Top YouTube Channels for Student Learning

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Among these, the Top YouTube Channels for Student Learning stand out as beacons of educational excellence. From captivating science experiments to thought-provoking historical analyses, these channels, carefully curated for students, are tailored to enrich their understanding and spark curiosity.

Top YouTube Channels for Student Learning: With the Advent of Technology, Learning has become easier, faster and more effective, and one adaptive way of Learning Is learning online via YouTube. YouTube is a Social media platform wherein users upload, store, share and watch videos. YouTube has over time proven to be a unique learning platform as most people tend to learn better by watching videos rather than listening to Audio or reading textbooks, and YouTube through the various channels on it’s Platform offers great educative videos and materials which will aid your Learning.

Some of these YouTube channels has established itself over the years as a great educational center, delivering great contents and raking in thousands of subscribers and millions of views for it’s magnificent contents. This Article shall on this basis consider ten well established Educative YouTube channels.

Top 10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Learning and Discovery

1. Crash Course: Crash Course is a high quality educational YouTube channel created by John Green and Hank Green Launched in 2011. This YouTube channel specializes in teaching Computer science, Film history, Sociology, Physics, Philosophy, Government, Economics, Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Literature, History, and more randomly Politics.

On this Channel, there are various teachers on each of the aforementioned Courses and these Teachers are very good at what they are teaching, going straight to the point and dishing out valuable educational knowledge in it’s videos.

These Videos are not only educative, but also fun, quick, and acts as a supplement to what you may have learned in the Classroom. The Efficiency and reliability of Crash Course YouTube contents has earned it 13.5 Million subscribers and billions of views on it’s 1,400 uploaded videos so far. Crash Course remains one of the best educational channels on YouTube and you will definitely enjoy every bit of it’s contents.

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Top YouTube Channels for Student Learning

2. CGP Gray: Central Time Grand Platform otherwise known as CPG Grey is the YouTube channel of CGP Gray, an Irish American YouTuber and Podcaster who primarily designed this channel to provide inept knowledge to viewers on areas such as Philosophy, History, Politics, and Technology.

Best YouTube channels for general knowledge

This channel has excelled in providing Educative, scintillating, and informative contents on these areas and this has earned it over 4.3 Million subscribers.

3. Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a great educational center which has been offering free online courses with certificates on its various range of online courses, and it keeps spreading it’s tentacles of impacting knowledge through it’s YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel ‘Khan Academy’ offers global access to learning on areas such as: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Arts, Science, Economics, Computer, Humanities, and Government. The Channel currently has 8,000 video uploads on these areas and 7.3 Million subscribers.

4. Ted-ed: Technology, Entertainment, Design otherwise known as Ted is a popular platform which is aimed at spreading great ideas and is the brain behind TED conferences which is usually held at various countries of the World.

Ted also has a YouTube channel which serves as a good educational resource center for Student’s as well as Teachers, as through this channel it provides Educational Videos on Health, History, Student Teaching program, Personal stories, gaming, Literature, Life tips, and much more.

Ted is a Multi award winning educational platform with over 250,000 teachers worldwide and it’s wonderful educative contents on its YouTube channel has earned it 16.9 Million subscribers and counting.

5. Kurzgesast: Kurzgesast is a German owned YouTube channel founded by Philip Dettmer in 2013, and has been providing great scientific contents since then, which pretty much serves the reason it is currently one of the largest YouTube channels in the world with 18.6 Million subscribers and billions of views on it’s hundreds of Video upload revolving around areas such as Science Fiction, Technological, Philosophical, and Psychological areas of Study.

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This YouTube channel will also educate you on concepts such as Evolution and Space, and it makes learning science easier and beautiful with it’s animated educational contents.

6. History: History YouTube channel is the number one YouTube channel in the world on History. It therefore ranks as one of the most educative YouTube channels as it will educate you on the history of various things which you never knew.

This Channel employs historical storytelling and world-class documentary to deliver contents on its specialized areas which includes Animals, Ancient recipe, Historical events, and entertaining documentaries.

7. Smarter Everyday: Smarter Everyday is a YouTube channel founded by Wilson Sandlin; an American Science Communicator and Engineer in 2007, to make each and everyone of us to be Smarter everyday through it’s educative contents on Science, Nature, Innovation, Technology, Scientific explorations, Discoveries, Physics and more which will input you with great knowledge, especially if your area of study in school is along that line or you have peculiar interest in Science and Discovery.

By watching some of the uploads of this YouTube channel, you will be rest assured to learn a lot. These Educative contents on this channel has definitely kept it’s 10.4 Million subscribers and more hooked on this Channel.

8. Easy Languages: As a Student who may want to study overseas, it is important that you learn the language of your desired country of study, and one easy way to learn their language and other new languages online is through Easy Languages YouTube channel which will teach you new languages through authentic street interviews and educative contents in this regard.

Easy Languages YouTube channel will definitely not only teach you new languages, but will also educate you on the culture of other countries of the world.

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9. Self Publishing School: Writing is a very essential skill especially for Student’s in Art related courses or Young ones who intend to pursue a Career in Writing, and while there are a good number of YouTube channels which will help improve your Writing skills, one YouTube channel which stands talk is Self Publishing school founded by Chandler Boch; an author of six best-selling books.

This YouTube channel will educate you on Writing, How to improve your Writing, Fictional Writing Tips, Writing Prompts, Writing Software, Writing business, book ideas, Publishing best selling books and Marketing strategies for a Writer.
It is therefore definitely a real good educative Channel for a Writer.

10. AsapSCIENCE: AsapSCIENCE founded by Canadian YouTubers Greg and Mitchell is currently one of the top Science YouTube channels and it also ranks in delivering Educational contents as it gives Scientific explanations to difficult areas of Science.

This Channel also uses illustrations, Simple laid down Scientific methods and animated web servers to discuss subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and other areas of Science.

In conclusion, with respect to the thousands of Educational YouTube channels you may see online, these aforementioned 10 stands tall as the best with it’s impact on a larger number of people and expertise in the considered areas of study, there are many other YouTube educative channels which will excite and impact you too and it is important that you also check it out too.


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