Jamb Recommended Books for English Language

Below are some of the Jamb approved and Jamb recommended books for English Language. Also, I advise you to review Jamb Syllabus for Use of English. You may also be interested in the JAMB Recommended Books for All Subjects SEE JAMB LINKS:  How to Pass JAMB 2020 with Ease | JAMB TIPS AND TRICKS Original JAMB…Read moreRead more

List of the 10 Best Universities in Nigeria

Here is a quick list of the 10 Best Universities in Nigeria. Kindly note that this ranking is done by the National Universities Commission and not by any individual. Education is the bedrock of any strong society. In fact, it is often said that the development of any society goes hand in hand with the…Read moreRead more

80 HOT JAMB Questions and Answers from Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi

After reading the summary of sweet sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi, here are 80 JAMB exam questions and answers from the Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi. If you still haven’t read the book, I suggest you do so while you still have the time. So use these questions to practice for the exam ahead of you….Read moreRead more

5 Life Changing Opportunities you should NEVER Miss in the University

“Life changing opportunities you should never miss in the university”. A university is an amazing place. It can be different to different people, depending on the mindset you use to approach it. To some, it can be a world of stress, to others, it can be a world of just fun and to some wise…Read moreRead more

List of Reasons You Should and Shouldn’t Stay in the School Hostel

‘List of reasons you should and shouldn’t stay in the school hostel’. In life, there are always two things involved. So it is for a university student. Every university student is faced with two options of whether to stay in the school hostel or not. The best way to make a choice is to effectively…Read moreRead more

Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn’t Have a Relationship on Campus

Relationships! A relationship is a way in which two people are connected or the state of being connected. In this connection, we are referring to “Boyfriendship” and “Girlfriendship”. I want to show you some Reasons why should and shouldn’t have a relationship on campus. Intimate relationships are a very significant characteristic among today’s youths. 7…Read moreRead more

7 Reasons Why People Fail JAMB Every Year

Are you preparing for JAMB? Then this article on 7 Reasons Why People Fail JAMB is compulsory for you to read because many people are usually not successful in JAMB and they keep wondering why. To avoid JAMB failure, follow this. Each year, Jamb records a high rate of failure and this failure is usually…Read moreRead more