Top 15 Websites to Download EBooks 2024

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Ebooks has become a thing for many readers in our world today. With advancement in technology, it is possible to get Ebooks anywhere, anytime and read with comfort

For many book lovers, websites to download our favourite Ebooks is  necessity, and this articles shows us the Top 10.


Here are several websites where you may download free PDF books and learn as much as you want at your convenience.

Top Websites for Free PDF ebooks Download

Below is the list of the 18 best sites to download any book of your choice in pdf format. However, Reading is beneficial because reading materials provide us with health information.

Also, we can read books on our phones, iPads, and Kindles, among other devices.  See below;

1. Internet Archive Books

Internet Archive Books is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Some books in the home library are available for free reading and download. Others are only available for borrowing and reading through their online book reader.

The themes covered by Internet Archive Books are broader than those covered by Library Genesis.


Internet Archive Books has thousands of themes and subjects in hundreds of languages.

This is the greatest place to go to if you’re seeking historical and academic books, as well as certain out-of-print books.

To get a PDF e-book from the Internet Archive, go here. It’s easy to download books; simply open the book and look for the “Download Option” section.

If you see the PDF format is supported for download, simply click on the little download icon and you’ll obtain your PDF e-book.


• Categories: Almost any topic.

• Supporting format: PDF, TXT, EPUB, KINDLE, ABBYY GZ, etc.

• Download Price: Free.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, offering the most comprehensive internet resources. We may certainly use Google to locate the PDF e-books.

Try Google if you can’t find a book on Library Genesis. Here’s a quick approach to using Google to find and download free PDF e-books.

Step 1: Open Google Homepage

Step 2: Enter this search instruction “your keyword filetype: pdf”. For instance, if

You’re looking for PDF books related to economic, just search for “economic filetype: pdf”.

Step 3: Open a PDF Link with the search research result. Google search results will display many books in PDF format that are associated with the keyword you search. Choose anyone you prefer and open it on your browser.

Step 4: Download the PDF.

Click the download button on the top menu and the PDF book will be saved to your computer.


• The downloaded PDF can’t be edit by general readers, you’ll need a PDF Editor if you want to copy contents or insert some notes on the PDF.

• A PDF with lots of graphics could be huge; you can compress the downloaded PDF if needed.


i. Categories: Any topic, no restriction at all.

ii. Supporting format: Any format.

iii. Download Price: Free.

Visit webpage

3. features in revealing new & independent authors, creative writers, and even bold provocateurs.

You can preview e-books for around 18 pages before adding them to your collection. Users can read any HTML-formatted e-books online for free. Standard users can get 5 free e-books each month in PDF and TXT formats.

When you become a lifelong V.I.P. member, you will be able to download all of the e-Books in whatever format you like for the rest of your life.

Also, you can use any format with any reading device, including the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or any other eReader or tablet. Library Genesis can be used in conjunction with


• Categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, Academic, Classics, Textbooks, Audiobooks (including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s audiobooks).

• Supporting format: PDF, TXT, EPUB, MOBI.

• Download Price: Free for 5 books, $24.99 for Lifetime V.I.P.

Visit Webpage

4. Bookboon

The Bookboon is the world’s largest publisher of e-books, with over 75 million free downloads of e-books and textbooks per year.

Bookboon has primarily focused on two areas: student textbooks and commercial e-books.

There are almost a thousand textbook PDFs here, all prepared by professors from the world’s most prestigious universities. Students can get these textbook PDFs for free.

The business e-books on Bookboon are aimed at increasing readers’ business skills and professional excellence through soft skills and personal development.

This also makes it a fantastic replacement for Library Genesis. Some of the business e-books require a paid subscription to access.

It is quite simple to download an e-book or a textbook in PDF format. Simply locate the book you require and click the “DOWNLOAD” button next to it. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll be asked to answer four easy questions about your job.

• Categories: Accounting, Career, Economics, Finance, IT, Language, Engineering, Marketing, etc.

• Supporting format: PDF.

• Download Price: Free for textbook PDFs, €5.99/Month for premium e-book PDFs.

5. PDF Drive

PDF Drive is your go-to search engine for free PDF books, journals, comics, articles, and more, with over 90 million e-books in its database. You can freely search, preview, and download PDF e-books from this site.

PDF Drive’s collection is constantly updated and increasing, providing consumers with a vast database of PDF e-books.

However, the PDF Drive, like Library Genesis, provides a wide range of professional e-book themes.

PDF Drive has various additional features in addition to previewing and downloading. You can purchase a paper book, convert it to EPUB, and send it by email or Kindle.

• Categories: Academic & Education, Art, Biography, Business & Career, Technology, Science & Research, Children & Youth, Environment, Fiction & Literature, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, etc.

• Supporting format: PDF.

•Download Price: Free.

6. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a search engine that allows you to find millions of books and articles. The majority of the works on its website are in PDF format, with a few in ePUB.

