USA Visa Sample Invitation Letter Format for any Visa Category 2023/2024

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If you have ever needed to go to the United States to visit your friend, then you must know how important a USA Visa Sample Invitation Letter Format is to make your visa application process easier.

One of the requirements for obtaining a visa is to provide an invitation letter from a US citizen or a legal resident. The invitation letter serves as proof of your purpose of visit and your relationship with the inviting party.

USA Visa Sample Invitation Letter Format

USA Visa Sample Invitation Letter Format for any Visa Category 2023/2024

A US Visa Letter Of Invitation must be a personal letter in which you assure the US government that the person you are inviting to the US will be staying for a small period of time and, most importantly, will be financially supported.

Why you Need to Provide a USA Visa Letter of Invitation?

A letter of invitation is usually required for a B2 visa application, which is a tourist visa to the United States. Remember that it is not required, but it is highly recommended.

For the letter of invitation to be valid, the host must meet the criteria listed below :

  • You must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident
  • Be your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or relative
  • Have a registered place (home, flat)
  • Have enough room for the applicant

Why is a USA Visa invitation Letter Needed?

The US visa letter of invitation is not required, but if you are a lawful permanent resident or citizen of the United States of America, it will help ease the process if you are inviting a relative or friend to visit you in the United States as a tourist (on a B-2 visa).

Why is the U.S Tourist Visa Tough to Get

Many people use a tourist visa to enter the country and never leave, and some overstay their visa time limit. This is where the letter of invitation for a visa to the United States comes into play.

In this letter, you must show and prove to the consular officer that the person you are inviting has a purpose for visiting the United States and will eventually live there after they have completed their visit.

You can then give this letter to the person you’re inviting and ask him or her to take it to the US consulate or embassy when applying for a US visitor visa.

Conditions Required For a Tourist Visa to be Valid

You must apply for a B2 visa in the Visa Application Process, indicating that you will be visiting the United States as a tourist. The following conditions must be met for this letter to be valid.

  • The Host must be a law permanent resident or a US Citizen.
  • Must be friends or relatives
  • The Host must have a place to accommodate you

How to Write a Letter of Invitation for a US Visa?

Writing an invitation letter can be difficult for both the host and the guest. However, the writing process is extremely simple. The letter should be addressed to the consular officer or the visitor.

When writing it, the guest must take special care to include all of the necessary information.

  • Host’s full name.
  • Host’s date of birth.
  • Host’s address and contact details in the United States.
  • Host’s occupation.
  • Host’s status in the United States.
  • photocopy of a document validating the host’s status in the country.
  • Guest’s full name.
  • Guest’s date of birth.
  • Guest’s address and telephone number.
  • Guest’s relationship to the host.
  • The purpose of the trip.
  • Details on how long the guest intends want to stay in the country(specific dates).
  • Details on accommodation and living expenses.
  • Signature of the host.

When addressed to the guest, the letter should not sound official. It should be more personal in order to show that you have a close relationship with the guest.

If the letter of invitation to the United States includes the information listed above, it is acceptable.

Additional Documents

Because the letter of invitation is not required, the host is not required to send any other documents with it.

Nonetheless, it would be very considerate if the applicant submitted any of the following documents in addition to the Letter of Invitation:

  • A scanned copy of the host’s ID/passport
  • Evidence of means of subsistence (if the host will support the guest financially)
  • Proof of home / flat ownership or rental contract
  • Flight itinerary for US visa application – You can submit a dummy ticket as proof of flight itinerary.
  • Affidavit of Support – a USCIS Form I-134, which is available on the USCIS website. This should only be submitted if the host intends to financially support the guest.

Sample Letter of Invitation Addressed to the Consular Officer

United States Consulate General
[Address of the Consulate]

Dear Honorable Consul,

[Visitor’s Name] – PASSPORT NO XXXXXXXX – Born on [Visitor’s Date of Birth]

My name is [Host’s Name], I live at [Host’s Address], and I am a US citizen (or lawful permanent resident alien).

I am writing to request that you issue a tourist (B-2) visa to [Visitor’s Name] of [Visitor’s Address]. This is to allow him to come to the United States to see me. We’ve known and been friends for three years, and I’d like him to come visit me this summer.

[Visitor’s Name] will be with me from [Entry Date] to [Exit Date]. This will be a fantastic time because we will both be off work. He/she will live with me at the above-mentioned address during his/her stay in the United States.

I will be responsible for his/her lodging expenses while in the United States. He/she will return to [Visitor’s Hometown] at the end of his/her visit.

[Visitor’s Name] will present you with this letter, along with other evidence, to establish his close ties with [Visitor’s Home Country] and to assure you that he/she will return before his/her stay in the United States expires.

Your thoughtful consideration of this request will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly,
[Host’s Name]
[Host’s Address]
[Host’ Phone Number]
[Host’s signature]

Sample of Letter of Invitation Addressed to the Guest

[Host’s name]
[Full address]
Phone Numbers:
(Work): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
(Home): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
Email: [email address]

[Visitor’s name]
[Visitor’s Address]

Dear [Visitor],
I cordially invite you to pay us a visit and spend your vacation in the United States with us. We intend to visit well-known tourist attractions such as [name of tourist attractions to visit]. It will also provide you with the opportunity to see and experience American culture and lifestyle.

I will handle all of your USA tour expenses, including round-trip airfare, food, lodging, medical insurance, and any other personal expenses.

I am enclosing all necessary documents for obtaining a tourist visa from the US Consulate, [Name of US Consulate, e.g. Mumbai Consulate].

[Host‘s name]
[Host’s signature]

Other Things you Should Know When Writing a Letter

While writing a letter of invitation, consider including the following documents too as they will be needed

  • A Copy (Scan)of the host’s ID or Valid Passport.
  • Evidence of Funds (it host will be supporting the guest financially).
  • Proof of Shelter: proof that the host has a home. It can be flat ownership or a rental contract.
  • An Affidavit of Support: This is submitted only if the host will be financially supporting the guest. This form is the USCIS Form I-134 which is available on the USCIS Website.
  • Flight Itinerary For US Visa Application. Dummy Tickets can be submitted as proof of flight itinerary.

We hope with the samples given above, you’ll be able to draft your letter for your Visa application with ease.


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