Causes of Ear Discomfort and DIY Remedies to Alleviate Ear Pain

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Causes of Ear Discomfort

Understanding the causes of ear discomfort, such as ear infections, earwax buildup, changes in air pressure, or injuries, is crucial when experiencing ear pain.

Hey guys, today we would be looking at some of the possible reasons that could be behind the hurt you feel in your ear and fast remedies before seeing a doctor.

Understand that it is not every time your ear hurts that it is an infection because not all ear pains are as a result of an infection.

7 Possible Reasons Why Your Ear Hurts

There could be many other reasons behind your sudden and frequent ear pain. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Ear wax

Hardened Ear wax which forms and doesn’t leave the ear naturally as it should, could be behind the pain you feel in your ear.

This happens usually when it goes as far as blocking your ear canal thereby causing discomfort as well as the pain you might be feeling.

Doctors would usually disregard the idea of using a cotton swab/bud, your finger or other objects to get the wax out because it really doesn’t help as we may think.

You’ll just push it farther into your ear canal and make it more likely to get impacted. Your ear might hurt, itch, discharge gunk, or get infected. You could even lose your hearing for a while.

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  1. Water

When water gets trapped in the ear it may cause pain. It is often called  Swimmer’s ear (also known as otitis externa).

When water stays in the outer ear canal for a long period of time, it provides a moist environment for bacteria to grow.

Your ear might get red, swollen, or itch and leak pus. It isn’t contagious. Anyone can get swimmer’s ear, but it is most often seen in children.

  1. Pressure

A buildup of pressure can sometimes also cause pain that can be pretty intense.

Normally the ear knows how to keep the pressure on both sides of your eardrum equal. But Changes in altitude can affect the pressure in the ears.

These quick changes could occur at a certain moment – when you’re on an aeroplane or in an elevator.

Your ear could hurt for a bit and could even cause you to have trouble hearing during that period but this usually resolves on its own, often with a popping sensation.

  1. Skin infections

If you have certain skin infections like an injury or a boil around the ear area. It could as well cause your ear to hurt.

  1. Allergic reactions

Blocked ears can be a symptom of seasonal allergies. Aside from making any other symptoms of congestion feel worse, may also affect your hearing.

As with other symptoms of hay fever, blocked ears are the result of your body’s immune system reacting to pollen and consequently producing too much histamine.

These allergies could be from a range of things, such as soap, shampoo, or earrings. Nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis is also a possible cause of ear pain.

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  1. Referred pain

This may be from infections or inflammation elsewhere in the body. For example, a toothache or nasal discomfort and allergies like I mentioned earlier may cause aching pain in the ear.

  1. Ear Infection

Ear infections are the most common cause of ear pain. They can occur in the outer, middle, and inner ear.

If left untreated, ear infections can spread to the jaw and other regions of the body.

They may also cause dangerously high fevers and damage the ear itself causing loss of hearing.

Temporary Home Remedies To Reduce ear Pains

Ear pain can feel unbearable, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or do anything but think about the pain. Many children find it particularly difficult to deal with an earache.

There are times when you feel this unbearable pain and discomfort and can’t get to a doctor in time.

You find yourself badly seeking for the possible ways to help reduce this pain you feel in your ear.

Well here are some. Immediate and temporary at-home treatments (home remedies) you can use to reduce the pain and discomfort a bit.

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  1. Heat or Cold pack

Some people find that heat offers greater relief than cold. While For some others, a cold pack might offer greater relief than the hot one. Anyone could work. Just find what works best for you.

  • Heat

Applying a hot pad to the ear for some minutes can help reduce inflammation and pain in the ear.

For faster results, you could also try massaging the neck and throat with the hot pad. The heat treatment is often my run-to treatment.

  • Cold

A cold pack can help with the pain of an earache. It is not advisable to put ice directly on your face, instead.

Try wrapping ice in paper towels or freezing a cold pack and then covering it with a light cloth. Hold this to the ear as well as the areas around it.

  1. Ear drops

Ear drops are no substitute for prescription or antibiotics but can be used to reduce pressure in the ear caused by fluid and earwax.

Carefully read the directions and use them for a few days.  If symptoms return or persist then you should see a doctor.

For a child, make sure to talk to a doctor before using any type of ear drop.

  1. Over-the-counter medication

If you are experiencing ear pain, you can  also try over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin

But make sure to speak to a doctor before giving over-the-counter drugs to a child (especially those under 2 years old) because these drugs can cause serious side effects in babies and young children.


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