And to acquire the book you want, all you have to do is enter it in and search for it, then click the name to be taken to a page with further details. After that, click its name one more and select “GET” to download the eBook.

7. Manybooks

Since its inception in 2004, Manybooks has continued to offer a large library of digital books for free on the Internet.

ManyBooks has evolved over the last decade into a platform where self-publishing writers can share and publish their new books, which is a greater feature than Library Genesis. The site’s primary genre is fiction.

The majority of the books on Manybooks are available for free online reading as well as download in PDF and other formats.

Others are paid e-books available on a variety of platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Google. Join as a member to receive substantial discounts on e-books.

• Categories: Action & Adventure, Bios & History, Children’s Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Literary Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Non-Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult.

• Supporting format: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, RTF, TXT, etc.

• Download Price: Free.

8. PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine, like Library Genesis, is a strong search engine as its name suggests. You can search through billions of free PDF books and MS Word documents from this page.

It’s as easy-to-use PDF Search Engine as it is to use other search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Simply type your search query into the text box and press the “Enter” button; a list of search results will appear in a flash.

Users can also contribute their PDFs to PDF Search Engine. So you may scan a paper book, convert the photos to PDF, and then upload it to the site for others to read.

• Categories: Any topic, no restriction at all.

• Supporting format: PDF, CHM, Word, RTF, TXT.

• Download Price: Free.

9. BookFi

One of Library Genesis’ mirrors is BookFi. Bookfi is one of the most popular multilingual online libraries in the world, with over 2230000 volumes available to Library Genesis.

You can read your favourite e-books online or download them as PDF files to your local device when you find them on BookFi.

• Categories: Arts & Photography, Business & Investing, Comics & Graphic Novels, Computers & Internet, Entertainment, Health, History, Garden, Law, Literature, Science, Sports, etc.

• Supporting format: PDF.

• Download Price: Free.

10. PDFBooksWorld

PDFBooksWorld is an e-book publisher that specializes in digital books authored by famous authors from the past.

The PDFBooksWorld’s purpose is to bring these well-known works into the digital age in the form of PDF e-books.

Professionally prepared PDF editions with legible Font sizes, ToC, Illustrations, and Internal Reference Links are included in the e-books here.

Essays, novels, and fiction are the most popular PDF subjects on this site. Although PDFBooksWorld and Library Genesis cater to different audiences, they both deliver the greatest service to their respective audiences.

• Categories: Fiction, Novels, Non-Fiction, Academic & Text, Juvenile Fiction, Juvenile Non-Fiction.

• Supporting format: PDF.

• Download Price: Free.

11. ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect is the major platform of peer-reviewed literature that helps you acquire in-depth insights for your research.

It is built on a wide range of high-quality, reliable, and interdisciplinary research. ScienceDirect, like Library Genesis, assists researchers in locating answers ranging from fundamental science to cutting-edge research.

On their database, they have over 16 million articles and thousands of e-books and journals, some of which can be downloaded as PDF e-books.

• Categories: Articles, Journals & Books.

• Supporting format: PDF.

• Download Price: Free for a portion of books and articles.

12. CALAMEO PDF Downloader

Calameo Downloader is a free utility that allows Calameo users to download any book or publication as PDF e-books.

Also, Calameo has more than ten publications, but this tool only works with Calameo publications that are allowed to be downloaded as PDF by their authors.

If you can’t locate a PDF download link here, it’s because the author hasn’t given permission for the book to be downloaded.

Calameo’s e-book topics are very different from Library Genesis’. Calameo is more focused on enjoyable and life-related issues, whereas Library Genesis is more focused on scholarly and scientific topics.

When you find books on Calameo that you wish to save to your local device, simply copy the book’s URL and paste it into Calameo Downloader, then select “Download as PDF” from the drop-down menu.

• Themes: Fashion, Cooking, Sport, Travel, Cars, Music, Video Games.

• Supporting format: PDF.

• Download Price: Free.

13. Obooko

Some of the top contemporary e-books are available for free on obooko. Many of the authors on Obooko have good reputations, and all of the e-books on the site are free to download in full length as PDF books, Epub books, and kindle books.

However, in order to download them, you must first register as a member.

Obooko publishes a wide range of genres, including romance, comedy, adventure, science fiction, and non-fiction in the areas of health, travel, technical, business, and politics.

• Categories: Fiction, Non-fiction.

• Supporting format: PDF, Kindle, EPUB.

• Download Price: Free.


This sharing website offers to upload and download a variety of documents from power points to ebooks and more.


• Categories: Fiction, Non-fiction.

• Supporting format: PDF

• Download Price: Free.

15. Project Gutenberg

Over 30,000 free ebooks are available through Project Gutenberg, which you can read on your computer or download to a device.

Many great works from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries are included in some of these ebooks.

• Supporting format: PDF

• Download Price: Free.



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