Select 1 again – Buy data

4. Select 1 or 2 – Auto Renewal or one-off

5. Select 7 – weekend plans

6. Select 5 – 3GB Glo night and weekend plan

How to Cancel Glo Night Plan?

Glo users should note that the Glo night plan doesn’t auto-renew. However, you can cancel any Glo auto-renewal plan by just sending CANCEL to 127.


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