Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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Shoes are an important part of dressing. Just like accessories, shoes complement ones dressing. Now, there are 8 basic footwears every woman should own and they are seen in this list.


Each year comes with new fashion trends that brought certain types of girl footwear into limelight, making every girl dream to be having them in their closet. This article will introduce you to these footwears that are in every girl’s wish list.

1. Classic Pumps

girl footwear

Classy pumps can be peep toed, pointed, or even round-toe. Black pumps usually give a very formal look. They would be more suitable for interviews, formal events, and work.

You’ll always look stunning when you’re wearing the pair and color you love. It’s worth it, because it never goes out of trend and you go for any heel height from low or high as you like.

2. Wedges

girl footwear

You could say edges made of wood of simply call it Wedges. They are perfect for summer and you can pair these open-toed cream wedges with any kind of casual outfit and formals as well.

I can wear them with jeans or sundresses and add instant length to your legs with super comfort.

3. Party Wear Flats

girl footwear

Glitter and gold combinations are quite in fashion now. You can pair these flats with A Line dresses, fancy shorts and crop tops also.

They make so many combinations look good, so bling on, break the rules and hit the dance floor with glittery flats instead of heels.

4. Ballet Flats

Ballerinas or Ballet flats are a simple style to dress up with. They wear these on casuals but also look good on formals. They are comfortable and very much preferred because they go with everything! 

5. The Indian Flats

Ever tried the Indian flats? That would be an upgrade from your regular flip flops. Take an Indian flat when going for any festival because it is perfect for all the festive seasons.

You can wear these super comfortable flats with a simple solid kurti and plazzos and it will straight away add glamour to your look.

6. Boots

You don’t have to live in a cold snowy place to own a pair of boots in your closet. Find the pair that has a good grip on the bottom, and makes you look presentable enough.

They should look very chic when you rock them with a pair of jeans or a short dress and also feel comfortable. It gives oodles of confidence and appeal to the wearer.

7. Taupe/Stilettos

Every girl is a fan of stilettos and every girl wants to own at least one pair of either black or taupe heels because such colors can give you a very lifted and tall look.

Stilettos look good with body-con dresses and are usually 5-6 inch heels.

8. White Sneakers

A pair of white sneakers is the newest on the trend table for girl footwear. It has now become a big trend, and it has always been beneficial.

When you’re doing a lot of walking but don’t want it to look like you’re wearing workout shoes, the sneakers will be of good use in that situation.


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